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CMS Дата релиза Версия Список изменений
WordPress Mar 27 2023 * Excluded qsm_save_resume_auto_save_data action
* Exclude request from QSM - Save & Resume Addon
* Added correct block message
* removed jquery from scripts
* Fix. Integrations. Added exclusion for Optima Express search.
* Fix. Integrations. Added no_cookie_data for popup dynamic form.
* Fix. Settings. Ajax JS setting description fixed.
* Fixed ct_get_checkjs_value()
* Fix: excluded the form from javascript processing
* Fix. Users scanner. Delete action added for the non-checkable users found.
* fix: fixed apbct_is_plugin_active function name
* Fix. Comments managing. Public side managing comments fixed
* Fix: Fixed apbctProcessIframes()
* fix: fixed fusion block message
* Fix. Admin notices. Layout styles fixed.
* Fix. Admin notices. Dismissing notices logic fixed.
* Fix. Admin notices. \\\"Review\\\" notices logic fixed.
* Fix. Admin notices. JS errors during notice dismissing fixed.
* Update. JS. Rewrote logic without jquery in external file.
* New. SFW update sentinel (reporting about failing updates).
* Fix. Readme. Old changelogs moved to \\\'changelog.php\\\'.
* Fix. Integration. BuddyPress integration - register protection fixed.
* Fix. Integration. JetPack contact form - js checking fixed.
* Fix. Integration. bbPress integration - topic creation protection fixed.
* Fix. Common. JS - added delayed listeners for delayed forms.
* Update. JS. Handle external forms in frames.
Joomla 3.X, 4.X Jan 12 2023 Fix. Integrations. Prevented request for each client request
Upd. Common lib updated.
Add. Integrations. Integrated nice page.
Fix. Uniform variable syntax.
Class declaration type removed.
Fix. Search form catching fixed.
Fix. Integration. Breezing forms integration fixed.
Joomla 2.X, 3.X Apr 08 2021 Fix: agent version.
phpBB 3.1, 3.2 Feb 12 2023 Fix. Escaped variables in SFW template.
Fix. Trying to force ipv4 resolving on CURL errors on ipv6.
Fix. Statistics. Fixed overflow $config[\\\'cleantalk_stats__requests\\\'].
1C Bitrix Feb 24 2022 Fix. Settings. API key fieldset moved to the top of the section.
Fix. Settings. Reset settings button implemented.
Fix. Settings. Init default setting on installation.
New. Settings. Complete deactivation option added.
New. Settings. Complete deactivation implemented.
New. Settings. Regexp for fields exclusions.
New. Settings. Saving exclusion regexp implemented.
Fix. Exclusion. Fields exclusions fixed.
New. Exclusion. Url exclusions by regexp.
Craft CMS Feb 10 2023 Initial
DataLife Engine Dec 10 2018 -DLE 13 support
-Bug fixes and other minor improvements
Drupal Apr 21 2021 Bug fixes.
Drupal 8 Mar 28 2022 Queries fixed.
Drupal 9 Feb 27 2023 Fix. Helper. Return lost function obfuscate_param.
Upd. Common library updated.
IP.Board Oct 23 2018 Improved spam protection
Remove session usage
Update lib classes
Bug fixes and other minor improvements
IPS Community Suite 4 Aug 09 2022 Fix: Comments and topics check.
Joomla 1.5 Feb 07 2021 Improved protection for comments
Magento Mar 17 2021 Fix: Message body when check_spam.
Fix: Message body when check_spam 2.
Fix: Exclusions for file upload.
Fix: Exceptions.
Fix: Checking login form.
Magento 2.x Dec 20 2021 * Fix: add exception for edit address
* Fix: set correct comment_type and exclusion for account checks
* Fix: set https protocol for moderate
* Fix: remove account create checking with ccf
* Fix: skip checkout add cart
* Fix: fix sender_info params
* Fix: skip codesto requests
* Fix: add exclusion option
* Fix: Typo fixed (wrong comment_type).
* Fix: curl fixed (ssl added).
* Fix: Skip request without email
* Fix: Some code formatting.
* Fix: Skip general contact form request without email.
* Fix: Typo fixed (wrong comment_type).
* Fix: get_fields_any() fixed.
* Fix: Skip adding to wishlist
* Fix: skip insta images checking.
* Fix: js and skip email ajax checking.
MediaWiki Dec 26 2019 Fix: Server-side cookies made more secure.
Fix: Samesite option for client-side cookies implemented.
Fix: JS fixed.
Bug fixes and other minor improvements.
ModX Revolution Sep 20 2022 - Fix: ajax die on spam.
- Fix: Prevent catching admin-side requests.
- New. Anti-Spam core. Option for forms without email.
- prepare for $modx->getService() init and rename filename to lowercase
- Delete cleantalkCheck.snippet.php
- load cleantalk class via $modx->getService() inside plugin
- Rename classcleantalkantispamcoremodx.php to classcleantalkantispamcoremodx.class.php
- Fix. Code. JS errors fixed.
- Fix. Code. ModX instance using fixed.
- Fix. Code. Useless chunk removed.
MyBB 1.x Jul 21 2020 Fix: Support PHP 5.2.
Fix: apache_request_headers() patch.
Fix: php_fix file included.
Upd: SFW: query updated, partitioning implemented.
Upd: Refactoring.
Upd: Helper updated.
Fix: SFW skipping time increased to 3 sec.
New: CRON implemented.
Fix: Short tag replaced.
Fix: SFW ip_get fixed.
Fix: SFW updating errors handling fixed.
Fix: SFW clearing table fixed.
Upd: API updated.
OpenCart Nov 25 2020 Fix: Library connecting fixed.
Fix: PHP object static access fixed.
Fix: FW construct for correct IP.
Fix: Php fix file added.
Upd: Large list of networks while SFW updating supported.
OpenCart 4-1.0 Mar 29 2023 First version
phpBB 3 Jun 02 2021 Bug fixes and other minor improvements
PrestaShop Feb 10 2023 Initial
Simple Machines Forum Dec 28 2021 - Fix: undefined keys_checksum.
- Fix: is_admin sfw check.
- Fix: error in diff_key.
- Fix: update agent version.
- Fix: spam_check_cms update users status.
- Fix: Security fix.
- Fix: 2.1 SMF supporting fixed.
Universal Anti-Spam Plugin Sep 06 2022 Fix: Fixed the message about the current version of the plugin and the update
Fix: Made the name of the variable more unique
Fix: SFW. SFW nets file clearing during update fixed.
Fix. Code. DS constant defining fixed.
Mod: Added the ability to change the ajax response when blocked
New: Exclusions. Exclusion by hidden field implemented.
New. Hidden field exclusion.
New. Get latest release method.
Upd: Visible fields process logic updated.
Fix. Autoloader. Prevent to include SPBCT and UNIFORCE classes.
vBulletin Apr 29 2020 New: Add Ukrainian translate.
Fix: Cookies checking.
Fix: Spam checking issue.
Other minor improvements.
vBulletin 5 Mar 19 2021 Fix: register detection.
Fix: remove maxversion dependency.
XenForo Jun 04 2019 Bug fixes and other minor improvements
XenForo 2 Feb 22 2022 Fix: check sfw_temp table before insert.
Fix: E_DEPRECATED exception in Cleantalk.php.
Fix: http__get_headers() renamed to httpGetHeaders() and fixed.
Fix: Cron. Fix: Cron. Cron last start flag improved.
Fix: drop if exists.
Fix. SFW log query fixed.

Безопасность сайта

CMS Дата релиза Версия Список изменений
WordPress Mar 30 2023 * Mod. Tested WordPress up to: 6.2.
* Mod. Traffic control. Changed time selector options.
* Fix. Do not glue spbc dialog rows on bad code/file content preview.
* Fix. WAF. Upload checker details area fixed.
* Fix. Reduce firewall priority calculation cycle.
* Fix. HTTP lib. WP 6.2+ supporting implemented.
* Fix. Do not skip files analysis if aggregated size overlimited.
* Fix. Do not show suspicious files if they are not sent for analysis.
* Fix. Heuristic. Unsetting verdict removed.
Универсальный плагин CleanTalk для безопасности (UniForce) Aug 15 2022 New: Variables\\SuperGlobalVariables::sanitize - Runs sanitizing process for input parameter.
New: Variables\\SuperGlobalVariables::validation - Runs validation for input parameter.
New: Variables\\SuperVariables::get(). Implementation of validation and sanitizing.
Mod: spbc_scanner_file_*() validating input parameters.
New: Sanitizing filters.
New: Applying new sanitizing filters.
Fix: Sanitizing filters.
Fix. Code. DS constant defining fixed.
Mod: Added checking of strings and regular expressions in WAF
Fixed empty auth_ip in BFP::class
Added datetime_gmt to FW, changed datetime
Added datetime_gmt to BFP, changed datetime
Fixed different format datetime in BFP
Fix: FireWall. Updating fixed.
Datetime gmt in logs aa
Fixed bfp->logs_sent_time and bfp->logs_sent_amount
Mod: Added checking of strings and regular expressions in WAF