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What is SpamFireWall

SpamFireWall is an additional option of the CleanTalk Anti-Spam plugin that blocks access to the website with spam active IP addresses (blocks Get requests). Spambots are blocked by website FireWall before they get access to the website, it prevents the loading of pages of a website spam bots, so your web server doesn't need to run all the scripts on these pages. This can reduce the load on the database and web server.

How does it work

  1. The user visits the website.
  2. The data of the HTTP request are checked in a database containing records on more than 5,9 million IP spambots.
  3. If the IP is contained in the database spambots and has high spam activity then the Anti-Spam plugin shows a special page. Nothing happens to legitimate users - protection works invisibly. If the request was from an ordinary visitor, then 3 seconds later, he will be redirected to the website.
  4. All information about the process is stored in the database and available in the dashboard.
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Why does your site need protection like anti-spam firewall

Your website may seem not very vulnerable but there are a lot of dangers like bad crawler and flood bots and many others. And that’s why your website needs a good firewall protection. Anti-spam firewall allows you to stop bad bots even before they can reach your site. So these bots can’t do any harm to your site like sending spam emails or even approach website hacks.

Why is CleanTalk the best firewall for a WordPress website

Personal Black Lists

Allows you to add to the lists SpamFireWall individual IP addresses and subnets. To block attacks with the IP addresses that are not yet included in the SFW base. This option can help to block HTTP / HTTPS DDoS attacks, SQL attacks, brute force attacks, and any other attacks that are made through HTTP / HTTPS.

Security for WordPress

Protects your WordPress website against Brute force hacks. The plugin doesn't load the server, doesn't inquire the database, and doesn't create any tables, which makes your website more secure. It doesn't put anything in ".htaccess" as it could have a negative effect on your website accessibility or block access to the Administrator profile.

SMF Anti-Spam Firewall Features

When a visitor fills and submits a form MOD catches the visitor's IP, e-mail, the message itself, some other parameters and sends them to the CleanTalk Cloud. After analysis of sent parameters, the CleanTalk Servers decide whether a request should be blocked or allowed.


All the CleanTalk SpamFireWall activity is being logged in the process of filtering. So That makes a firewall spam filter a very good solution that will always have information about an IP address, date and time of each block spam attack.

Anti-Flood option

If any IP exceeds the number of requests per 1 minute which was set in the option it will get the CleanTalk blocking screen for 30 seconds.

Anti-Crawler option

Shows the CleanTalk blocking screen for bots detected by additional parameters.


Available for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Bitrix, SMF, phpBB, MediaWiki, IPS Community Suite.

Supports all search engines

Like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, MSN, Yandex and etc.

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