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CMS Дата релиза Версия Список изменений Ссылка на приложение
Joomla 2.X, 3.X May 21 2019 6.2 Add protection for reviews (virtuemart)
Fix other virtuemart issues
New option to protect search form
Update check users/comment page
Improved spam check
Bug fixes and other minor improvements
phpBB 3.1, 3.2 Jan 10 2020 5.72 PHPBB 3.3 support
CURL fixes
Check users fixes
Other minor improvements
Simple Machines Forum Mar 27 2020 2.31 Setting "Check registration" added.
Fix for ut8_decode function.
1C Bitrix Aug 06 2020 3.119 Fix: Set corret next run time for agents. Скачать
DataLife Engine Dec 10 2018 3.3 -DLE 13 support
-Bug fixes and other minor improvements
Drupal Aug 04 2020 4.6 Fix: Notices fixed.
Fix: Move SFW to hook_boot.
Fix: SFW die template fixed.
Fix: Checking comment for authorized users fixed.
Fix: Fields exclusion fixed.
Fix: Checking for new forum topic fixed.
Drupal 8 Jun 01 2020 3.9 Fix correct table prefix for SFW Скачать
Drupal 9 Aug 04 2020 1.0 First version for Drupal 9 Скачать
IP.Board Oct 23 2018 2.0 Improved spam protection
Remove session usage
Update lib classes
Bug fixes and other minor improvements
IPS Community Suite 4 Apr 04 2019 1.97 Fix guest comment checking
Improved spam protection
Bug fixes and other minor improvements
Joomla 1.5 Jun 27 2016 3.72 Improved protection for comments Скачать
Joomla 3.X, 4.X Jun 04 2020 1.5 Add whitelists support
Add visible_fields checking
Fix URL exclusions
Fix fields exclusions
Fix jComments checking
Fix stop words checking
Other minor improvements
Magento Jul 16 2019 1.26 Update max supported PHP version
FIx checking on several forms
Increase spam protection
Bug fixes and other minor improvements
Magento 2.x Dec 17 2018 1.3 Improve JS protection
Add review protection
Bug fixes and other minor improvements
MediaWiki Dec 26 2019 2.3 Fix: Server-side cookies made more secure.
Fix: Samesite option for client-side cookies implemented.
Fix: JS fixed.
Bug fixes and other minor improvements.
ModX Revolution Jul 13 2020 1.3 Fix: Autoloader.php
Fix: Remove phpfix
Fix: PHP short tag replaced.
MyBB 1.x Jul 21 2020 1.4 Fix: Support PHP 5.2.
Fix: apache_request_headers() patch.
Fix: php_fix file included.
Upd: SFW: query updated, partitioning implemented.
Upd: Refactoring.
Upd: Helper updated.
Fix: SFW skipping time increased to 3 sec.
New: CRON implemented.
Fix: Short tag replaced.
Fix: SFW ip_get fixed.
Fix: SFW updating errors handling fixed.
Fix: SFW clearing table fixed.
Upd: API updated.
OpenCart Apr 08 2020 1.8 Base classes updated
Spam FireWall implemented
Journal3 supported
phpBB 3 Mar 26 2019 4.3 Bug fixes and other minor improvements Скачать
Universal Anti-Spam Plugin Jan 22 2020 2.2 New: Simpla CMS, OSClass integration
New: Add list of modified files in settings
Fix: Spam protection issues
Fix: Errors output
Fix: Installation issues
Other minor improvements
vBulletin Apr 29 2020 2.3 New: Add Ukrainian translate.
Fix: Cookies checking.
Fix: Spam checking issue.
Other minor improvements.
vBulletin 5 Jul 21 2016 1.0 First release Скачать
XenForo Jun 04 2019 2.6 Bug fixes and other minor improvements Скачать
XenForo 2 Apr 22 2020 2.3 New: content checking system. Users with fewer than 3 messages will be checked by plugin.
New: SFW page
Fix: Correct SubContainer initialization
New: Storing request's hash into db
New: Sending a feedback implemented
Fix: Agent become dynamic
Fix: Select hash fixed

Безопасность сайта

CMS Дата релиза Версия Список изменений Ссылка на приложение
WordPress Jul 03 2020 2.51 * New: New option to set autoscan manual time.
* Fix: FirewallData and send logs updating mechanism.
* Fix: PHP notices fixed.
* Fix: Creating tables fixed.
* Fix: Debug output fixed.
Universal Anti-Spam Plugin Mar 12 2020 2.0 New: Redisigned settings.
New: Heuristic and signature malware scanner.
Improved perfomance.
Plenty minor fixes and improvments.