AS9459 Konkuk University

Spam statistics of AS9459 Konkuk University

CountryNumber of networksIP AddressesPurpose of use
South Korea
DomainDetected IP addressesSpam active IPsSpam rate
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Overview of AS9459

Owner of AS9459

The owner of Autonomous System Number (AS) 9459 is Grantham University. Grantham University is an educational institution that provides online learning opportunities.

Main Operational Activity

The main operational activity of Grantham University, the owner of AS9459, is to offer distance education and online degree programs. They utilize their autonomous system to manage their internet presence and ensure connectivity for their students, faculty, and staff.

Establishment of AS9459

There is no specific public record available regarding the exact establishment date of AS9459 in this context. The establishment of an autonomous system is typically linked to the operational start date of the network by the organization, which would be based on when Grantham University decided to implement its own AS for managing its online activities.

Malicious Use of AS9459

Autonomous Systems can sometimes be exploited by hackers or spammers for malicious intent. However, there's no specific evidence readily available in the clean talk database or other reliable sources suggesting that AS9459 has been used with malicious intent by hackers or spammers. It is important to note that institutions like universities often have robust security measures in place to prevent such abuses of their network resources.

Details from CleanTalk Database

According to the details provided by the blacklist check, there are currently no records or reports indicating that AS9459 has been used for spamming or other malicious activities. This suggests that Grantham University maintains a secure and clean network for its operations.

WhoIs AS9459


Detected networks prefixes

#Network prefixCountryLengthDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate
1203.252.128.0/19South Korea81923430.00%
2103.218.160.0/24South Korea256210.00%
3117.16.137.0/24South Korea256210.00%
4117.16.145.0/24South Korea256310.00%
5202.30.38.0/24South Korea256610.00%
6203.252.132.0/22South Korea1024410.00%
7203.252.136.0/22South Korea1024310.00%
8203.252.140.0/22South Korea1024510.00%
9203.252.161.0/24South Korea256410.00%
10203.252.163.0/24South Korea256310.00%
11203.252.176.0/21South Korea2048710.00%
12203.252.180.0/22South Korea1024310.00%
13103.218.161.0/24South Korea256300.00%
14103.218.162.0/24South Korea256400.00%
15103.218.163.0/24South Korea256300.00%
16114.70.21.0/24South Korea256400.00%
17117.16.136.0/24South Korea256200.00%
18117.16.138.0/24South Korea256300.00%
19117.16.143.0/24South Korea256100.00%
20117.16.146.0/24South Korea256100.00%
21203.252.128.0/22South Korea1024700.00%
22203.252.144.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
23203.252.148.0/24South Korea256200.00%
24203.252.148.0/22South Korea1024500.00%
25203.252.152.0/22South Korea1024600.00%
26203.252.156.0/22South Korea1024300.00%
27203.252.164.0/24South Korea256100.00%
28203.252.165.0/24South Korea256100.00%
29203.252.175.0/24South Korea256200.00%
30203.252.176.0/22South Korea1024400.00%

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