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Distribution of spam activity per Autonomous systems (AS), Page 4

#ASN, Organization nameCountryDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate
901AS49048 JSC ER-Telecom HoldingRussia2 30954223.47%
902AS38901 EZECOM limitedCambodia2 30898842.81%
903AS136557 Host Universal Pty LtdAustralia2 3041 77276.91%
904AS45430 SBN-AWN-IIG-AS-AP SBN-IIG/AWN-IIG transit provider, THThailand2 2991064.61%
905AS27738 Ecuadortelecom S.A.Ecuador2 2942119.20%
906AS204472 ROYALEASN, DEGermany2 294672.92%
907AS18822 ManquehuenetChile2 293612.66%
908AS28719 PJSC RostelecomRussia2 2912169.43%
909AS12695 JSC Digital NetworkRussia2 2891 08447.36%
910AS4685 Asahi Net2 2801134.96%
911AS17506 UCOM Corp.2 2711637.18%
912AS6300 Consolidated Communications, Inc.United States2 271381.67%
913AS13213 UK2NET-AS, GBUnited Kingdom2 27074232.69%
914AS5390 Euronet Communications B.V.Netherlands2 261582.56%
915AS27773 MILLICOM CABLE EL SALVADOR S.A. DE C.V.El Salvador2 2581034.56%
916AS36994 Vodacom-VBSouth Africa2 2561386.12%
917AS36423 San Juan Cable, LLCPuerto Rico2 2552099.27%
918AS133414 Foxtel Management Pty LtdAustralia2 25420.09%
919AS40285 NORTHLAND CABLE TELEVISION INC.United States2 246351.56%
920AS12929 Telia Norge AsNorway2 245261.16%
921AS57218 Rightel Communication Service Company PJSIran2 2311587.08%
922AS43468 PJSC RostelecomRussia2 22737116.66%
923AS31224 PJSC MegaFonRussia2 22525611.51%
924AS62217 VooServers LtdUnited Kingdom2 22324711.11%
925AS32939 Atlantic Broadband Finance, LLCUnited States2 221140.63%
926AS133661 Netplus Broadband Services Private LimitedIndia2 21935816.13%
927AS200429 HostSlim BVNetherlands2 2181 98889.63%
928AS8053 IFX Networks Venezuela C.A.Venezuela2 20961327.75%
929AS45804 MEGHBELA BROADBANDIndia2 2081195.39%
930AS20454 SECURED SERVERS LLCUnited States2 2001 26457.45%
931AS41691 National Telecom, CJSCRussia2 1931878.53%
932AS81 MCNCUnited States2 19022210.14%
933AS2200 RenaterFrance2 189994.52%
934AS1403 EBOXCanada2 169582.67%
935AS19262 MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business-2 166190.88%
936AS36522 BELL MOBILITY INC.Canada2 16310.05%
937AS15589 Clouditalia Telecomunicazioni S.p.A.Italy2 15938417.79%
938AS8732 OJSC ComcorRussia2 14732415.09%
939AS25454 Orange Moldova S.A.Moldova2 13838017.77%
940AS200185 Aruba SASGermany2 13755125.78%
941AS5577 root SALuxembourg2 1341 18455.48%
942AS28884 MTS PJSCRussia2 13331614.82%
943AS31257 Orion telecom Ltd.Russia2 13223110.84%
944AS3253 PVimpelComRussia2 13225211.82%
945AS196742 CJSC EkranRussia2 129773.62%
946AS2510 FUJITSU LIMITED2 1141708.04%
947AS25169 Telenor Sverige ABSweden2 11330.14%
948AS137 Consortium GARRItaly2 1131828.61%
949AS30600 MetronetUnited States2 112482.27%
950AS34797 System Net LtdGeorgia2 11033916.07%
951AS51032 Nevod LtdRussia2 10630314.39%
953AS43612 Company for communications services ONE.VIP DOO SkopjeMacedonia2 09948222.96%
954AS36974 AFNET-AS, CICôte d’Ivoire2 091763.64%
955AS21837 Opera Software Americas LLCUnited States2 086894.27%
956AS36998 Mobitel (Sudanese Mobile Telephone Co Ltd aka ZAIN)Sudan2 084884.22%
957AS45069 china tietong Shandong netChina2 08230614.70%
958AS43733 MTS Armenia CJSCArmenia2 080844.04%
959AS46844 SharktechUnited States2 0781 24359.82%
960AS58461 No.288,Fu-chun RoadChina2 07021210.24%
961AS45820 Tata Teleservices ISP ASIndia2 06224211.74%
962AS6661 POST LuxembourgLuxembourg2 0581256.07%
963AS51819 JSC ER-Telecom HoldingRussia2 0581788.65%
964AS10091 StarHub Cable Vision LtdSingapore2 0541225.94%
965AS52341 Centennial Cayman Corp Chile S.AChile2 052733.56%
966AS9644 SK TelecomSouth Korea2 052221.07%
967AS24921 Latvian Mobile Telephone Co.Latvia2 0491828.88%
968AS43470 BLUE LEAF Sp. z o.o.Poland2 04810.05%
969AS8717 Mobiltel EadBulgaria2 03922210.89%
970AS12810 VIPnet d.o.o.Croatia2 03422611.11%
971AS45433 Kappa Internet Services Private LimitedIndia2 03399648.99%
972AS56209 R. K. INFRATEL LIMITEDIndia2 02730915.24%
973AS2519 Networks Corporation2 0261688.29%
974AS28685 Routit BVNetherlands2 019562.77%
975AS50544 JSC ER-Telecom HoldingRussia2 0171989.82%
976AS23688 Link3 Technologies Ltd.Bangladesh2 00270034.97%
977AS45904 Banglalion Communications LtdBangladesh1 99652526.30%
978AS8591 A1 Slovenija telekomunikacijske storitve,d.d.Slovenia1 9921638.18%
979AS19182 TELEF?NICA BRASIL S.ABrazil1 9921919.59%
980AS36114 Versaweb, LLCUnited States1 99079840.10%
981AS34892 InfolinkRussia1 9901 49475.08%
982AS37075 ZAINUGAS, UGUganda1 987201.01%
983AS12708 TalkTalkUnited Kingdom1 973261.32%
984AS32934 Facebook, Inc.Ireland1 97242421.50%
985AS6677 SiminnIceland1 969653.30%
986AS8749 Redcom-Internet Inc.Russia1 96430815.68%
987AS34170 AztelekomAzerbaijan1 96439320.01%
988AS48330 FOP Sinev Maksim ViktorovichUkraine1 96330515.54%
989AS52228 Cable TicaCosta Rica1 962934.74%
990AS35154 RostelecomRussia1 96120810.61%
991AS42863 Servicos De Comunicacoes E Multimedia S.A.Portugal1 958582.96%
992AS40861 Paradise Networks LLCUnited States1 95822111.29%
993AS25180 Exponential-E Ltd.United Kingdom1 957864.39%
994AS48524 INTERRA telecommunications group, Ltd.Russia1 95727914.26%
995AS7782 Alaska Communications Systems Group, Inc.United States1 956301.53%
996AS28403 RadioMovil Dipsa, S.A. de C.V.Mexico1 955341.74%
997AS29084 Comnet Bulgaria Holding Ltd.Bulgaria1 95332916.85%
998AS10242 US Internet CorpUnited States1 951663.38%
999AS46887 Lightower Fiber Networks I, LLCUnited States1 951331.69%
1000AS8781 Ooredoo Q.S.C.Qatar1 951985.02%
1001AS1213 HEAnet LimitedIreland1 948180.92%
1002AS133774 FuzhouChina1 94643622.41%
1003AS4618 Internet Thailand Company LimitedThailand1 94263432.65%
1004AS210 Utah Education NetworkUnited States1 94080.41%
1005AS30969 Zimbabwe Online (Private) Ltd.United Kingdom1 9371165.99%
1006AS46573 Global Frag NetworksUnited States1 9301 11657.82%
1007AS36908 VTL-ASNTanzania1 927593.06%
1008AS26347 New Dream Network, LLCUnited States1 91779541.47%
1009AS714 Apple Inc.United States1 916170.89%
1010AS7438 Pegaso PCS, S.A. de C.V.Mexico1 912120.63%
1011AS55831 Aircel Ltd.European Union1 908301.57%
1012AS8468 EntanetUnited Kingdom1 906663.46%
1013AS44283 SE Dvoynin Andrey ViktorovichRussia1 90545523.89%
1014AS54614 CIK Telecom INCCanada1 9031899.93%
1015AS24691 TogoTelecom, TogoTogo1 8921045.50%
1016AS56300 MyRepublic Ltd.Singapore1 8901889.95%
1017AS29456 RostelecomRussia1 88230916.42%
1018AS9873 Lao Telecom Communication, LTCLaos1 88046724.84%
1019AS264850 TODAS LAS REDES SAHonduras1 8751 44477.01%
1020AS9929 CHINA UNICOM Industrial Internet BackboneChina1 8711186.31%
1021AS28202 Rede Brasileira de Comunicacao LtdaBrazil1 86934318.35%
1022AS15146 Cable BahamasBahamas1 867914.87%
1023AS2711 Spirit CommunicationsUnited States1 8671508.03%
1024AS30822 Private Enterprise MagealUkraine1 86673239.23%
1025AS196767 Inmart-Internet LTDUkraine1 86479742.76%
1026AS15542 ZeelandNet BVNetherlands1 864412.20%
1027AS20207 Gigared S.A.Argentina1 86222111.87%
1028AS53508 CablelynxUnited States1 859713.82%
1029AS16246 RIO Media a.s.Czech Republic1 859985.27%
1030AS8585 Crnogorski Telekom a.d.PodgoricaMontenegro1 85328015.11%
1031AS43557 EnergiMidt Fiberbredband A/SDenmark1 85026414.27%
1032AS262197 MILLICOM CABLE COSTA RICA S.A.Costa Rica1 846864.66%
1033AS35432 Cablenet Communication Systems LtdCyprus1 8461327.15%
1034AS9125 Drustvo za telekomunikacije Orion telekom doo Beograd, Gandijeva 76aSerbia1 84650427.30%
1035AS59713 JSC ER-Telecom HoldingRussia1 84568236.96%
1036AS8492 OBIT Ltd.Russia1 84221611.73%
1037AS9931 The Communication Authoity of Thailand, CATThailand1 84138620.97%
1038AS18101 Reliance Communications Ltd.DAKC MUMBAIIndia1 83739021.23%
1039AS16342 Toya sp.z.o.oPoland1 8341216.60%
1040AS27668 ETAPA EPEcuador1 83325513.91%
1042AS10838 Oceanic InternetUnited States1 831201.09%
1043AS53246 Cyber Info Provedor de Acesso LTDA MEBrazil1 83053729.34%
1044AS12035 Atlantic Broadband Finance, LLCUnited States1 829432.35%
1045AS29286 Skylogic S.p.A.Italy1 82443123.63%
1046AS21575 ENTEL PERU S.A.Peru1 819231.26%
1047AS34145 LLC TOMTELRussia1 8181176.44%
1048AS42652 inexio Informationstechnologie und Telekommunikation GmbhGermany1 818372.04%
1049AS54994 QUANTIL NETWORKS INCUnited States1 818472.58%
1050AS58256 Rayaneh Gostar Farzanegan Ahwaz Company LTD.Iran1 81673440.42%
1051AS198292 GO Internet S.p.AItaly1 81245725.22%
1052AS201019 PlayPoland1 808824.54%
1053AS18002 AS Number for Interdomain RoutingIndia1 80861834.18%
1054AS29357 National Mobile Telecommunications CompanyKuwait1 8081236.80%
1055AS63262 Univera NetworkUnited States1 8051 36675.68%
1056AS49981 WorldStream B.V.Netherlands1 80268538.01%
1057AS197288 Telia Stofa A/SDenmark1 801412.28%
1058AS25408 WEST CALL SPb LLCRussia1 80031617.56%
1059AS16527 Guadalupe Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.United States1 797412.28%
1060AS25780 HugeServer Networks, LLCUnited States1 79762834.95%
1061AS31499 Ekaterinburg-2000 LLCRussia1 7961025.68%
1062AS41750 Mega-Line Ltd.Kyrgyzstan1 79230517.02%
1063AS18126 Chubu Telecommunications Company, Inc.1 7921146.36%
1064AS8997 RostelecomRussia1 78820811.63%
1065AS62741 Secure-24, LLCUnited States1 7861 55787.18%
1066AS29125 PVimpelComRussia1 786915.10%
1067AS17762 Tata Teleservices Maharashtra LtdIndia1 78319711.05%
1068AS35804 Pp Sks-luganUkraine1 78226815.04%
1069AS28753 Leaseweb Deutschland GmbHGermany1 77799956.22%
1070AS44724 Octopusnet LTDRussia1 77524713.91%
1071AS25620 COTAS LTDA.Bolivia1 77240222.69%
1072AS50810 Mobin Net Communication Company (Private Joint Stock)Iran1 76824113.63%
1073AS38841 kbro CO. Ltd.Taiwan1 76846526.30%
1074AS50512 JSC ER-Telecom HoldingRussia1 76218410.44%
1075AS20412 Clarity Telecom LLCUnited States1 76118210.33%
1076AS12632 RCS & RDSRomania1 7571397.91%
1077AS48159 Telecommunication Infrastructure CompanyIran1 75436320.70%
1078AS21283 A1 Slovenija telekomunikacijske storitve,d.d.Slovenia1 749181.03%
1079AS23752 Nepal Telecommunications Corporation, Internet ServicesNepal1 7481548.81%
1080AS47796 Pardaz Gostar Ertebatat Berelian Limited Liability CompanyIran1 74699156.76%
1081AS12332 RostelecomRussia1 74230217.34%
1082AS199267 Net-style Atarim LtdIsrael1 7381 32276.06%
1083AS263744 Udasha S.A.Honduras1 7291 62794.10%
1084AS57293 AG Telecom LTD.Azerbaijan1 7291699.77%
1085AS44056 Trytech Ltd.Russia1 72830817.82%
1086AS50923 MetrosetRussia1 7271538.86%
1087AS20928 Noor Data Networks ASNEgypt1 72629617.15%
1088AS28649 Desktop Sigmanet Comunica??o Multim?dia LtdaBrazil1 72629016.80%
1089AS15706 SudatelSudan1 7251599.22%
1090AS24554 Fivenetwork Solution India Pvt Ltd InternetIndia1 72328616.60%
1091AS27680 S.A.Chile1 72222713.18%
1092AS14259 Gtd Internet S.A.Chile1 72021312.38%
1093AS203999 ROYALE_WORKS, ILIsrael1 7191 45284.47%
1094AS1659 Taiwan Academic Network (TANet) Information CenterTaiwan1 71855232.13%
1095AS37069 MOBINILEgypt1 718452.62%
1096AS43554 Cifrovye Dispetcherskie SistemyUkraine1 7171649.55%
1097AS57227 Subnet LLCRussia1 71777645.20%
1098AS50010 Omani Qatari Telecommunications Company SAOCOman1 7161699.85%
1099AS4802 iiNet LimitedAustralia1 708512.99%
1100AS30764 PODA a.s.Czech Republic1 7041549.04%
1101AS58678 Intech Online Private LimitedIndia1 70427215.96%
1102AS44941 ZAO Astrakhan Digital TelevisionRussia1 70432419.01%
1103AS46475 Limestone Networks, Inc.United States1 70058534.41%
1104AS32875 Wowrack.comUnited States1 6991 45885.81%
1105AS44869 FIBIA P/SDenmark1 698492.89%
1106AS13056 RostelecomRussia1 69638022.41%
1107AS12716 Mobiltel EadBulgaria1 695382.24%
1108AS4609 Companhia de Telecomunicacoes de Macau SARLMacau SAR China1 69426115.41%
1109AS35017 Swiftway Sp. z o.o.United Kingdom1 69460335.60%
1110AS57172 Global Layer B.V.Netherlands1 6921 37781.38%
1111AS44143 Vip mobile d.o.o.Serbia1 68525415.07%
1112AS37076 EMTS-NIGERIA-ASNigeria1 685875.16%
1113AS13787 Embarq CorporationUnited States1 68329017.23%
1114AS18229 CtrlS Datacenters Ltd.India1 68028817.14%
1115AS31036 New Telesystems - TV, Ltd.Russia1 6801207.14%
1116AS28118 ALTICE DOMINICANA S.A.Dominican Republic1 6761146.80%
1117AS133275 Gigantic Infotel Pvt LtdIndia1 67449829.75%
1118AS31863 Centrilogic, Inc.United States1 66982249.25%
1119AS34989 ServeTheWorld ASNorway1 66837522.48%
1121AS55967 Beijing Baidu Netcom Science and Technology Co., Ltd.China1 6661 32379.41%
1122AS7642 Dhivehi Raajjeyge Gulhun Plc (Dhiraagu)Maldives1 66631618.97%
1123AS42145 OOO Bryansk Svyaz-TVRussia1 66026916.20%
1124AS44391 JSC ElektrosvyazRussia1 65947228.45%
1125AS16904 Arvig Enterprises Inc.United States1 658321.93%
1126AS3758 SingNetSingapore1 652855.15%
1127AS21412 UAB CgatesLithuania1 64618311.12%
1128AS27725 Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba, S.A.Cuba1 643543.29%
1129AS27813 Teledifusora S.A.Argentina1 642633.84%
1130AS57044 JSC ER-Telecom HoldingRussia1 64220412.42%
1131AS8412 T-Mobile Austria GmbHAustria1 640935.67%
1132AS6877 PJSC UkrtelecomUkraine1 63924114.70%
1133AS393892 Mid Century CommunicationsUnited States1 6381 28978.69%
1134AS44208 Farahoosh DenaIran1 63741325.23%
1135AS17421 Mobile Business GroupTaiwan1 633452.76%
1136AS52393 Corporaci?n Dana S.A.Honduras1 6331 39585.43%
1137AS31208 PJSC MegaFonRussia1 63328017.15%
1138AS45650 Vianet Communications Pvt. Ltd.Nepal1 63240724.94%
1139AS21450 HOT Mobile Ltd.Israel1 631744.54%
1140AS13576 SOUTH DAKOTA NETWORKUnited States1 629362.21%
1141AS11556 Cable & Wireless PanamaPanama1 6291408.59%
1142AS20013 CyrusOne LLCUnited States1 62772844.75%
1143AS13194 UAB Bite LietuvaLithuania1 6131428.80%
1144AS36874 CybersmartSouth Africa1 61118211.30%
1145AS5009 EATELUnited States1 61118611.55%
1146AS27695 EDATEL S.A. E.S.PColombia1 60326616.59%
1147AS39824 JSC Alma TelecommunicationsKazakhstan1 6021418.80%
1148AS45588 Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL), NationwideBangladesh1 60145228.23%
1149AS28890 INSYS LLCRussia1 5981559.70%
1150AS20632 PJSC MegaFonRussia1 59516210.16%
1151AS11686 Education Networks of AmericaUnited States1 593754.71%
1152AS55850 TrustPower LtdNew Zealand1 589171.07%
1153AS30922 MTS PJSCRussia1 58823514.80%
1154AS27759 ACCESS HAITI S.A.Haiti1 5861167.31%
1156AS4657 StarHub Internet ExchangeSingapore1 5811217.65%
1157AS8331 Cronyx Plus Ltd.Russia1 5801338.42%
1158AS131222 PDSN Pool 8European Union1 57918011.40%
1159AS49505 SELECTEL, RURussia1 57560438.35%
1160AS22709 North State Telephone Co.United States1 575251.59%
1161AS55410 C48 Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi-110020India1 57328418.05%
1162AS41230 Ask4 LimitedUnited Kingdom1 569120.77%
1163AS26210 AXS Bolivia S. A.Bolivia1 56724315.51%
1164AS60068 Datacamp LimitedUnited Kingdom1 56455635.55%
1165AS25512 CD-Telematika a.s.Czech Republic1 56329318.75%
1166AS11562 Net Uno, C.A.Venezuela1 56243127.59%
1167AS42038 Vladivostokskaya Set LTDRussia1 5621378.77%
1168AS9381 WTT HK LimitedHong Kong SAR China1 56125816.53%
1169AS30860 FOP Smirnov V'yacheslav ValentunovuchUkraine1 5591 37988.45%
1170AS50473 Altagen CJSCRussia1 5571066.81%
1171AS10297 eNET Inc.United States1 55728618.37%
1172AS45245 banglalink an Orascom Telecom Company, providing GSM Telecom service in BangladeshBangladesh1 557623.98%
1173AS45232 Spacenet Internet Services Pvt. Ltd.India1 55669044.34%
1174AS204287 HOSTROYALE_TECHNOLOGIES, PTPortugal1 5541 17875.80%
1175AS28769 Closed Joint Stock Company SibTransTelecomRussia1 55323915.39%
1176AS16814 NSS S.A.Argentina1 55224916.04%
1177AS4621 UNINET-Thailand1 53732220.95%
1178AS25374 ESCOM Ltd. - HaskovoBulgaria1 53721213.79%
1179AS44604 Svyaz-Telecom Ltd.Russia1 53741126.74%
1180AS33779 wataniya-telecom-asAlgeria1 537593.84%
1181AS13768 Cogeco Peer 1Canada1 53543628.40%
1182AS22689 Sercomtel Participa??es S.A.Brazil1 53416210.56%
1183AS50528 OAO Vitebskiy Oblastnoy Techno-Torgoviy Center GarantBelarus1 53032120.98%
1185AS29194 MTS PJSCRussia1 52326717.53%
1186AS40993 MTS PJSCRussia1 52227818.27%
1187AS43478 JSC ER-Telecom HoldingRussia1 52221113.86%
1188AS12097 Massillon Cable CommunicationsUnited States1 509130.86%
1189AS25310 Cable & Wireless Access LimitedUnited Kingdom1 509231.52%
1190AS200039 Hydra Communications LtdUnited Kingdom1 5071 37291.04%
1191AS12644 Telemach d.o.o.Slovenia1 5061056.97%
1192AS210278 SKYIT-BB, ITItaly1 506714.71%
1193AS10010 TOKAI Communications Corporation1 503976.45%
1194AS22724 PUNTONET S.A.Ecuador1 50344229.41%
1195AS8462 Tarr Kft.Hungary1 5011409.33%
1196AS12969 Fjarskipti ehfIceland1 497644.28%
1197AS37284 Aljeel Aljadeed for TechnologyLibya1 49627618.45%
1198AS134316 World Star CommunicationIndia1 49553235.59%
1199AS48544 Tecnotel Servizi Tecnologici srlItaly1 49451034.14%
1200AS15659 NextGenTel ASNorway1 493422.81%