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About AS1101

Owner of AS1101

The owner of Autonomous System (AS) AS1101 is SURFnet bv. SURFnet is an organization that specializes in providing network infrastructure and services to universities, colleges, research institutions, and other educational entities in the Netherlands.

Main Operational Activity

SURFnet's main operational activity involves facilitating high-bandwidth internet connectivity, innovative collaborations, and offering a secure and reliable digital infrastructure to support the Dutch education and research communities.

Establishment of AS1101

AS1101 was established as part of the early internet development, but specific information regarding its exact date of establishment is not readily available in public records. SURFnet itself has been operational since 1988, continually evolving its services and infrastructure over time.

Malicious Use of AS1101

Like many large networks, AS1101 may occasionally be misused by hackers or spammers. However, it is important to note that SURFnet, as a reputable academic network provider, implements security measures to protect its network from such activities. Any reported incidents of malicious use are likely to be addressed promptly to maintain the integrity and security of the network.

As per the details from CleanTalk, there might be instances recorded of such misuse, but this information would need to be verified with current data as it can change over time. The absence of a real-time link prevents checking the latest status on CleanTalk for AS1101.

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SPAM active IP addresses in AS1101 SURF B.V.

#Sender IPDetectedLast seenReported as spam
1192.42.116.142018-05-02 22:55:532024-07-18 02:41:293620
2192.42.116.152018-04-29 15:29:312024-07-18 02:25:313846
3192.42.116.172018-04-29 22:33:072024-07-18 03:00:402790
4192.42.116.182018-05-03 11:57:382024-07-18 02:35:473023
5192.42.116.192018-05-04 02:57:222024-07-18 03:00:403227
6192.42.116.202018-05-02 22:53:042024-07-18 03:05:303869
7192.42.116.222018-06-09 08:29:052024-07-18 02:50:393692
8192.42.116.232018-06-06 06:48:402024-07-18 02:50:393629
9192.42.116.242018-06-09 05:16:112024-07-18 02:31:044026
10192.42.116.252018-05-25 22:53:372024-07-18 03:00:403465
11192.42.116.262018-06-01 19:26:582024-07-18 03:05:303490
12192.42.116.272018-06-03 04:07:482024-07-18 03:05:303068
13192.42.116.282020-07-04 09:05:502024-07-18 03:00:59801

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