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United States
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About AS4250

AS4250 Owner

The owner of Autonomous System Number (ASN) AS4250 is Alentus Corporation.

Main Operational Activity

Alentus Corporation's main operational activity includes providing web hosting, email hosting, domain registration, and dedicated server services. They cater to a variety of clients seeking online presence and infrastructure solutions.

Establishment of AS4250

There is no specific public record available in the provided context regarding the exact establishment date of AS4250. Generally, the creation date of an ASN can be found in the regional internet registry databases or through network information services.

Malicious Use of AS4250

According to data from CleanTalk, it appears that there may have been instances where AS4250 has been used for malicious activities such as spamming. However, it is important to note that the presence of such activities does not necessarily implicate the owner of the ASN directly, as compromised systems within any network can be exploited by malicious actors.

Details from CleanTalk indicate that AS4250 has had at least some association with unwanted activities, but this should be further investigated for context and accuracy.

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