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Overview of AS4890

Owner Information

The autonomous system (AS) number 4890 is owned by Omniquad Ltd.

Main Operational Activity

Omniquad Ltd's main operational activity revolves around cyber security solutions. They focus on providing services such as content filtering, email filtering, and other internet security measures to protect organizations from online threats.

Establishment Details

There is no specific public data available about the exact date when AS4890 was established. Autonomous Systems are typically established by organizations in coordination with regional internet registries, but the establishment dates are not always publicly disclosed.

Malicious Use of AS4890

As per the information available from CleanTalk's database, there doesn't seem to be evidence that AS4890 is specifically used by hackers or spammers with malicious intent. However, it's important to note that any network can potentially be exploited for malicious purposes if not adequately secured.

If you would like to check the latest details regarding the reputation of AS4890, including any reported abuse or spam activity, please visit the CleanTalk website directly since I cannot provide a clickable link or updated information beyond my last knowledge update.

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