Description of the Payment Process for Any CleanTalk Anti-Spam License




First payment


If you have successfully tested CleanTalk Anti-Spam and completely satisfied by our service, you can renew your license to protect your website for a longer period. Here are a few simple steps to make payment.


1. Open your CleanTalk Anti-Spam Dashboard.


2. Open your user's menu by clicking on your email in the top right corner and click on "Billing":


CleanTalk User's menu 


or use the direct link.


3.  You will see the billing page.


CleanTalk Anti-Spam billing page


Please, select the options you need: Period, Package, Extra package, Automatically renew Anti-Spam license.


License period


License package

Extra Package

Autorenew license

Options description:


- Period. Choose 1,2, or 3 years license period. Please note, that the longer period the less cost. For 2 years you will receive a 10% discount, for 3 years - a 19% discount.


- Package. Choose the required number of websites. Please note, that more websites in a package the less cost for each website.


- Extra package. The additional packet which provides you more features. You can read more here.


Automatically renew Anti-Spam license. Automatically renews your license when the paid period ends. Available for a 1-year period for all packages or for all periods for Unlimited websites package. You can disable this option anytime in your CleanTalk Dashboard.


4. Choose the payment method.

Payment options

There are 2 options available:


- PayPal. Use your PayPal account (1) or PayPal guest payment (2).


PayPal Payment


- Stripe. Use your payment details.


Stripe payment 


5. Confirm payment. Wait for the success message.


Wait message 


Success message


6. Check your license period and payment details, remove Auto renewal, download invoice in the "Payments/invoice" section of your user's menu:


User's menu


CleanTalk payment page 


Direct link.


Congratulations. You have completed the payment process!



Anti-Spam package upgrading or renewing.


If you need to protect more websites than you have in your current package, you can upgrade your package at any moment. Please do the following:


1. Open your CleanTalk Anti-Spam Dashboard.


2. Open your user's menu by clicking on your email in the top right corner and click on "Billing" or use the direct link.


3.  On the billing page choose a more powerful package. Choose other options: Period, Extra package, Automatically renew Anti-Spam license.


Please note, that the rests of your current package will be added as a discount. The total amount of the discount will be proportional to the remaining period.


Upgrade license


4. Choose the payment method as is shown for the first payment.


5. Confirm payment. Wait for the success message.


If you want just to renew the license, please choose the same package in step 3.


Renew license



When PAYG is enabled automatically

  1. When your pre-paid license expires.
  2. When you add a site that doesn't fit into your current plan. For example, you have a 3-website license and adding the 4th one will automatically enable the PAYG license.


How much it costs

$0.06 for every day your site is connected to your account. For example, if your site is connected to your account for 10 days out of 30, the cost per month would be $0.60. In case you have the Extra Package enabled, it will be $0.09/day.


When you are charged while using PAYG

On the 1st of each month (it sometimes may be the 2nd, depending on your time zone). In case the payment for the month is less than 50 cents, you will not be charged, and the payment will be added to the next month's charge. This is a limitation of the payment system we use.

PAYG license starts when you add a new website to the CleanTalk dashboard over and above your current plan. The system immediately allocates all necessary resources on servers, creates tables in databases, generates the upload, etc. For example, if you have a 3-websites plan with 3 websites already added, the PAYG calculation goes at that exact moment when you add the 4th website.


When your PAYG license is switched off

PAYG license is deactivated according to the deadline. In case of unsuccessful automatic charging, we make additional attempts after 24 hours. If all our attempts were unsuccessful, your PAYG license will be disabled and you will see a message in the dashboard about the need to update your payment method, and following the link in the message you will be able to go to the payment page and enter the card details manually.


Enabling Extra Package while using PAYG

If you already have the Extra Package in your pre-paid plan, you do not need to activate the Extra Package additionally - you already have it. If you have a pre-paid license without Extra Package, you can activate it using this instruction. If you do not have a pre-paid license, you can enable it here.



You can ask us any question concerning the CleanTalk Anti-Spam via:




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