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AS17444 AS number for New World Telephone Ltd.

Spam statistics of AS17444 AS number for New World Telephone Ltd.

Hong Kong SAR China
Number of networks
IP Addresses
Purpose of use
Detected IP addresses
Spam active IPs
Spam rate

Spam activity log

— spam active IP adresses

WhoIs AS: as17444


SPAM active IP addresses in AS17444 AS number for New World Telephone Ltd.

#Sender IPDetectedLast seenReported as spam 12:03:012019-10-05 22:51:3721 02:40:232019-10-16 15:03:13423
358.64.214.1582019-04-04 14:12:092019-10-12 08:03:5651
459.188.30.1162019-08-16 22:48:332019-10-16 07:33:58894
559.188.228.862019-09-20 07:17:312019-10-10 17:49:37147
6123.1.170.1382018-02-04 01:28:462019-10-15 18:35:2997
7123.1.187.422019-09-30 11:50:492019-10-11 05:01:0329
8123.1.187.472019-09-29 02:50:422019-10-16 16:27:1530
9123.1.187.492019-09-29 05:42:042019-10-15 17:50:3636
10210.209.82.1902018-08-09 11:32:462019-10-13 03:52:3436

Detected networks prefixes

#Network prefixCountryLengthDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate
1210.209.64.0/19Hong Kong SAR China81921325541.67% Kong SAR China8192994646.46%
3113.10.128.0/19Hong Kong SAR China8192944143.62%
459.188.240.0/20Hong Kong SAR China4096643554.69%
559.188.64.0/19Hong Kong SAR China8192532750.94%
6123.1.160.0/19Hong Kong SAR China8192492346.94%
7210.209.96.0/19Hong Kong SAR China8192511937.25%
858.64.192.0/19Hong Kong SAR China8192501836.00%
959.188.0.0/19Hong Kong SAR China8192411843.90%
10113.10.160.0/19Hong Kong SAR China8192501734.00%
11113.10.192.0/19Hong Kong SAR China8192301343.33%
12123.1.128.0/19Hong Kong SAR China8192361233.33%
1358.64.128.0/19Hong Kong SAR China8192411126.83%
14113.10.224.0/19Hong Kong SAR China819225832.00%
1559.188.128.0/19Hong Kong SAR China819217741.18%
1659.188.192.0/19Hong Kong SAR China819220630.00%
1759.188.224.0/21Hong Kong SAR China204825624.00%
18203.176.224.0/19Hong Kong SAR China81929444.44%
19210.209.70.0/24Hong Kong SAR China256641.56%
20210.245.160.0/19Hong Kong SAR China81925480.00%
2159.188.236.0/24Hong Kong SAR China256531.17%
2259.188.240.0/24Hong Kong SAR China256631.17%
2359.188.232.0/24Hong Kong SAR China256420.78%
24123.1.151.0/24Hong Kong SAR China256320.78%
25123.1.192.0/20Hong Kong SAR China40966233.33%
26203.98.176.0/20Hong Kong SAR China40964250.00%
2758.64.129.0/24Hong Kong SAR China256210.39%
2858.64.188.0/24Hong Kong SAR China25611100.00%
2959.188.30.0/24Hong Kong SAR China2563133.33%
3059.188.160.0/19Hong Kong SAR China81925120.00%
3159.188.236.0/23Hong Kong SAR China512110.20%
3259.188.255.0/24Hong Kong SAR China256510.39%
33113.10.199.0/24Hong Kong SAR China256110.39%
34113.10.244.0/24Hong Kong SAR China256510.39%
35113.10.247.0/24Hong Kong SAR China2563133.33%
36203.98.128.0/19Hong Kong SAR China81922150.00%
37210.209.72.0/24Hong Kong SAR China256410.39%
38210.209.89.0/24Hong Kong SAR China256410.39%
39210.209.123.0/24Hong Kong SAR China256510.39%
40210.209.125.0/24Hong Kong SAR China256310.39%
41210.245.128.0/19Hong Kong SAR China81922150.00%
42210.245.192.0/19Hong Kong SAR China81924125.00%
43210.245.224.0/19Hong Kong SAR China819211100.00%
4458.64.157.0/24Hong Kong SAR China256200.00%
4558.64.224.0/19Hong Kong SAR China8192800.00%
4659.188.21.0/24Hong Kong SAR China256100.00%
4759.188.32.0/19Hong Kong SAR China8192100.00%
4859.188.96.0/19Hong Kong SAR China8192100.00%
4959.188.218.0/24Hong Kong SAR China256100.00%
5059.188.224.0/19Hong Kong SAR China8192100.00%
5159.188.232.0/22Hong Kong SAR China1024300.00%
5259.188.238.0/23Hong Kong SAR China512400.00%
5359.188.254.0/24Hong Kong SAR China256100.00%
54123.1.154.0/24Hong Kong SAR China256100.00%
55123.1.157.0/24Hong Kong SAR China256100.00%
56123.1.208.0/21Hong Kong SAR China2048204800.00%
57123.1.224.0/19Hong Kong SAR China8192100.00%
58203.98.160.0/19Hong Kong SAR China8192100.00%
59203.176.192.0/19Hong Kong SAR China8192200.00%
60210.209.68.0/24Hong Kong SAR China256200.00%
61210.209.85.0/24Hong Kong SAR China256100.00%
62210.209.93.0/24Hong Kong SAR China256200.00%