Security service FAQ

How to test the plugin?

Please use the wrong username or password to log-in to your WP admin panel to see how the Security Plugin works. Then you may log-in with your correct account name and see the logs for the last actions in the settings or our plugin. Also, Audit Log will display the last visited URL's of the current user.


Is the plugin compatible with WordPress MultiUser (WPMU or WordPress network)?

Yes, the plugin is compatible with WordPress MultiUser.


Is it free or paid?

The plugin is free. But the plugin uses CleanTalk cloud security service. You have to register an account and then you will receive a free trial to test. When the trial (on CleanTalk account) is finished, you can renew the subscription for 1 year or deactivate the Security by CleanTalk plugin. If you haven’t got access key, the plugin will work and you will have logs only on the plugin settings page for last 20 requests.


How to control security activities on your website?

Go to your CleanTalk account->Log. Use filters to sort data for analyses.

The details are here:


Is it possible to set custom email for notification?

Yes, it is possible. Go to your CleanTalk account->Change email


Why do you need an access key?

Access Key allows you to keep statistics up to 45 days in the cloud and different additional settings and has more possibilities to sort the data and analyses. Our plugin evolves to Cloud Technology and all its logs are transferred to Cloud. Cloud Service takes data processing and data storage and allows to reduce your web server load.


What happens after the end of the trial period?

The plugin will fully perform its functions after the end of the trial period and will protect your website from brute force attacks and will keep Action Log in your WP Dashboard, but the number of entries in the log will be limited to the last 20 entries/24 hours. Also, you will receive a short daily security report to your email.

Premium version allows to storage all logs for 45 days in the CleanTalk Dashboard for further analysis.


How to use Security Log


You can download Security & Firewall by CleanTalk here