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CleanTalk is a SaaS Spam Protection Service for websites. CleanTalk uses protection methods that are invisible to the website visitors. Connecting to the service eliminates any needs of CAPTCHA, questions and answers, and other methods of protection that complicate the exchange of information on your website.

How does it work?

The CleanTalk Cloud Service provides automatic and invisible protection from spam for websites. CleanTalk analyzes user behavior and evaluates the parameters of a completed form.

When installed on your website the Anti-Spam Module captures the behaviour parameters of a visitor or a spambot. These parameters are being assessed and the service makes a decision — to post the visitor's message or to define it as spam and reject it. Based on such checks, the service forms its own list of email addresses used by spambots. Likewise visitor registrations are being checked too. The service adds not only email addresses to the blacklist, but also IP addresses and domains of the websites that are promoted through spam mailout.

The CleanTalk Company developed unique algorithms to assess the behavior of visitors, and with almost 100% accuracy we keep spam messages at bay. All of this happens automatically and requires no action from the website administrator.

Every day CleanTalk gets information about thousands of new spam IPs/emails and CleanTalk database of spam active IP and email addresses has information about more than 20 000 000 IP addresses

Common CleanTalk Anti-Spam work scheme

How effective is CleanTalk?

Accurately blocking spam is not an easy thing to do, but CleanTalk has a very low proven False/Positive rate. Here is actual statistics on false positives for all customers.

The statistic was calculated on August 28 2020 for 2.5 million requests.


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  • The key selling point of CleanTalk for me is not simply its effectiveness. It’s the fact that CleanTalk works in the background. It does not make users jump through hoops in order to submit a comment or complete a form.
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What makes us different from other spam protection services? Why choose us?

  1. No Captcha or any other actions are required from the user. Captcha service lowers conversion rates, irritates customers and makes them leave your website. Captchas are unsafe and let a lot of spam in. It transfers the spam problem from the webmaster to the customer, which means that you still have spam problems but you don’t know what to do about them. You don’t know how many customers you have lost as they couldn't input the symbols correctly.
  2. It is more reliable than similar systems. Other systems let spam in; they have different operating principles and can’t be as reliable as CleanTalk. CleanTalk algorithms estimate user behavior and the way forms are being filled. These multilevel checks enable CleanTalk to reach high efficiency in spam protection. With other protection systems, real visitors might be mistaken for spam; all spam messages are being put in a spam folder and you have to take time to look through them all to not miss a client. This folder has to be cleaned all the time, which leads to more load on the website, causing it to start working slower.
  3. CleanTalk is more reliable than protection methods based on JavaScript check. Spam bots can run JavaScript and their number grows, meaning that spam grows too. Some customers turn off the JavaScript support in their browsers for safety purposes and these customers leave your website without you even knowing about it.
  4. Clear statistics. CleanTalk delivers extremely open statistics for all incoming registrations and comments, which gives you full control of the process. You will never miss a message. In order to inform clients, CleanTalk sends a Weekly Report to your email containing information on the number of approved and blocked registrations/comments. CleanTalk provides you with diagrams for every website so you can see the dynamics of spam activity or legitimate comments/registrations on your website.
  5. CleanTalk protects all forms at once — comments, registrations, feedbacks, contacts, reviews. There is no need to install a separate plugin for a specific form.
  6. Easy to install and use. Even my grandma can do it.
  7. CleanTalk operates automatically, which saves you time and resources, letting you focus on developing and improving your website and business without being distracted by other matters.
  8. CleanTalk is a Premium Service. This guarantees that the plugin won’t disappear the way others do. You can always contact technical support and your request will be processed promptly. We provide a high quality service and therefore do not distribute a free version. Free versions always have limitations which influences the quality of spam protection. Purchasing a year of the service gives you savings – you get:
    • 100% protection against spambots
    • Time and resources saving
    • More registrations/comments/visitors
    • Protection for several websites at once for different CMS
    • Ease in installation and usage
    • Traffic acquisition and user loyalty
    • 24/7 technical support
    • Clear statistics
    • No captcha, puzzles, etc.
    • Blacklists Database Extension for Google Chrome

Everyday we save you time so you can do something good for yourself, like to have a cup of coffee, read the news or buy donuts.