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Overview of AS4229

AS4229, also known as Autonomous System 4229, is a distinct network routing domain on the internet that is assigned to an organization responsible for managing its own internal and external routing policies. Autonomous systems (AS) are crucial components of the internet's global routing architecture, providing efficient paths for data exchange among countless networks.

Ownership of AS4229

The owner of AS4229 is "California State University Network". As the name suggests, this AS is associated with the California State University system, which encompasses numerous campuses across the state of California. The university system is well-known for its comprehensive higher education offerings and research activities.

Main Operational Activity

The main operational activity of AS4229's owner, the California State University Network, involves managing the internet connectivity and network services for the campuses within the university system. This includes supporting academic and administrative functions by providing access to educational resources, facilitating communication, and enabling the sharing of research data across the network.

Establishment of AS4229

There is no specific public record readily available detailing the exact establishment date of AS4229. Typically, autonomous systems like AS4229 are established when an organization grows to a size where it requires control over its own routing policies, which can occur at any point in the organization's development. The California State University Network would have established AS4229 to meet the networking needs of its extensive university system.

Usage by Hackers or Spammers

Concerns about hackers or spammers using AS4229 for malicious intent are valid considerations for any autonomous system. According to data from CleanTalk, a service that monitors and reports on spam and hacking activities, there have been instances of abuse detected originating from AS4229. However, these detections do not necessarily imply widespread or systematic malicious use of the network by the owner but could be attributed to compromised systems within the network being exploited by external parties.

It is important for organizations managing an AS to monitor for such activities and take appropriate measures to secure their networks against unauthorized use. Implementing robust cybersecurity practices and responding promptly to incidents are critical steps in maintaining the integrity and reputation of an autonomous system like AS4229.

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