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CMS Дата релиза Версия Список изменений Ссылка на приложение
WordPress Apr 30 2021 5.157.1 Mod: \\\\Cleantalk\\\\ApbctWP\\\\Variables\\\\Cookie::get() now has \\\'cast_to\\\' param. If defined trying to cast to a given type.
Fix: \\\\Cleantalk\\\\ApbctWP\\\\Variables\\\\Cookie::get() calls using \\\'cast_to\\\' param if needed.
Joomla 2.X, 3.X Apr 08 2021 6.4 Fix: agent version. Скачать
Joomla 3.X, 4.X Mar 18 2021 1.8 Fix: event target undefined checking.
Integration: JD Simple Contact Form integrated.
Fix: remove easybook from exceptions.
Fix: SP Builder Forms integration fixed.
Fix: Method calling fixed.
Fix: get_fields_any. Skip form_name param.
Fix: skip login form comprofiler.
Upd: Update lib classes.
phpBB 3.1, 3.2 Aug 14 2020 5.73 New: Add Whitelists support for SpamFireWall.
Fix: SFW issues with large data.
New: Add french language.
Fix: curl fix.
New: phpBB 3.3 support.
New: Implemented limits to "Check users for spam" queries.
Other minor improvements
1C Bitrix Apr 21 2021 3.11.15 Fix: SFW updating.
Fix: composite template.
Other minor improvements.
DataLife Engine Dec 10 2018 3.3 -DLE 13 support
-Bug fixes and other minor improvements
Drupal Apr 21 2021 5.0 Bug fixes. Скачать
Drupal 8 Apr 20 2021 4.10 Fix: remote calls notices.
Fix: sfw update using table prefixes.
Drupal 9 Apr 20 2021 9.1.11 Fix: remote calls notices.
Fix: sfw update using table prefixes.
IP.Board Oct 23 2018 2.0 Improved spam protection
Remove session usage
Update lib classes
Bug fixes and other minor improvements
IPS Community Suite 4 Apr 01 2021 2.1 Fix: Captcha on contact form.
Fix: Global hook.
Fix: Error message.
Fix: Comment protection.
Upd: Update lib.
Joomla 1.5 Feb 07 2021 3.72 Improved protection for comments Скачать
Magento Mar 17 2021 1.27 Fix: Message body when check_spam.
Fix: Message body when check_spam 2.
Fix: Exclusions for file upload.
Fix: Exceptions.
Fix: Checking login form.
Magento 2.x Dec 17 2018 1.3 Improve JS protection
Add review protection
Bug fixes and other minor improvements
MediaWiki Dec 26 2019 2.3 Fix: Server-side cookies made more secure.
Fix: Samesite option for client-side cookies implemented.
Fix: JS fixed.
Bug fixes and other minor improvements.
ModX Revolution Jul 13 2020 1.3 Fix: Autoloader.php
Fix: Remove phpfix
Fix: PHP short tag replaced.
MyBB 1.x Jul 21 2020 1.4 Fix: Support PHP 5.2.
Fix: apache_request_headers() patch.
Fix: php_fix file included.
Upd: SFW: query updated, partitioning implemented.
Upd: Refactoring.
Upd: Helper updated.
Fix: SFW skipping time increased to 3 sec.
New: CRON implemented.
Fix: Short tag replaced.
Fix: SFW ip_get fixed.
Fix: SFW updating errors handling fixed.
Fix: SFW clearing table fixed.
Upd: API updated.
OpenCart Nov 25 2020 2.1 Fix: Library connecting fixed.
Fix: PHP object static access fixed.
Fix: FW construct for correct IP.
Fix: Php fix file added.
Upd: Large list of networks while SFW updating supported.
phpBB 3 Mar 26 2019 4.3 Bug fixes and other minor improvements Скачать
Simple Machines Forum Feb 19 2021 2.32 Fix: Trait usage.
Fix: PHP 7+ notices.
Fix: Skip search requests.
Upd: Display admin errors.
Other minor improvements
Universal Anti-Spam Plugin Dec 31 2020 2.3 Fix: Links destination in install and settings scripts.
New: Checking requirements in separate file.
Fix: php strict in trait for 5.6.
Fix: Adding few function for different PHP builds.
Fix: Attach PHP fix in main file.
Fix: Returning error via request.
Fix: Check form for "external action".
Fix: including files.
Mod: Settings layout.
Fix: Directory list viewing prevented.
New: phpBB support added.
vBulletin Apr 29 2020 2.3 New: Add Ukrainian translate.
Fix: Cookies checking.
Fix: Spam checking issue.
Other minor improvements.
vBulletin 5 Mar 19 2021 1.1 Fix: register detection.
Fix: remove maxversion dependency.
XenForo Jun 04 2019 2.6 Bug fixes and other minor improvements Скачать
XenForo 2 May 03 2021 2.7 Fix: hashes.
Fix: lib folder name.

Безопасность сайта

CMS Дата релиза Версия Список изменений Ссылка на приложение
WordPress Apr 30 2021 2.66.3 Revert: Upd: ScannerH. chr() included expressions supported #2. Скачать
Универсальный плагин CleanTalk для безопасности (UniForce) Jan 15 2021 3.3.0 Fix: Firewall local database storage. False positive and false negative triggers.
Fix: Error while cleaning Brute Force Protection log.
Fix: Storage class. PHP Notice.
Fix: Parsing and compiling CSV in Firewall and BFP log.
Fix: phpBB possible autoloader conflict.
Fix: Brute Force Protection statistics layout.
Fix: Scheduled tasks.
Fix: Brute Force Protection for Drupal.
Fix: Scanner. Signatures handling.
New: Update button. Possibility to update to new version from the settings page.