All versions of CleanTalk Spam Protection Plugins

Anti-spam for sites

CMS Release date Version Changelog
WordPress May 19 2022 * Fix. Pluggable. Getting REST url fixed.
Joomla 2.X, 3.X Apr 08 2021 Fix: agent version.
Joomla 3.X, 4.X Jan 25 2022 Security fix.
phpBB 3.1, 3.2 Jun 01 2021 Upd: translate.
Fix: Notice fixed.
Code: Code reformatted.
Fix: quotas in truncate sfw table.
Fix: SFW update.
Fix: SpamFireWall bypass Apache module which prevent path-like parameters.
1C Bitrix Feb 24 2022 Fix. Settings. API key fieldset moved to the top of the section.
Fix. Settings. Reset settings button implemented.
Fix. Settings. Init default setting on installation.
New. Settings. Complete deactivation option added.
New. Settings. Complete deactivation implemented.
New. Settings. Regexp for fields exclusions.
New. Settings. Saving exclusion regexp implemented.
Fix. Exclusion. Fields exclusions fixed.
New. Exclusion. Url exclusions by regexp.
DataLife Engine Dec 10 2018 -DLE 13 support
-Bug fixes and other minor improvements
Drupal Apr 21 2021 Bug fixes.
Drupal 8 Mar 28 2022 Queries fixed.
Drupal 9 Mar 28 2022 Queries fixed.
IP.Board Oct 23 2018 Improved spam protection
Remove session usage
Update lib classes
Bug fixes and other minor improvements
IPS Community Suite 4 Feb 22 2022 Fix: getsiteurl.
Fix: Website testing RC fixed.
Fix: array_unique for presets in Helper::class
Fix: Fixed setLastCall() in RemoteCalls::class
Fix: Refactoring setLastCall()
Upd: DB. Prepare method implemented.
Fix: SFW. Log query fixed.
Fix: SFW. Creating tables fixed.
Joomla 1.5 Feb 07 2021 Improved protection for comments
Magento Mar 17 2021 Fix: Message body when check_spam.
Fix: Message body when check_spam 2.
Fix: Exclusions for file upload.
Fix: Exceptions.
Fix: Checking login form.
Magento 2.x Dec 20 2021 * Fix: add exception for edit address
* Fix: set correct comment_type and exclusion for account checks
* Fix: set https protocol for moderate
* Fix: remove account create checking with ccf
* Fix: skip checkout add cart
* Fix: fix sender_info params
* Fix: skip codesto requests
* Fix: add exclusion option
* Fix: Typo fixed (wrong comment_type).
* Fix: curl fixed (ssl added).
* Fix: Skip request without email
* Fix: Some code formatting.
* Fix: Skip general contact form request without email.
* Fix: Typo fixed (wrong comment_type).
* Fix: get_fields_any() fixed.
* Fix: Skip adding to wishlist
* Fix: skip insta images checking.
* Fix: js and skip email ajax checking.
MediaWiki Dec 26 2019 Fix: Server-side cookies made more secure.
Fix: Samesite option for client-side cookies implemented.
Fix: JS fixed.
Bug fixes and other minor improvements.
ModX Revolution Jul 13 2020 Fix: Autoloader.php
Fix: Remove phpfix
Fix: PHP short tag replaced.
MyBB 1.x Jul 21 2020 Fix: Support PHP 5.2.
Fix: apache_request_headers() patch.
Fix: php_fix file included.
Upd: SFW: query updated, partitioning implemented.
Upd: Refactoring.
Upd: Helper updated.
Fix: SFW skipping time increased to 3 sec.
New: CRON implemented.
Fix: Short tag replaced.
Fix: SFW ip_get fixed.
Fix: SFW updating errors handling fixed.
Fix: SFW clearing table fixed.
Upd: API updated.
OpenCart Nov 25 2020 Fix: Library connecting fixed.
Fix: PHP object static access fixed.
Fix: FW construct for correct IP.
Fix: Php fix file added.
Upd: Large list of networks while SFW updating supported.
phpBB 3 Jun 02 2021 Bug fixes and other minor improvements
Simple Machines Forum Dec 28 2021 - Fix: undefined keys_checksum.
- Fix: is_admin sfw check.
- Fix: error in diff_key.
- Fix: update agent version.
- Fix: spam_check_cms update users status.
- Fix: Security fix.
- Fix: 2.1 SMF supporting fixed.
Universal Anti-Spam Plugin Dec 10 2021 Improved work with Cs Cart CMS:

Fix: Fixed bug with get_include_path()
Fix: Removed @get_class()!=\\\'WP_User\\\' in apbct_get_fields_any()
Mod: CS-Cart integration
Fix: check buffer before flush.
Fix: check security variable before output.
Changed algo for checkjs
Detected CsCart CMS
Added JS snippet for CSCart
Fix: Snippet only for CsCart
Fixed text in js snippet
Fix: CsCart - Added registration form processing
Fix: excluded some queries from checking
Fix: excluded requests to add products to the cart and view pages
Fix: Added test for search form cscart
Fix: added isset for [\\\\\\\'HTTP_REFERER\\\\\\\']
Fixed global variables
vBulletin Apr 29 2020 New: Add Ukrainian translate.
Fix: Cookies checking.
Fix: Spam checking issue.
Other minor improvements.
vBulletin 5 Mar 19 2021 Fix: register detection.
Fix: remove maxversion dependency.
XenForo Jun 04 2019 Bug fixes and other minor improvements
XenForo 2 Feb 22 2022 Fix: check sfw_temp table before insert.
Fix: E_DEPRECATED exception in Cleantalk.php.
Fix: http__get_headers() renamed to httpGetHeaders() and fixed.
Fix: Cron. Fix: Cron. Cron last start flag improved.
Fix: drop if exists.
Fix. SFW log query fixed.

Site Security

CMS Release date Version Changelog
WordPress May 19 2022 Fix: Firewall. Update. DB request.
Fix: Delete useless \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'use\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\';
Fix: Adding isText filter.
Fix: Signatures. Input \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'NULL\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' for empty values when updating signatures.
Fix: Scanner. Accordion. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Critical\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' tab. Check for if signatures exists before output result.
Fix: Common\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Helper::buffer__csv__get_map(). Use of validation class.
Fix: SpbctWP\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ListTable. Translations.
Fix: WAF. File check. Return result.
Fix: Scanner tab. CSS.
Fix: Few small fixes.
Fix: Fixed typo
Fix: Scanner. SpbctWP\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Scanner\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ScannerQueue. Use ScannerQueue::$db instead $wpdb in signature_analysis and heuristic_analysis.
Fix: Scanner. Implementing variable amount of checked files in one pass for heuristic and signature analysis.
Fix: Scanner. Percents count.
Fix: Scanner. Display spinner for row actions with files.
Fix: Scanner. Output error for row actions with files.
Fix. 2FA. Code sending email fixed.
Fix. 2FA. 2fa logic fixed.
Mod: Sanitize, Escape, Validate classes.
Mod: Signatures. Using \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'mapped\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' CSV file for signatures.
Mod: Signatures. Automatically parse CSV with map.
Mod: Update spbc_scanner_file_send() to use new DB structure.
Mod: spbcModal. CSS modify for error comment.
Mod: ListTable. Adding new bulk action \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'send for analysis\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' and refactor bulk actions handlers.
Mod: Do not make a remote calls when maintenance mode is enabled.
Mod: Updated phpDOC
Mod: Added escaping html for translate
Mod: Created Escape:class for escaping data
Mod: Refactoring Validator and Sanitizer classes
Mod: Added modificators in regexp for WAF
Mod: Settings. Do not show the support button if the access key is not correct.
New: WAF. Additional params to filter with. Prepare DB structure.
New: Scanner. Category \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Analysis log\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'.
New: spbc_scanner_get_files_by_category() adding support for the new category \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'analysis_log\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'.
New: Implement table action \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'check_analysis_status\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'.
New: spbc_scanner_file_check_analysis_status(). Checks analysis status of passed file(s). Could handle multiple files input.
New: Variables\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Validator::isText() filter.
New: Common\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\API. Process data for API::method__security_mscan_status().
New: Common\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\API::method__security_mscan_status().
New: DB schema. Adding columns \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'analysis_status\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' and \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'analysis_comment\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' to \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'scan_results\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' table.
New: AJAX error comment output.
New: spbc_scanner_file_send_for_analysis__bulk() and handle error from a very single file.
New: spbc_scanner_get_file_by_id().
Ref: Decomposition of a class CleantalkSP\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Common\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Helper.
Del: Unused file Validator.php.
Universal Security plugin (UniForce) Feb 13 2022 New: Scanner.Search regexp signatures.
- Scanner\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Helper::file__get_string_number_with_needle() - modified
- Scanner\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Scanner::file__scan__for_signatures() - modified
New: Firewall update.
- Using multi curl to download files
- Storing temporary firewall *.csv.zg files locally
- Helper class extended
Fix: if real ip is not defined.
Fix: notice send logs if ip is empty.
Fix: Firewall. Brute force protection module.
Fix: From test. Typo in settings.
Fix: From test. Malware signatures downloading and processing.
Fix: Send file for analysis.
- Empty dangerous code.
- PHP Warning.
Fix: Actions with files.
- Resetting actions and view handlers after an action performed.
- Hiding spinner after an action performed.
Fix: Common\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Storage::get(). PHP Warning: fgetcsv().
Fix: Helper::http__request(). File downloading.