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AS131322 Yatanarpon Teleport Company Limited

Spam statistics of AS131322 Yatanarpon Teleport Company Limited

Myanmar [Burma]
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Spam activity log

— spam active IP adresses

WhoIs AS: as131322


SPAM active IP addresses in AS131322 Yatanarpon Teleport Company Limited

#Sender IPDetectedLast seenReported as spam 00:15:352019-12-05 13:43:215
2122.248.111.542019-12-12 16:28:332019-12-13 20:56:124
3122.248.111.1412019-12-02 21:15:022019-12-02 21:15:025
4122.248.111.1432019-12-11 07:01:282019-12-11 11:05:535
5122.248.111.2162019-12-07 04:51:342019-12-08 17:37:007
6122.248.111.2172019-11-27 14:00:042019-12-01 22:36:428
7122.248.111.2412019-11-11 13:58:392019-12-05 23:41:007

Detected networks prefixes

#Network prefixCountryLengthDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate
1103.25.78.0/24Myanmar [Burma]2568283.12%
2122.248.108.0/24Myanmar [Burma]2564783.12%
343.245.45.0/24Myanmar [Burma]2563562.34%
443.245.44.0/24Myanmar [Burma]2564941.56%
543.245.46.0/24Myanmar [Burma]2563531.17%
6103.25.77.0/24Myanmar [Burma]2565131.17%
761.4.72.0/24Myanmar [Burma]2561110.39%
8103.219.108.0/22Myanmar [Burma]10242150.00%
9122.248.96.0/19Myanmar [Burma]81925311.89%
10122.248.98.0/24Myanmar [Burma]2561516.67%
1143.245.47.0/24Myanmar [Burma]2561800.00%
1261.4.64.0/24Myanmar [Burma]256100.00%
1361.4.64.0/20Myanmar [Burma]4096409600.00%
1461.4.73.0/24Myanmar [Burma]25625600.00%
15103.25.76.0/24Myanmar [Burma]2562000.00%
16103.25.79.0/24Myanmar [Burma]2561000.00%
17122.248.97.0/24Myanmar [Burma]256200.00%
18122.248.99.0/24Myanmar [Burma]2563700.00%
19122.248.109.0/24Myanmar [Burma]2564300.00%
20122.248.110.0/24Myanmar [Burma]256600.00%
21122.248.111.0/24Myanmar [Burma]2562100.00%
22203.81.160.0/24Myanmar [Burma]25625600.00%