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AS9848 Sejong Telecom, page 5

Spam statistics of AS9848 Sejong Telecom

South Korea
Number of networks
IP Addresses
7 108
Purpose of use
Detected IP addresses
1 158
Spam active IPs
Spam rate
Websites count
12 144
IP addresses with websites
2 360

Spam activity log

— spam active IP adresses

WhoIs AS: as9848


SPAM active IP addresses in AS9848 Sejong Telecom

#Sender IPDetectedLast seenReported as spam
1210.126.248.352018-11-06 23:26:302021-12-06 22:45:0416
2211.189.163.2502015-05-29 12:42:402021-12-03 11:04:516

Detected networks prefixes

#Network prefixCountryLengthDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate
121203.231.24.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
122203.231.28.0/22South Korea1024200.00%
123203.231.32.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
124203.231.40.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
125203.231.44.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
126203.231.60.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
127203.231.68.0/22South Korea1024200.00%
128203.231.96.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
129203.231.112.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
130203.231.124.0/22South Korea1024400.00%
131203.231.156.0/22South Korea1024300.00%
132203.231.168.0/22South Korea1024600.00%
133203.231.200.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
134203.231.220.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
135203.235.24.0/22South Korea1024500.00%
136203.235.28.0/22South Korea1024300.00%
137203.235.36.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
138203.235.40.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
139203.235.56.0/22South Korea1024400.00%
140203.235.64.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
141203.235.76.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
142203.235.84.0/22South Korea1024200.00%
143203.235.96.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
144203.235.114.0/24South Korea256200.00%
145203.235.120.0/22South Korea1024400.00%
146203.236.128.0/18South Korea16384500.00%
147203.236.128.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
148203.236.132.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
149203.236.184.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
150203.238.0.0/22South Korea1024200.00%