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CleanTalk anti-spam set up on Joomla 3.x-4.x


Anti-Spam plugin for Joomla3.x-4.x features

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  • Keep antispam logs for 45 days
  • Blocking visitors by country
  • Blocking by stop-words
  • Blocking by language
  • Custom server response
  • Form Validation Notice
  • Additional email address for notifications about spam events
  • Delegating access to the CleanTalk Control Panel
  • Anti-Spam Event Log
  • Checking email for existence
  • Filtering disposable emails
  • Notifications about filtering events on the site


  • Personal black and white lists for Anti-Spam service
  • Check existing users and comments for spam
  • Manage spam comments
  • Protection of contact forms, registration forms, comments
  • RSForms Protection
  • JComments Protection
  • Plugin work without cookies usage

SpamFireWall Option:

  • Personal SpamFireWall Black & White Lists


Installation Guide

Go to your Anti-Spam Dashboard

1. Make a backup of the site files and database!

2. Download the installation package.

3. In the main Joomla menu open Extensions -> Manage -> Install.

4. On the Upload Package File tab browse for the installation package.


Joomla install


5. After install, you will see a successful message:


Joomla success


6. Go to plugin settings: Extensions -> Plugins -> Anti-spam by CleanTalk. Enable the plugin and save settings.

7. In plugin settings press "Get access key automatically" button. Admin email will be used for registration. If you want to use another address click the button "Get access key manually". Fill in the easy registration form and you will receive your key.


Joomla Anti-Spam settings


8. Enter key in its field, choose protection options and save settings.


Anti-Spam settings


9. Test protection by test email Write a comment, registration or contact message with this email. You should see the plugin respond, like in the screenshot.


Anti-Spam message


To test if SpamFireWall is working just add /?sfw_test_ip= to your site name. Example www.yoursitename.domain/?sfw_test_ip= (you must see blocking screen)

Attention! You should test SFW with incognito mode switched on. To enable incognito mode press Ctrl+Shift+N for Chrome, Opera и Safari browsers; press Ctrl+Shift+P for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.


Exclusions for some pages of sites

Open the file "custom_config.php" from directory /plugins/system/antispambycleantalk
There are lines:

Exclusion for URL:

// Exclude urls from spam_check. List them separated by commas

private $cleantalk_url_exclusions = '';

Exclusion for fields:

//Excludes fields from filtering. List them separated by commas

private $cleantalk_fields_exclusions = '';

For example: If you need to except these URLs:


You should add this:

private $cleantalk_url_exclusions = 'some';

Make note, that you can add multiple URLs separated by commas:

private $cleantalk_url_exclusions = 'Url1','Url2','Url3';


How to Add Website to Cleantalk Anti-Spam Dashboard

Please, use this guide to add website to CleanTalk Anti-Spam Dashboard:



Congratulations. Anti-spam is installed!

Please go to Dashboard to see the anti-spam status, add new websites or manage existing ones!
Please check your email to get account password.



Create an account  Your Control Panel

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