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AS10103 HK Broadband Network Ltd.

Spam statistics of AS10103 HK Broadband Network Ltd.

Hong Kong SAR China
Number of networks
IP Addresses
3 284
Purpose of use
Paid VPN, Hosting
Detected IP addresses
15 387
Spam active IPs
Spam rate
Websites count
102 874
IP addresses with websites
10 528

Spam activity log

— spam active IP adresses

WhoIs AS: as10103


SPAM active IP addresses in AS10103 HK Broadband Network Ltd.

#Sender IPDetectedLast seenReported as spam 13:35:572023-01-26 02:50:2110 12:50:572023-01-22 23:35:4416
314.199.156.592022-02-04 12:05:132023-01-31 19:10:48100
414.199.163.1042022-10-24 07:31:012023-01-30 08:40:4479
558.177.92.1972023-01-04 10:40:402023-02-01 14:35:4725
658.177.158.1232022-03-15 16:20:172023-02-01 11:55:1910
759.148.249.1462023-01-18 12:15:012023-01-21 11:10:3025
859.148.250.2172023-01-25 00:51:092023-01-31 02:15:2253
959.148.250.2182023-01-25 10:26:192023-01-28 17:45:5334
1059.148.250.2192023-01-25 11:35:392023-01-31 11:50:2018
1159.148.250.2202023-01-25 16:46:502023-02-01 09:06:5427
1259.148.250.2212023-01-25 20:35:422023-01-31 08:45:4026
13165.84.179.1632022-06-19 02:14:152023-02-01 12:30:09246
14183.178.68.2232022-02-22 17:28:342023-01-30 13:50:2322
15202.77.48.1392017-03-17 22:15:132023-02-03 11:57:5222

Detected networks prefixes

#Network prefixCountryLengthDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate Kong SAR China204885312.00%
2210.209.64.0/19Hong Kong SAR China81921950310.00%
3113.10.128.0/19Hong Kong SAR China81921250300.00%
461.244.92.0/22Hong Kong SAR China102477293.00%
5123.1.160.0/19Hong Kong SAR China8192693250.00%
6124.244.128.0/18Hong Kong SAR China16384432240.00%
7138.19.0.0/18Hong Kong SAR China16384504210.00%
8183.178.64.0/18Hong Kong SAR China16384255150.00%
9124.244.0.0/18Hong Kong SAR China16384458120.00%
1058.64.192.0/19Hong Kong SAR China8192775110.00%
1161.244.0.0/18Hong Kong SAR China16384292110.00%
12183.178.0.0/18Hong Kong SAR China16384277100.00%
13183.178.128.0/18Hong Kong SAR China16384260100.00%
1459.148.176.0/23Hong Kong SAR China5122592.00%
1561.238.64.0/18Hong Kong SAR China1638432390.00%
16123.203.64.0/18Hong Kong SAR China1638437690.00%
17210.209.96.0/19Hong Kong SAR China819264990.00%
1858.177.64.0/18Hong Kong SAR China1638438780.00%
19123.1.184.0/22Hong Kong SAR China10244481.00%
20183.179.64.0/18Hong Kong SAR China1638433380.00%
2159.148.0.0/18Hong Kong SAR China1638428870.00%
22123.1.128.0/19Hong Kong SAR China819257670.00%
23183.179.192.0/18Hong Kong SAR China1638433770.00%
2459.148.176.0/24Hong Kong SAR China2561062.00%
2559.148.248.0/22Hong Kong SAR China10242961.00%
2661.244.64.0/21Hong Kong SAR China204810560.00%
2759.188.244.0/22Hong Kong SAR China102412850.00%
2861.244.64.0/22Hong Kong SAR China10248550.00%
29113.10.220.0/22Hong Kong SAR China102410250.00%
30202.77.32.0/19Hong Kong SAR China819213250.00%