CleanTalk keeps track of the IP addresses in spam messages, to help Hosting and ISP companies to know about suspicious activity in the address space of a company. The presence of IP addresses in this list, it is an occasion to start audit server security that uses a particular address.
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Spam statistics of AS14051 SUREWEST

United States
Number of networks
IP Addresses
Purpose of use
Detected IP addresses
3 650
Spam active IPs
Spam rate
Websites count
1 918
IP addresses with websites

Spam activity log

— spam active IP adresses

WhoIs AS: as14051


SPAM active IP addresses in AS14051 SUREWEST

#Sender IPDetectedLast seenReported as spam 19:38:572021-06-23 03:00:345154

Detected networks prefixes

#Network prefixCountryLengthDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate States163841172100.00% States32768165590.00%
365.78.128.0/19United States819261270.00%
466.60.128.0/18United States1638443640.00%
565.78.160.0/19United States819255830.00%
666.205.128.0/19United States819238530.00%
767.159.128.0/19United States819242430.00%
869.62.192.0/19United States819242430.00%
969.62.128.0/19United States819243020.00%
1069.62.160.0/19United States819248520.00%
1169.62.224.0/19United States819231720.00%
1264.30.96.0/19United States819247910.00%
1364.113.96.0/22United States10243910.00%
1464.113.96.0/19United States819233510.00%
1567.159.140.0/22United States10244510.00%
1667.159.144.0/22United States10247310.00%
1767.159.148.0/22United States10245710.00%
1869.4.128.0/19United States819240310.00%
19135.26.144.0/20United States409637110.00%
20135.26.148.0/22United States102414710.00%
21174.34.192.0/19United States819243510.00%
22174.34.220.0/22United States10247110.00%
23207.183.224.0/19United States819217910.00%
24207.183.236.0/22United States10243610.00%
25207.231.64.0/19United States819232510.00%
26207.231.88.0/22United States10243610.00%
2764.113.100.0/22United States10243300.00%
2864.113.104.0/22United States10242300.00%
2964.113.108.0/22United States10243300.00%
3064.113.112.0/22United States10245100.00%