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AS38197 Sun Network (Hong Kong) Limited - HongKong Backbone

Spam statistics of AS38197 Sun Network (Hong Kong) Limited - HongKong Backbone

Hong Kong SAR China
Number of networks
6 994
IP Addresses
2 572 619
Purpose of use
Paid VPN, Hosting
Detected IP addresses
35 591
Spam active IPs
Spam rate
Websites count
137 071
IP addresses with websites
21 320

Spam activity log

— spam active IP adresses

WhoIs AS: as38197


SPAM active IP addresses in AS38197 Sun Network (Hong Kong) Limited - HongKong Backbone

#Sender IPDetectedLast seenReported as spam 01:01:352021-05-09 05:05:5248
2103.224.82.2342019-11-06 21:15:512021-05-07 03:30:5131
3103.225.89.352020-01-03 08:50:492021-05-10 12:10:3914
4103.229.183.402019-11-19 01:07:122021-05-02 15:15:593
5103.235.34.342019-12-14 01:35:462021-05-01 14:00:588
6103.240.102.392019-09-19 10:00:322021-04-29 22:26:016
7103.240.158.2032019-11-22 22:24:522021-05-11 03:10:314
8103.244.44.122019-09-27 10:35:452021-05-04 08:15:423
9103.248.137.312019-11-05 08:25:192021-05-10 23:00:3037

Detected networks prefixes

#Network prefixCountryLengthDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate
1112.213.96.0/19Hong Kong SAR China81921772441.00%
2121.127.224.0/19Hong Kong SAR China81922477390.00%
3103.253.140.0/24Hong Kong SAR China25658229.00%
4121.127.250.0/24Hong Kong SAR China25610394.00%
5121.54.175.0/24Hong Kong SAR China25612383.00%
6112.213.109.0/24Hong Kong SAR China25613673.00%
7117.18.4.0/24Hong Kong SAR China2568973.00%
8210.56.56.0/24Hong Kong SAR China25613573.00%
9112.213.103.0/24Hong Kong SAR China2569462.00%
10112.213.117.0/24Hong Kong SAR China2567262.00%
11210.56.61.0/24Hong Kong SAR China2567762.00%
13117.18.15.0/24Hong Kong SAR China2568752.00%
14121.54.174.0/24Hong Kong SAR China2569852.00%
15121.127.226.0/24Hong Kong SAR China25612052.00%
16121.127.246.0/24Hong Kong SAR China25610552.00%
17210.56.50.0/24Hong Kong SAR China2567252.00%
18223.26.48.0/24Hong Kong SAR China25611152.00%
1943.226.124.0/24Hong Kong SAR China2567542.00%
2043.243.29.0/24Hong Kong SAR China2561142.00%
2143.243.75.0/24Hong Kong SAR China2563342.00%
22103.1.40.0/24Hong Kong SAR China25612042.00%
24103.230.240.0/24Hong Kong SAR China25611042.00%
25112.213.98.0/24Hong Kong SAR China2566942.00%
26121.127.234.0/24Hong Kong SAR China25611042.00%
27121.127.241.0/24Hong Kong SAR China2565142.00%
28123.60.0.0/18Hong Kong SAR China1638420040.00%
29202.146.218.0/24Hong Kong SAR China2566642.00%
3043.243.75.0/27Hong Kong SAR China321339.00%