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ASN List - ASN Lookup Blacklist | Cleantalk, Page 6

#ASN, Organization nameCountryDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate
1501AS48524 INTERRA telecommunications group, Ltd.Russia1 78733018.47%
1502AS40975 CHML Web Services SRLRomania1 786120.67%
1503AS62741 Secure-24, LLCUnited States1 7851 55687.17%
1504AS15456 InterNetX GmbHGermany1 784291.63%
1505AS29286 Skylogic S.p.A.Italy1 78343524.40%
1506AS18822 ManquehuenetChile1 783804.49%
1507AS28545 Cablemas Telecomunicaciones SA de CVMexico1 7811347.52%
1508AS32489 AMANAHA-NEWCanada1 77787249.07%
1509AS133469 Multinet (Udaipur) Private LimitedIndia1 77479144.59%
1510AS4589 EASYNET Easynet Global ServicesUnited Kingdom1 7711357.62%
1511AS48544 Tecnotel Servizi Tecnologici srlItaly1 77051529.10%
1512AS57026 JSC ER-Telecom HoldingRussia1 76765637.12%
1513AS4795 INDOSATM2 ASNIndonesia1 76448127.27%
1514AS10242 US Internet CorpUnited States1 761663.75%
1515AS41230 Ask4 LimitedUnited Kingdom1 761140.80%
1516AS20910 SIA BaltcomLatvia1 75743324.64%
1517AS12708 TalkTalkUnited Kingdom1 755271.54%
1518AS8445 SALZBURG AG fur Energie, Verkehr und TelekommunikationAustria1 7551317.46%
1519AS58678 Intech Online Private LimitedIndia1 74727215.57%
1520AS196742 LLC EkranRussia1 746985.61%
1521AS45356 IS Group, No:108, W A D Ramanayake MawathaSri Lanka1 74120811.95%
1522AS8339 kabelplus GmbHAustria1 739653.74%
1523AS54994 QUANTIL NETWORKS INCEuropean Union1 739563.22%
1524AS51375 Stc Bahrain B.s.c ClosedBahrain1 73820011.51%
1525AS14576 Hosting Solution Ltd.United States1 73758933.91%
1526AS53508 CABLELYNXUnited States1 732714.10%
1527AS135028 FLAMEHOSTING-AS-AP FLAMEHOSTING, PKSouth Africa1 73210.06%
1528AS34081 INCUBATEC GmbH - SrlItaly1 730543.12%
1529AS393892 MCTC1United States1 7291 28974.55%
1530AS45839 Shinjiru Technology Sdn BhdMalaysia1 723854.93%
1531AS55915 Classic Tech Pvt. Ltd.Nepal1 72234620.09%
1532AS13645 BROADBANDONEUnited States1 721110.64%
1533AS5048 FIBERNET Corp.United States1 721120.70%
1534AS24138 China TieTong Telecommunications CorporationChina1 72023313.55%
1535AS50544 JSC ER-Telecom HoldingRussia1 72035620.70%
1536AS42313 Albtelecom Sh.a.Albania1 71971641.65%
1537AS4657 StarHub LtdSingapore1 7181287.45%
1538AS13911 TERA-BYTECanada1 717191.11%
1539AS199524 G-Core Labs S.A.Austria1 71641023.89%
1540AS12644 Telemach d.o.o.Slovenia1 7131297.53%
1541AS20632 PJSC MegaFonRussia1 71117910.46%
1542AS56851 PE Skurykhin Mukola VolodumurovuchUkraine1 710533.10%
1543AS20771 Caucasus Online Ltd.Georgia1 71033419.53%
1544AS55850 TrustPower LtdNew Zealand1 710191.11%
1545AS13370 NWIUnited States1 71019811.58%
1546AS3210 Secure Data Systems SRLRomania1 70759134.62%
1547AS29084 Comnet Bulgaria Holding Ltd.Bulgaria1 70740823.90%
1548AS12632 RCS & RDSRomania1 7041418.28%
1549AS31898 ORACLE-BMC-31898United States1 70424814.55%
1550AS4802 iiNet LimitedAustralia1 703402.35%
1551AS7602 Saigon Postel CorporationVietnam1 70232018.80%
1552AS16160 SWAN, a.s.Slovakia1 7011367.99%
1553AS30764 PODA a.s.Czechia1 7011679.82%
1554AS16022 COSMOLINE, GRGreece1 69919311.36%
1555AS24400 Shanghai Mobile Communications Co.,Ltd.China1 69740323.75%
1556AS196645 Ltd Hostpro LabUkraine1 696563.30%
1557AS24554 Fivenetwork Solution India Pvt Ltd InternetIndia1 69533019.47%
1558AS16904 Arvig Enterprises Inc.United States1 691311.83%
1559AS1213 HEAnetIreland1 691191.12%
1560AS43939 Internetia Sp.z o.o.Poland1 6901176.92%
1561AS45538 Online data servicesVietnam1 69023213.73%
1562AS44604 Svyaz-Telecom Ltd.Russia1 68751630.59%
1563AS28343 TPA TELECOMUNICACOES LTDABrazil1 68639723.55%
1564AS35154 RostelecomRussia1 68421512.77%
1565AS11215 LOGIXCOMM-ASUnited States1 6841478.73%
1566AS25169 Telenor Sverige ABSweden1 68040.24%
1567AS55960 Beijing Guanghuan Xinwang DigitalChina1 67528817.19%
1568AS44208 Farahoosh Dena PLCIran1 67556233.55%
1569AS2907 Research Organization of Information and Systems, National Institute of Informatics1 674372.21%
1570AS24158 Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd.Taiwan1 6681046.24%
1571AS39939 RISE-CO-AS39939United States1 667372.22%
1572AS45454 Web24 Virtual & Dedicated hosting service provider, Melb, AustraliaAustralia1 664352.10%
1573AS1836 AGSwitzerland1 652251.51%
1574AS39232 UninetAzerbaijan1 65216810.17%
1575AS25086 MTS PJSCRussia1 65125315.32%
1576AS18450 WebNX, Inc.United States1 6501649.94%
1577AS13156 Nowo Communications, S.A.Portugal1 6501177.09%
1578AS28769 Closed Joint Stock Company SibTransTelecomRussia1 64929417.83%
1579AS28649 Desktop Sigmanet Comunicacao Multimidia LtdaBrazil1 64832119.48%
1580AS8517 National Academic Network and Information CenterTurkey1 642734.45%
1581AS1916 Associação Rede Nacional de Ensino e PesquisaBrazil1 64218010.96%
1582AS18101 Reliance Communications Ltd.DAKC MUMBAIIndia1 64229417.90%
1583AS33494 IHNetworks, LLCUnited States1 642503.04%
1584AS21450 HOT Mobile Ltd.Israel1 641804.88%
1585AS43146 Domain names registrar REG.RU, LtdRussia1 63919611.96%
1586AS47602 Profisol Telecom S.R.L.Romania1 6391 37784.02%
1587AS34700 Maxnet Telecom, LtdUkraine1 63720212.34%
1588AS22724 PUNTONET S.A.Ecuador1 63749830.42%
1589AS16333 Company for communications services A1 Makedonija DOOEL SkopjeNorth Macedonia1 63629818.21%
1590AS32306 Host NIT IncUnited States1 634211.29%
1591AS47155 ViaEuropa i Lund ABSweden1 6321 15870.96%
1592AS28299 IPV6 Internet LtdaBrazil1 631241.47%
1593AS31499 Ekaterinburg-2000 LLCRussia1 6231217.46%
1594AS12688 Closed Joint Stock Company TransTeleComRussia1 6161 05165.04%
1595AS21688 GMP-METROCASTUnited States1 616251.55%
1596AS23535 HOSTROCKETUnited States1 615513.16%
1597AS44056 Trytech Ltd.Russia1 61331919.78%
1598AS35753 Integrated Telecom Co. LtdSaudi Arabia1 613674.15%
1599AS37075 ZAINUGASUganda1 612643.97%
1600AS17762 Tata Teleservices Maharashtra LtdIndia1 61121713.47%
1601AS34145 JSC ER-Telecom HoldingRussia1 6031368.48%
1602AS12969 Fjarskipti ehfIceland1 603654.06%
1603AS25525 Reasonnet IP Networks B.V.Netherlands1 60290.56%
1604AS45588 Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL), NationwideBangladesh1 60147129.42%
1605AS4621 Chulalongkorn UniversityThailand1 59843727.35%
1606AS13576 SDNW-13576United States1 595382.38%
1607AS41592 BWCCJSC-AS Baykalwestcom Autonomous system,RURussia1 5931147.16%
1608AS28917 LLC trc FiordRussia1 59326416.57%
1609AS49367 Seflow S.N.C. Di Marco Brame' & C.Italy1 59257235.93%
1610AS4725 SoftBank Corp.1 591704.40%
1611AS9387 AUGERE-PakistanPakistan1 58826916.94%
1612AS33749 Atlantic Telephone Membership Corp.United States1 58860.38%
1613AS35624 Silverstar Invest LimitedUnited Kingdom1 5861 52696.22%
1614AS31208 PJSC MegaFonRussia1 58638824.46%
1615AS44391 JSC ElektrosvyazRussia1 58253934.07%
1616AS21003 General Post and Telecommunication CompanyLibya1 58040325.51%
1617AS15915 World Wide Web Ibercom S.A.Spain1 579231.46%
1618AS55410 Vodafone Idea LtdIndia1 57730519.34%
1619AS7296 Alchemy Communications, Inc.United States1 577161.01%
1620AS44724 Octopusnet LTDRussia1 57629418.66%
1621AS135386 LinkChina Telecom Global Limited.China1 575311.97%
1622AS29691 Nine Internet Solutions AGSwitzerland1 573714.51%
1623AS37284 Aljeel-netLibya1 57232720.80%
1624AS201069 APEX-CRIMEA Ltd.Russia1 57157336.47%
1625AS132721 Ping Global Amsterdam POP ASNNetherlands1 571161.02%
1626AS44812 Ip Server LLCRussia1 57042727.20%
1627AS27759 ACCESS HAITI S.A.Haiti1 5671167.40%
1628AS38511 PT Remala AbadiIndonesia1 56579450.73%
1629AS394281 XHOSTSERVERUnited States1 56400.00%
1630AS29076 Filanco LLCRussia1 56421813.94%
1631AS33779 wataniya-telecom-asAlgeria1 5601398.91%
1632AS52075 Wifirst S.A.S.France1 556221.41%
1633AS25512 CD-Telematika a.s.Czechia1 55630919.86%
1634AS27813 Teledifusora S.A.Argentina1 5531539.85%
1635AS24691 TogoTelecom, TogoTogo1 5521177.54%
1636AS12035 Atlantic Broadband Finance, LLCUnited States1 551493.16%
1637AS51819 JSC ER-Telecom HoldingRussia1 54422114.31%
1638AS47869 NetroutingNetherlands1 54132120.83%
1639AS36996 TELECOM-NAMIBIANamibia1 54026617.27%
1640AS17941 Equinix Jpapan Enterprise K.K.1 539221.43%
1641AS131596 TBCTaiwan1 53648731.71%
1642AS210278 Sky Italia srlItaly1 536714.62%
1643AS10838 OCEANIC-INTERNET-RRUnited States1 535221.43%
1644AS57286 Gigas Hosting S.A.Spain1 531875.68%
1645AS196767 Inmart-Internet LTDUkraine1 52980252.45%
1646AS9543 Westnet Internet ServicesAustralia1 527362.36%
1647AS8758 Iway AGSwitzerland1 526241.57%
1648AS14291 ANTIETAMUnited States1 526130.85%
1649AS36423 San Juan Cable, LLCPuerto Rico1 52421414.04%
1650AS9674 Far EastTone Telecommunication Co., Ltd.Taiwan1 524956.23%
1651AS2586 Elisa Eesti ASFinland1 520523.42%
1652AS19237 Omnis Network, LLCUnited States1 520372.43%
1653AS45430 SBN-IIG/AWN-IIG transit providerThailand1 5201117.30%
1654AS15751 MeteorIreland1 51910.07%
1655AS16811 SAGENET-GTHUnited States1 518412.70%
1656AS29300 ASNorway1 51746630.72%
1657AS20960 TK Telekom sp. z o.o.Poland1 51633922.36%
1658AS16246 s.r.o.Czechia1 5141097.20%
1659AS54654 MILLSCOLLEGEUnited States1 5141097.20%
1660AS36666 GTCOMMCanada1 51224015.87%
1661AS60087 Netsons s.r.l.Italy1 512473.11%
1662AS50923 MetrosetRussia1 51217911.84%
1663AS29049 Delta Telecom LtdAzerbaijan1 51119612.97%
1664AS46015 Exa Bytes Network Sdn.Bhd.Malaysia1 51117111.32%
1665AS16097 HL komm Telekommunikations GmbHGermany1 511352.32%
1666AS5690 VianetCanada1 510372.45%
1667AS50304 Blix Solutions ASNorway1 51087357.82%
1668AS21183 ABCOM ShpkAlbania1 50657237.98%
1669AS13787 CenturyLink Communications, LLCUnited States1 50628018.59%
1670AS136525 Wancom (Pvt) Ltd.Pakistan1 50379452.83%
1671AS10439 CariNet, Inc.United States1 500352.33%
1672AS34602 Megasvyaz LLCRussia1 49715210.15%
1673AS8661 Telekomi i Kosoves SH.A.Serbia1 49730320.24%
1674AS8681 JTGlobalJersey1 49744629.79%
1675AS35540 OVH SASFrance1 496442.94%
1676AS17547 M1 NET LTDSingapore1 489916.11%
1677AS23393 NuCDN LLCUnited States1 487332.22%
1678AS206206 Kurdistan Net Company for Computer and Internet Ltd.Iraq1 48736624.61%
1679AS30922 MTS PJSCRussia1 48629019.52%
1680AS4323 tw telecom holdings, inc.United States1 486714.78%
1681AS8416 Infoline Ltd.Russia1 4851318.82%
1682AS51032 Nevod-Region LtdRussia1 47932421.91%
1683AS52219 Router Networks LLCUnited States1 4761 07973.10%
1684AS131392 Runsystem Joint Stock CompanyVietnam1 47420513.91%
1685AS39824 JSC Alma TelecommunicationsKazakhstan1 47416911.46%
1686AS56630 Melbikomas UABNetherlands1 47123415.91%
1687AS198292 GO Internet S.p.AItaly1 47155837.93%
1689AS36024 AS-TIERP-36024United States1 470815.51%
1690AS31229 PL-BEYOND-AS, PLPoland1 470322.18%
1691AS9286 KINXSouth Korea1 468332.25%
1692AS44112 SpaceWeb LtdRussia1 46618912.89%
1693AS24033 Australian Private Networks Pty LtdAustralia1 466110.75%
1694AS263880 WANTEL TECNOLOGIA LTDA. EPPBrazil1 46347732.60%
1695AS8680 Sure Guernsey LimitedUnited Kingdom1 462755.13%
1696AS33260 Miva Merchant, Inc.United States1 46100.00%
1697AS27884 CABLECOLOR S.A.Honduras1 45927318.71%
1699AS38719 Dreamscape Networks LimitedAustralia1 458775.28%
1700AS27901 Pacifico Cable SPA.Chile1 457875.97%
1701AS19437 SS-ASHUnited States1 45542028.87%
1702AS198414 H88 S.A.Poland1 45429220.08%
1703AS28877 AZURIA-AS, FRFrance1 45437926.07%
1704AS32939 Atlantic Broadband Finance, LLCUnited States1 452140.96%
1705AS33885 Ownit ABSweden1 451483.31%
1706AS135377 UCloud (HK) Holdings Group LimitedChina1 450966.62%
1707AS8462 Tarr Kft.Hungary1 44815410.63%
1708AS25542 Netspider Group B.V.Netherlands1 445120.83%
1709AS16202 Tele Columbus AGGermany1 437241.67%
1710AS51407 Mada ALArab LTDPalestinian Territories1 43723916.63%
1711AS35804 Pp Sks-luganUkraine1 43230621.37%
1712AS328453 Web-Africa-Networks-ASSouth Africa1 430231.61%
1713AS43468 PJSC RostelecomRussia1 43041629.09%
1714AS22689 Sercomtel Participações S.A.Brazil1 42818713.10%
1715AS59713 JSC ER-Telecom HoldingRussia1 42661142.85%
1716AS56005 Zhengzhou Fastidc Technology Co.,Ltd.China1 4251399.75%
1717AS4800 Network Access Provider and Internet Service ProviderIndonesia1 42467147.12%
1718AS27984 Ver Tv S.A.Argentina1 420936.55%
1719AS32400 Hostway Services, Inc.United States1 418100.70%
1720AS50463 Triple C Cloud Computing Ltd.Israel1 4171148.04%
1721AS135887 Telstra CorporationAustralia1 41730.21%
1722AS12260 CUSTOMDOTNETUnited States1 41715711.08%
1723AS15426 Within Reach Group B.V.Netherlands1 413312.19%
1724AS7794 EXECULINKCanada1 412342.41%
1725AS39554 Tele DanmarkDenmark1 412292.05%
1726AS21351 Canal + Telecom SASFrance1 411946.66%
1727AS27651 ENTEL CHILE S.A.Chile1 40838527.34%
1728AS29194 MTS PJSCRussia1 40837726.78%
1729AS35911 TelebecCanada1 408513.62%
1730AS21191 Closed Joint Stock Company TransTeleComRussia1 40816011.36%
1731AS42473 ANEXIA Internetdienstleistungs GmbHGermany1 40738227.15%
1732AS7795 LUMOS Networks, Inc.United States1 40616311.59%
1733AS10299 EMPRESAS MUNICIPALES DE CALI E.I.C.E. E.S.P.Colombia1 40517412.38%
1734AS48716 PS Internet Company LLCKazakhstan1 40532823.34%
1735AS8928 Interoute Communications LimitedUnited Kingdom1 405946.69%
1736AS200350 Yandex.Cloud LLCRussia1 401392.78%
1737AS35278 LLCRussia1 401191.36%
1738AS55303 EAGLE SKY CO LTPhilippines1 39510.07%
1739AS58085 Esfahan Telecommunication Company (P.J.S.)Iran1 39316912.13%
1740AS55352 Microscan Computers Private LimitedIndia1 38916011.52%
1741AS16206 Neutra Network Services S.L.Spain1 387302.16%
1742AS39001 MTS PJSCRussia1 38752237.64%
1743AS224 UNINETT ASNorway1 387453.24%
1744AS31036 New Telesystems, Ltd.Russia1 38614910.75%
1745AS29141 Bradler & Krantz GmbH & Co. KGGermany1 386835.99%
1747AS48728 Vodafone Qatar Q.S.C.Qatar1 382886.37%
1748AS21056 Welcome Italia S.p.AItaly1 37850836.86%
1749AS22709 North State Telephone Co.United States1 377312.25%
1750AS57043 Hostkey B.v.Netherlands1 37671451.89%
1751AS2386 INS-ASUnited States1 375765.53%
1752AS39811 MTS PJSCRussia1 37534024.73%
1753AS9908 HK Cable TV LtdHong Kong SAR China1 3741027.42%
1754AS131267 PO box T511 Phonexay road - Xaysettha districtLaos1 37415811.50%
1755AS135478 PT. Cyberindo AditamaIndonesia1 37248935.64%
1756AS201942 Soltia Consulting SLSpain1 372856.19%
1757AS8820 TAL.DE Klaus Internet Service GmbHGermany1 371201.46%
1758AS6877 PJSC UkrtelecomUkraine1 37125918.89%
1759AS22652 Fibrenoire Inc.Canada1 370412.99%
1760AS30962 comtrance GmbHGermany1 37044832.70%
1761AS13193 Nerim SASFrance1 368483.51%
1762AS197023 MTS PJSCRussia1 36728520.85%
1763AS7132 SBIS-ASUnited States1 367312.27%
1764AS199274 Serveroid, LLCRussia1 366312.27%
1765AS30969 Zimbabwe Online (Private) Ltd.United Kingdom1 3651097.99%
1766AS3246 Tele2 SWIPnetSweden1 364382.79%
1767AS19905 NEUSTAR-AS6India1 363292.13%
1768AS19165 WEBPASSUnited States1 363493.60%
1769AS34977 Procono S.A.Spain1 362785.73%
1770AS13030 Init7 (Switzerland) Ltd.Switzerland1 362705.14%
1771AS48945 Open Fibre Networks (wholesale) LimitedUnited Kingdom1 361100.73%
1772AS132167 OOREDOO MYANMARMyanmar (Burma)1 3611087.94%
1773AS1955 KIFU (Governmental Info Tech Development Agency)Hungary1 360705.15%
1774AS12129 123NETUnited States1 359312.28%
1775AS35539 Information and Communication Technologies LLCRussia1 3591098.02%
1776AS29405 VNET a.s.Slovakia1 35918813.83%
1777AS22368 TELEBUCARAMANGA S.A. E.S.P.Colombia1 35827620.32%
1778AS132422 Hong Kong Telecom Global Data CentreHong Kong SAR China1 357261.92%
1779AS18002 AS Number for Interdomain RoutingIndia1 35745933.83%
1780AS49352 Domain names registrar REG.RU, LtdRussia1 357533.91%
1781AS50473 Altagen JSCRussia1 3561249.14%
1782AS27839 Comteco LtdaBolivia1 35517713.06%
1783AS36236 NETACTUATEUnited States1 35437727.84%
1784AS11562 Net Uno, C.A.Venezuela1 35345433.55%
1785AS12530 Kyivstar PJSCUkraine1 35313610.05%
1786AS31242 3S S.A.Poland1 34913810.23%
1787AS198203 RouteLabel V.O.F.Netherlands1 34929121.57%
1788AS38793 Two Degrees Mobile LimitedNew Zealand1 34620.15%
1789AS45015 Geny Communications SRLItaly1 34568951.23%
1790AS17216 DC74-ASUnited States1 34415811.76%
1791AS49724 CJSC Vainah TelecomRussia1 34373654.80%
1792AS31708 Coreix LtdUnited Kingdom1 343372.76%
1793AS55824 NKN Core NetworkIndia1 34233324.81%
1794AS44901 Belcloud LTDBulgaria1 3421188.79%
1795AS268592 M A Conexao Eletrotecnica Multimidia Ltda MEBrazil1 34114610.89%
1796AS6315 XMission, L.C.United States1 341644.77%
1797AS41798 JSC TranstelecomKazakhstan1 33856242.00%
1798AS35725 Telekom Romania Mobile Communications S.A.Romania1 338886.58%
1799AS22423 ALTIMA-TELECOMCanada1 336352.62%