How Do I Post a Review About Cleantalk?

You could post a review anywhere you want! Good or bad, we are open for any suggestions and criticism!


You have 5 ways:

1) Make a 5 stars review on, or on similar CMS plugin catalog you are using. Send us a link via support ticket so we could know that it was you.

You can see details here:


2) "Like" our page.

Just click "Like" on this page. If you coudn't find it scroll down a little bit it's under contact form.


3) Tweet about us and inform us about it.

You should use hashtag #cleantalk.


4) Post a review on your Facebook page (or any other social network page) and inform us about it.

Add the link to our website in your review.


5) Post a small article about your experience with CleanTalk on your website (forum or board). Send us a link via support ticket so we could know that it was you.

Choose several items from this list and don't forget to add active link to our homepage to your article:

1. Tell us why the CleanTalk Anti-Spam interested you.

2. What issues did you manage to solve using the CleanTalk Anti-Spam.

3. What are the results of using the CleanTalk Anti-Spam.

4. Is the CleanTalk Anti-Spam convenient to use? Describe your experience.

5. What features do you like the most in the CleanTalk Anti-Spam? What features would you like us to add?

6. Share some of your anti-spam statistics. Add a few words about it.


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