AS825 Canadian Forces Weather Services

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About AS825

Owner of AS825

The owner of Autonomous System Number (AS) 825 is not specified in the public Whois databases. The ownership details would require a specific lookup through an Internet registry or a similar database to determine the current operator of this AS.

Main Operational Activity

Without explicit information on the owner of AS825, it's challenging to provide precise details about its main operational activities. Typically, the operations of an autonomous system involve routing internet traffic for a network, which may include internet service provision, content delivery networks, or other online services.

Establishment of AS825

The establishment date of AS825 is also not publicly documented and would require access to historical records from the relevant internet registry that assigned AS825 to its initial owner.

Malicious Use of AS825

Concerning whether hackers or spammers have used AS825 with malicious intent, information might be available on security databases and blacklists. According to CleanTalk, a service that provides IP address blacklists:

- There are no specific details or reports listed on CleanTalk regarding AS825 being involved in hacking or spam activities.

This absence of data suggests that there may not be significant incidents linked to this autonomous system number, or that it has not been flagged by this particular security service.

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