CleanTalk keeps track of the IP addresses in spam messages, to help Hosting and ISP companies to know about suspicious activity in the address space of a company. The presence of IP addresses in this list, it is an occasion to start audit server security that uses a particular address.
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AS22958 FIDELITY-001

Spam statistics of AS22958 FIDELITY-001

United States
Number of networks
IP Addresses
26 513
Purpose of use
Detected IP addresses
Spam active IPs
Spam rate
Websites count
2 014
IP addresses with websites

Spam activity log

— spam active IP adresses

WhoIs AS: as22958


Detected networks prefixes

#Network prefixCountryLengthDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate States81929820.00%
2104.36.48.0/22United States102412510.00%
3207.58.192.0/19United States81928110.00%
464.208.144.0/22United States1024100.00%
564.210.52.0/22United States10241100.00%
666.6.160.0/20United States40964400.00%
766.6.165.0/24United States256200.00%
866.6.166.0/24United States2561000.00%
966.94.76.0/24United States256300.00%
1066.94.79.0/24United States256900.00%
1166.94.95.0/24United States256200.00%
1267.17.216.0/21United States2048400.00%
1367.17.220.0/22United States1024100.00%
1468.171.0.0/20United States40961400.00%
1568.171.4.0/24United States256100.00%
1668.171.9.0/24United States256100.00%
1774.207.208.0/20United States40966000.00%
1874.207.213.0/24United States2563600.00%
1974.207.215.0/24United States256500.00%
20104.36.52.0/22United States102412700.00%
21162.50.0.0/16United States65536500.00%
22162.50.20.0/22United States1024100.00%
23162.50.36.0/22United States1024100.00%
24162.50.188.0/22United States1024100.00%
25162.50.220.0/22United States1024100.00%
26162.50.240.0/22United States1024100.00%
27198.17.225.0/24United States256200.00%
28207.58.219.0/24United States256500.00%
29207.58.224.0/19United States81927500.00%
30207.58.247.0/24United States2561200.00%