All versions of CleanTalk Spam Protection Plugins

Anti-spam for sites

CMS Release date Version Changelog
WordPress Nov 26 2023 * New. Integration. BackInStockNotifier - event token to alt cookies forced.
* New. Plugin now use register_uninstall_hook() on uninstalling process. Some additional checks added during uninstalling.
* Fix. WP Rocket compatibility improved.
* Fix. CT AJAX check. FacetWP service actions ignore.
* Fix. GravityForms huge memory usage fixed.
* Mod. Email encoder. Pass key has been stronger.
Joomla 3.X, 4.X Nov 06 2023 Fix. Parameters. Submit time via alt cookies fixed.
Fix. Integration. Updated form submit call.
Fixed SFW updater
Fix. PHP 8.2 compatibility.
New. Integration. Added ConvertForm.
Fix. Removed unused function.
Fix. Options. Set cookies option modified.
New. Integrations. Added EasySocial.
Joomla 2.X, 3.X Apr 08 2021 Fix: agent version.
phpBB 3.1, 3.2 Feb 12 2023 Fix. Escaped variables in SFW template.
Fix. Trying to force ipv4 resolving on CURL errors on ipv6.
Fix. Statistics. Fixed overflow $config[\\\'cleantalk_stats__requests\\\'].
1C Bitrix Oct 18 2023 * Fix: all functions in the class CleantalkAntispam are now static for compatibility with php 8
* New. Options. Use bitrix API.
* New. default_option.php. Default settings file.
* Imp. options.php. Handle fail messages.
* Imp. options.php. Old COption legacy removed.
* Fix. Uninstall. Complete deactivation now works correct.
* New. Install. Use default options if no options set (new install or if complete deactivation performed)
* Fix. After tests. Exclusion for SFW module settings that placed after uninstallation process.
* Fix. After review. Old PHP version compatibility in access keys comparison.
* Fix. SFW test. Now displays test page correct and always runs in the session.
* Fix. Settings page. Remove spaces in URL exclusions.
* Fix. Exclusions. Page with URL exclusions now do not load JS.
* Fix. Description wrapped by list.
* Fix. Getting fields any fixed.
* fix: fixed warning in preg_match
* Fix: fixed preg_match in OnBeforeResultAddHandler()
* fixed static functions
* Fix. Skip service request - iblock.vode component ajax loading.
* Fix. SFW. Updating process fixed.
* Mod: SFW send logs is fixed
* Upd. SFW. Implemented personal list.
Craft CMS Feb 10 2023 Initial
DataLife Engine Dec 10 2018 -DLE 13 support
-Bug fixes and other minor improvements
Drupal Apr 21 2021 Bug fixes.
Drupal 8 Mar 28 2022 Queries fixed.
Drupal 9 Nov 30 2023 Fix. Cron. Fixed merge conflict defect.
IP.Board Oct 23 2018 Improved spam protection
Remove session usage
Update lib classes
Bug fixes and other minor improvements
IPS Community Suite 4 Apr 25 2023 Updated to support 4.7.9
Joomla 1.5 Feb 07 2021 Improved protection for comments
Laravel Framework Sep 29 2023 new app
Magento Mar 17 2021 Fix: Message body when check_spam.
Fix: Message body when check_spam 2.
Fix: Exclusions for file upload.
Fix: Exceptions.
Fix: Checking login form.
Magento 2.x Dec 20 2021 * Fix: add exception for edit address
* Fix: set correct comment_type and exclusion for account checks
* Fix: set https protocol for moderate
* Fix: remove account create checking with ccf
* Fix: skip checkout add cart
* Fix: fix sender_info params
* Fix: skip codesto requests
* Fix: add exclusion option
* Fix: Typo fixed (wrong comment_type).
* Fix: curl fixed (ssl added).
* Fix: Skip request without email
* Fix: Some code formatting.
* Fix: Skip general contact form request without email.
* Fix: Typo fixed (wrong comment_type).
* Fix: get_fields_any() fixed.
* Fix: Skip adding to wishlist
* Fix: skip insta images checking.
* Fix: js and skip email ajax checking.
MediaWiki Jul 28 2023 Errors fixed and readme updated.
ModX Revolution Sep 20 2022 - Fix: ajax die on spam.
- Fix: Prevent catching admin-side requests.
- New. Anti-Spam core. Option for forms without email.
- prepare for $modx->getService() init and rename filename to lowercase
- Delete cleantalkCheck.snippet.php
- load cleantalk class via $modx->getService() inside plugin
- Rename classcleantalkantispamcoremodx.php to classcleantalkantispamcoremodx.class.php
- Fix. Code. JS errors fixed.
- Fix. Code. ModX instance using fixed.
- Fix. Code. Useless chunk removed.
MyBB 1.x Jul 21 2020 Fix: Support PHP 5.2.
Fix: apache_request_headers() patch.
Fix: php_fix file included.
Upd: SFW: query updated, partitioning implemented.
Upd: Refactoring.
Upd: Helper updated.
Fix: SFW skipping time increased to 3 sec.
New: CRON implemented.
Fix: Short tag replaced.
Fix: SFW ip_get fixed.
Fix: SFW updating errors handling fixed.
Fix: SFW clearing table fixed.
Upd: API updated.
OpenCart Nov 25 2020 Fix: Library connecting fixed.
Fix: PHP object static access fixed.
Fix: FW construct for correct IP.
Fix: Php fix file added.
Upd: Large list of networks while SFW updating supported.
OpenCart 4-1.0 Mar 29 2023 First version
phpBB 3 Jun 02 2021 Bug fixes and other minor improvements
PrestaShop Feb 10 2023 Initial
Simple Machines Forum Dec 28 2021 - Fix: undefined keys_checksum.
- Fix: is_admin sfw check.
- Fix: error in diff_key.
- Fix: update agent version.
- Fix: spam_check_cms update users status.
- Fix: Security fix.
- Fix: 2.1 SMF supporting fixed.
Typo3 Sep 26 2023 Powermail forms protection implemented.
Universal Anti-Spam Plugin Oct 05 2023 Fix. Install. Insert code after namespace anf declare directives declaration.
Fix. Public. JS relative path fixed.
Fix. apbct_restore_include_path. Now works on most types of servers.
Fix. apbct_set_include_path. Protect constant owerwriting tries.
New. Moodle integration. Detect CMS.
New. Moodle integration. Modify signup page to protect registrations.
New. Moodle integration. Custom login page exclusion logic.
Fix. Code. Constant definition fix.
Fix. Code. Die page fixed and refactored.
Fix. Updater. PHP notices fixed.
Fix. Server variables getting from $_SERVER instead of filter_input.
Fix. Common Helper. Add rule for decbin - int type.
Fix: checking the version of the curl for the correct choice of the type of request.
Fix. Helper. Curl options fixed.
Fix: file_exists before unlink
Added params for cookies
Fix: Fixed installation
Mod. PHP 8.1. Settings and Get fields any
Mod. PHP 8.1 compatibility.
New. SFW. CustomDB implemented. (#15)
vBulletin Apr 29 2020 New: Add Ukrainian translate.
Fix: Cookies checking.
Fix: Spam checking issue.
Other minor improvements.
vBulletin 5 Mar 19 2021 Fix: register detection.
Fix: remove maxversion dependency.
XenForo Jun 04 2019 Bug fixes and other minor improvements
XenForo 2 Feb 22 2022 Fix: check sfw_temp table before insert.
Fix: E_DEPRECATED exception in Cleantalk.php.
Fix: http__get_headers() renamed to httpGetHeaders() and fixed.
Fix: Cron. Fix: Cron. Cron last start flag improved.
Fix: drop if exists.
Fix. SFW log query fixed.

Site Security

CMS Release date Version Changelog
WordPress Nov 23 2023 * Fix. Scanner. Files deletion. Comparison of site responses before and after actions added.
* Fix. Heuristic. Command shell detection. Regex fixed.
* Fix. Heuristic. Mathematics module fixed.
* Fix. RenameLoginPage. Skip login renaming process for password-protected pages.
* Fix. Integrations. Add Password-protected compatibility.
* Fix. WafBlocker. Compatible with php8.
* New. Scanner. Analysis bulk actions: deleting implemented.
* Fix. Scan. Excluded invalid index.
* Fix. Scan. Added retry for unstable connection.
* Fix. SecFW. FireWall priority fixed.
* Fix. Settings. Enqueue scanner-plugin.js script fixed.
* Fix. Scan. Increasing amount dynamically.
* Fix. Auth. Removed conflict with password protected pages.
* Fix. Scan. Handling empty signature_found.
* Upd. Settings. Additional headers IP getting option updated.
* Mod. WAF blocker. New reason code \\\"-10\\\". New description for blocking page.
Universal Security plugin (UniForce) Oct 12 2023 * New. Skip status 99 for included networks.
* New. Changing admin password logic implemented.
* Mod. Scanner. Work with signatures body via base64 to prevent third-party malware scanners warns.
* Mod. Trusted networks has the highest priority on FW check.
* Mod. Installing. Updating latest version is duplicated from cron to the installing process.
* Mod. ScannerController.php -> action__scanner__signature_analysis. Moved signatures object creation out from cycle.
* Fix. Bad code viewing fixed.
* Fix. WAF signatures check fixed.
* Fix. FW logs files array statement check.
* Fix. Scanner. Large file size checking.
* Fix. FW update. Skip ivp6 networks.
* Fix. Helper. HTTP request. Try to connect via HTTP 2.0 if 1.0 has been failed.
* Fix. Show error if key is not valid.
* Fix. Cron tasks init on install fixed.
* Fix. Get hashes of approved files. Fix URL and version.
* Fix. Firewall. Add missing statuses. 15.12.2022 18:05
* Fix. FW check. Trusted networks now gain highest priority, more thatn personal records.
* Fix. Duplicated script adding.
* Fix. Empty page on main during BFP work.
* Fix. Scanner. View bad code (modal dialog)
* Fix. SecFW. Updater fixed - preventing several update process running.
* Fix. Server variables getting from $_SERVER instead of filter_input.
* Fix. SecFW. Writing fs stats sleep implemented.
* Fix. Amazon URLs.
* Fix. WAF. Now correctly extract and handle WAF rules.
* Fix. Signatures get. Show alert if can not connect signatures source.
* Fix. FW and BFP logs sending. Timestamp fix. Fix. FW and BFP logs sending. Formatting of log file to log data for API call refactored.
* Fix. usp_settings__plugin_state. Version comparison exception.
* Fix. ScannerController.php -> action__scanner__signature_analysis. Output the error if can\\\'t get signatures list.
* Fix: Fixed notice about undefined in Cron::class