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United States
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Overview of AS10311

AS10311, also known as Autonomous System 10311, is an identifier for a network that is registered under a particular entity. These autonomous systems are critical for routing traffic across the Internet and ensuring data can reach its destination efficiently.

Ownership Details

The owner of AS10311 is not specified in public records as such details may be sensitive or not publicly disclosed. Ownership of autonomous systems typically relates to internet service providers, large corporations with significant online infrastructure, or educational institutions.

Main Operational Activity of AS10311's Owner

The main operational activity of AS10311's owner involves managing internet traffic that passes through their network. This includes maintaining the infrastructure necessary for data transmission, ensuring network security, and possibly providing services to customers if the owner is an internet service provider.

Establishment of AS10311

The exact establishment date of AS10311 is not readily available in public databases. Establishing an autonomous system involves a series of technical and administrative steps and coordination with regional internet registries, so this process is often not publicly timestamped.

Malicious Use of AS10311

While any autonomous system has the potential to be used maliciously by hackers or spammers, there is no specific evidence suggesting that AS10311 is currently known for such activities. Information on whether an AS is involved in malicious activities can sometimes be found on security platforms like CleanTalk, but it is important to note that the presence of an AS in a blacklist does not necessarily mean that the owner of the AS is directly involved in malicious activities. There could be cases of compromised systems within their network being abused without their knowledge.

Details from CleanTalk Regarding AS10311

According to CleanTalk, a website that provides information about blacklists, there might be entries related to AS10311 indicating that some IP addresses within this autonomous system have been flagged for spamming or other undesirable behavior. However, specific details about the extent of the issue or the nature of the activities would require further investigation and are subject to change over time.

Please note that information regarding AS10311, including ownership, establishment, and malicious use specifics, would need to be verified with up-to-date authoritative resources, as this information can change or may not be publicly disclosed for privacy and security reasons.

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