Anti-Spam MOD for phpBB3

Protection against registration bots and spam on posts.

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Benefits of anti-spam MOD

Protection against registration bots and spam on posts

CleanTalk checks new user regististrations and posts using a series of checks to filter spam posts. These checks include - wide IP, Email blacklists, visitor time zone checks, the length of time completing the registration form, etc.

Protection from manual spam

To stop manual spam, the mod evaluates the relevance of text messages to the subject matter and the content of the board. Relevance is determined by keyword and topic of each keyword separately. The function works for messages in Russian and English languages.

Stop-words list for posts on the forum

Censored MOD allows you to filter messages containing stop-words (sends to manual moderation). In addition, messages containing obscene or rude words are automatically sent to moderation.

No Captcha, no questions, no puzzles, etc.

CleanTalk eliminates the need for CAPTCHA, questions&answers and other ways which use complicated communication methods for spam protection on your site. Invisible to the visitors, spam protection has a positive effect on the loyalty of the site's audience.

How does the antispam hook work?

To protect phpBB3 from spam bots MOD tests new user registrations and captures an array of data describing the registration (Nickname, Email, IP-address, used time zone, support for JavaScript, time taken to complete the form) and sends the data via XML RPC to server pool

The server tests the Email, IP and Nickname of the new user against the blacklist and analyzes the length of time to complete the registration form. Upon completion of all the necessary checks the server sends a decision to the forum - enable or disable user registration.