CleanTalk keeps track of the IP addresses in spam messages, to help Hosting and ISP companies to know about suspicious activity in the address space of a company. The presence of IP addresses in this list, it is an occasion to start audit server security that uses a particular address.
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AS34772 NEOTEL DOO export-import Skopje

Spam statistics of AS34772 NEOTEL DOO export-import Skopje

North Macedonia
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Spam active IPs
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Spam activity log

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WhoIs AS: as34772


SPAM active IP addresses in AS34772 NEOTEL DOO export-import Skopje

#Sender IPDetectedLast seenReported as spam 02:45:462020-08-03 22:49:29140

Detected networks prefixes

#Network prefixCountryLengthDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate Macedonia163843186721.00% Macedonia81921022222.00%
395.180.128.0/18North Macedonia16384243167.00%
488.85.96.0/20North Macedonia409685911.00%
588.85.112.0/20North Macedonia409642819.00%
692.55.96.0/19North Macedonia819267811.94%
780.77.152.0/21North Macedonia204829517.00%
8164.40.248.0/22North Macedonia102414536.00%
992.55.94.0/24North Macedonia2561031.00%
1080.77.144.0/21North Macedonia20482714.00%
1180.77.144.0/20North Macedonia4096100.00%
1280.77.144.0/24North Macedonia256100.00%
1388.85.96.0/19North Macedonia8192100.00%
1492.55.64.0/18North Macedonia16384100.00%
1592.55.64.0/24North Macedonia2561200.00%
1695.180.128.0/17North Macedonia32768100.00%