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ASN List - ASN Lookup Blacklist | Cleantalk, Page 7

#ASN, Organization nameCountryDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate
1801AS31708 Coreix LtdUnited Kingdom1 211342.81%
1802AS5628 Slovak Telecom, a. s.Slovakia1 21110.08%
1803AS13911 TERA-BYTECanada1 208181.49%
1804AS38001 NewMedia Express Pte LtdSingapore1 20853244.04%
1805AS201942 Soltia Consulting SLSpain1 207786.46%
1806AS24164 UNION BROADBAND NETWORKTaiwan1 20634428.52%
1807AS47764 Mail.Ru LLCRussia1 20540033.20%
1808AS21191 Closed Joint Stock Company TransTeleComRussia1 20515813.11%
1809AS13055 JSC Comstar-RegionsRussia1 20423119.19%
1810AS49342 OOO MediaSetiRussia1 20312110.06%
1811AS18002 AS Number for Interdomain RoutingIndia1 20242135.02%
1812AS8728 AS INFONETEstonia1 20116113.41%
1813AS35728 MTS PJSCRussia1 201907.49%
1814AS42110 PVimpelComRussia1 20032527.08%
1815AS8680 Sure Guernsey LimitedUnited Kingdom1 199726.00%
1816AS35032 LLC Sip nisRussia1 195867.20%
1817AS394279 QuickPacket, LLCUnited States1 1931 04087.17%
1818AS31246 SMART Comp. a.s.Czech Republic1 192615.12%
1819AS25117 Euro-Information-Europeenne de Traitement de l'Information SASFrance1 19000.00%
1820AS35539 Information and Communication Technologies LLCRussia1 1901038.65%
1821AS35278 LLCRussia1 189171.43%
1822AS50223 Alfa Telecom CJSCKyrgyzstan1 187272.27%
1823AS199274 Serveroid, LLCRussia1 186292.44%
1824AS33991 Igra-Service LLCRussia1 1861058.85%
1825AS23100 Atlantic Broadband Finance, LLCUnited States1 184131.10%
1826AS39047 Multiservice Networks Ltd.Russia1 18419616.55%
1827AS50274 Alfanet LLCAzerbaijan1 183927.78%
1828AS15085 IMMEDIONUnited States1 183786.59%
1829AS11090 Matanuska Telephone Association, Inc.United States1 182312.62%
1830AS29209 MTS PJSCRussia1 18042836.27%
1831AS17216 DC74 LLCUnited States1 18016213.73%
1832AS49189 LLC RuWebRussia1 179413.48%
1833AS49223 Everest Broadcasting Company LtdUkraine1 17915413.06%
1834AS6752 Andorra Telecom SauAndorra1 17929925.36%
1835AS132525 HeiLongJiang Mobile Communication Company LimitedChina1 17939733.67%
1836AS34081 incubatec GmbH - SrlItaly1 178524.41%
1837AS23498 CDSICanada1 178181.53%
1838AS52075 Wifirst S.A.S.France1 177211.78%
1839AS24812 NPK Home-Net Ltd.Ukraine1 17323119.69%
1840AS30781 Jaguar Network SASFrance1 171201.71%
1841AS13368 VYVE-BROADBANDUnited States1 170756.41%
1842AS12332 RostelecomRussia1 16922419.16%
1843AS200350 Yandex.Cloud LLCRussia1 169383.25%
1844AS14291 Antietam BroadbandUnited States1 168121.03%
1845AS19237 OMNISUnited States1 167342.91%
1846AS52744 The Center Informática LtdaBrazil1 16632928.22%
1847AS52685 Conectnet Telecomunicações Ltda.Brazil1 16659951.37%
1848AS28719 PJSC RostelecomRussia1 16421518.47%
1849AS38457 Honesty Net Solution (I) Pvt LtdIndia1 16413111.25%
1850AS16125 UAB Cherry ServersLithuania1 16328924.85%
1851AS25394 MK Netzdienste GmbH & Co. KGGermany1 161373.19%
1852AS21413 Envia Tel GmbHGermany1 16025121.64%
1853AS12737 KrasPromStroy, LLCRussia1 16013111.29%
1854AS327885 Viettel-TanzaniaTanzania1 160635.43%
1855AS36375 UMICH-AS-5United States1 159675.78%
1856AS34814 Osnova-Internet LLCUkraine1 15819717.01%
1857AS35624 Silverstar Invest LimitedUnited Kingdom1 1561 09894.98%
1858AS15516 Dansk Kabel Tv A/sDenmark1 156151.30%
1859AS19437 SS-ASHUnited States1 15524020.78%
1860AS197308 Cygate ABSweden1 153262.25%
1861AS1741 Tieteen tietotekniikan keskus OyFinland1 153181.56%
1862AS5408 National Infrastructures for Research and Technology S.A.Greece1 1521139.81%
1863AS8315 Sentia Netherlands BVNetherlands1 152393.38%
1864AS43317 Fishnet Communications LLCRussia1 15132828.50%
1865AS63294 Fevvo, IncUnited States1 15130.26%
1866AS42925 Internet Rimon LTDIsrael1 149191.65%
1867AS264668 NEDETEL S.A.Ecuador1 14941636.20%
1868AS45117 Ishan's NetworkIndia1 14830326.39%
1869AS5522 Telia Lietuva, ABLithuania1 145625.42%
1870AS17222 Mundivox LTDABrazil1 14416514.42%
1871AS35753 Integrated Telecom Co. LtdSaudi Arabia1 144534.63%
1872AS59567 Intellect Dnepr Telecom LLCUkraine1 14235130.74%
1873AS31477 Duocast B.V.Netherlands1 141191.67%
1874AS52263 Telecable Economico S.A.Costa Rica1 140817.11%
1875AS36024 AS-TIERP-36024United States1 140827.19%
1876AS31229 Sp. z o.o.Poland1 139292.55%
1877AS50581 Ukrainian Telecommunication Group LLCUkraine1 13722119.44%
1878AS38719 Dreamscape Networks LimitedUnited Kingdom1 136928.10%
1879AS44252 Exe Net d.o.o. NisSerbia1 13631327.55%
1880AS22423 ALTIMA-TELECOMCanada1 134353.09%
1881AS5430 freenet Datenkommunikations GmbHGermany1 132504.42%
1882AS52260 Télécommunications de Haití (Teleco)Haiti1 131726.37%
1883AS198203 RouteLabel V.O.F.Netherlands1 13129125.73%
1884AS51375 Stc Bahrain B.s.c ClosedBahrain1 13112210.79%
1885AS62703 Connectionet SolutionsUnited States1 1301 05293.10%
1886AS13101 ennit server GmbHGermany1 12670.62%
1887AS38819 HKCSL GPRS NETWORKHong Kong SAR China1 126211.86%
1888AS201229 Digital Ocean, Inc.United States1 12532028.44%
1889AS9908 HK Cable TV LtdHong Kong SAR China1 1231059.35%
1890AS199883 ArubaCloud LimitedUnited Kingdom1 12334730.90%
1891AS13791 Internap CorporationUnited States1 12340.36%
1892AS8697 Jordan Telecommunications CompanyJordan1 123847.48%
1893AS2607 Zdruzenie pouzivatelov Slovenskej akademickej datovej sieteSlovakia1 122726.42%
1894AS28015 MERCO COMUNICACIONESArgentina1 1221099.71%
1895AS11014 CPSArgentina1 12116814.99%
1896AS1853 ACONETAustria1 120504.46%
1897AS31251 Falco Networks B.V.Netherlands1 11753848.16%
1898AS51004 Sakhalin Cable Telesystems LtdRussia1 11630427.24%
1899AS49816 MTS PJSCRussia1 11517916.05%
1900AS7132 SBIS-ASUnited States1 115312.78%
1901AS18712 SUREWEST-KANSASUnited States1 110363.24%
1902AS262184 Comunicaciones S.ACosta Rica1 11069662.70%
1903AS33654 -1 109232.07%
1904AS3210 Secure Data Systems SRLRomania1 10829426.53%
1905AS25542 AmsterdamNetherlands1 108110.99%
1906AS17924 SmarTone Mobile Communications LtdHong Kong SAR China1 106272.44%
1907AS7482 Asia Pacific On-line Service Inc.Taiwan1 10617015.37%
1908AS59729 ITL LLCBulgaria1 1061059.49%
1909AS11051 CYBERVERSEUnited States1 105504.52%
1910AS21688 Atlantic Broadband Finance, LLCUnited States1 103252.27%
1911AS9658 Eastern Telecoms Phils., Inc.Philippines1 10319817.95%
1912AS42239 Ltd. CypherRussia1 10321219.22%
1913AS39102 SatTel Corporation, Ltd.Russia1 100837.54%
1914AS21949 Beanfield Technologies Inc.Canada1 099151.36%
1915AS25405 PJSC RostelecomRussia1 097504.56%
1916AS41789 LLC Teledyne Systems LimitedRussia1 09621919.98%
1917AS20804 Exatel S.A.Poland1 09643539.69%
1918AS9031 EDPNET NVBelgium1 096716.48%
1919AS197071 active-servers.comGermany1 096968.76%
1920AS3313 BT Italia S.p.A.Italy1 096181.64%
1921AS22258 Comcast Cable Communications, LLCUnited States1 096282.56%
1922AS15547 SASwitzerland1 094877.95%
1923AS52532 Speednet Telecomunicações Ltda MEBrazil1 09318416.83%
1924AS46687 BCI Mississippi Broadband,LLCUnited States1 093171.55%
1925AS43529 ViDaNet Cabletelevision Provider Ltd.Hungary1 09213612.45%
1926AS20940 Akamai International B.V.United States1 092454.12%
1927AS58085 Esfahan Telecommunication Company (P.J.S.)Iran1 09215414.10%
1928AS48945 Open Fibre Networks (wholesale) LimitedUnited Kingdom1 091100.92%
1929AS32421 BLCC, USUnited States1 091615.59%
1930AS4750 CS LOXINFO PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITEDThailand1 09017916.42%
1931AS21284 address space managed by the RIPE NCC.Netherlands1 08912011.02%
1932AS8308 Naukowa I Akademicka Siec Komputerowa Instytut BadawczyPoland1 089827.53%
1933AS198066 Grupo Loading Systems, S.L.Spain1 08970.64%
1934AS46636 NatCoWeb Corp.United States1 08625523.48%
1935AS37228 Olleh-Rwanda-NetworksRwanda1 086645.89%
1936AS47954 Alpha Net Telecom LtdRussia1 08442839.48%
1937AS41557 Trgovsko radiodifuzno drustvo kablovska televizija ROBI DOOEL StipMacedonia1 08315414.22%
1938AS52219 Router Networks LLCUnited States1 08284978.47%
1939AS29933 Off Campus TelecommunicationsUnited States1 08115814.62%
1940AS17962 ShenZhen Topway Video Communication Co. LtdChina1 08017916.57%
1941AS19863 Guyana Telephone & Telegraph Co.Guyana1 08020418.89%
1942AS2018 TENET-1South Africa1 079312.87%
1943AS31286 MTS PJSCRussia1 07725723.86%
1944AS35699 Adamo Telecom Iberia S.A.Spain1 07418717.41%
1945AS8190 MDNX Internet LimitedUnited Kingdom1 074464.28%
1946AS37100 SEACOM-ASMauritius1 07214013.06%
1947AS23772 M/s Ortel Communications LtdIndia1 07127625.77%
1948AS133676 Precious netcom pvt ltdIndia1 07024422.80%
1949AS40440 NRTC CommunicationsCanada1 0701 01795.05%
1950AS52 University of California, Los AngelesUnited States1 067494.59%
1951AS45015 Geny Communications S.R.L.Italy1 06744441.61%
1952AS48031 PE Ivanov Vitaliy SergeevichUkraine1 06659355.63%
1953AS14813 BB-COLUMBUSBarbados1 06611010.32%
1954AS200904 Foxcloud LlpNetherlands1 06468664.47%
1955AS25853 ELJY30540United States1 062141.32%
1956AS23679 Media Antar Nusa PT.Indonesia1 06053850.75%
1957AS197023 MTS PJSCRussia1 06027425.85%
1958AS42912 Al mouakhah lil khadamat al logesteih wa al itisalatJordan1 06014213.40%
1959AS41079 H88 S.A.Poland1 059565.29%
1960AS6428 CDM, USUnited States1 058373.50%
1961AS9150 ML ConsultancyNetherlands1 058161.51%
1962AS34300 Internet-Cosmos LLCRussia1 0581029.64%
1963AS62943 AS62943-BLUEBIRD-NETWORKUnited States1 057686.43%
1964AS4826 Vocus Connect International BackboneAustralia1 056222.08%
1965AS50939 Space Ro SRLRomania1 05650.47%
1966AS1653 SUNET SUNET Swedish University NetworkSweden1 055837.87%
1967AS135357 Shenzhen Katherine Heng Technology Information Co., Ltd.China1 055484.55%
1968AS33749 ATMCUnited States1 05560.57%
1969AS44285 Sefroyek Pardaz Engineering Co. LTDIran1 05414413.66%
1970AS44901 Belcloud LTDBulgaria1 05310910.35%
1971AS56330 JSC ER-Telecom HoldingRussia1 05211210.65%
1972AS3900 YHC CorporationUnited States1 050302.86%
1973AS5639 Telecommunication Services of Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago1 049848.01%
1974AS14677 City of TacomaUnited States1 04912812.20%
1975AS8685 Doruk Iletisim ve Otomasyon Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.Turkey1 049201.91%
1976AS9471 ONATIFrench Polynesia1 048575.44%
1977AS25184 AfranetIran1 04618017.21%
1978AS22169 OMNIS-ANYCAST-1, USUnited States1 04600.00%
1979AS12716 Mobiltel EadBulgaria1 045434.12%
1980AS14576 Hosting Solution Ltd.United States1 04510610.14%
1981AS132770 Gazon Communications India LimitedIndia1 04418217.43%
1982AS3801 Mikrotec Internet ServicesUnited States1 042131.25%
1983AS41900 Cyber Telecom Data Center & IP ServicesIran1 04116315.66%
1984AS12843 TelemaxX Telekommunikation GmbHGermany1 039312.98%
1985AS8821 WWZ Telekom AGSwitzerland1 038141.35%
1986AS45429 CAMBODIAN SINGMENG TELEMEDIA CO., LTDCambodia1 03858656.45%
1987AS60397 Sat Tv Plus SluSpain1 03842340.75%
1988AS136334 Vortex Netsol Private LimitedIndia1 03721620.83%
1989AS30886 PP KOM i TEXUkraine1 03641540.06%
1990AS34240 MANITU, DEGermany1 036252.41%
1992AS25668 CIPHERKEYCanada1 035232.22%
1993AS34971 Prometeus di Daniela AgroItaly1 03512311.88%
1994AS34549 meerfarbig GmbH & Co. KGGermany1 035545.22%
1995AS42689 Cablecom Networking LimitedUnited Kingdom1 034363.48%
1996AS31798 DataCityCanada1 03259457.56%
1997AS38742 AWCCAfghanistan1 03221620.93%
1998AS34718 LLC texnoprosistemUzbekistan1 03219719.09%
1999AS45179 SiteHost New ZealandNew Zealand1 031363.49%
2000AS31898 ORACLE-BMC-31898United States1 03017516.99%
2001AS43274 Teleradiocompany Teleos-1 LtdRussia1 02933232.26%
2002AS51351 LTD Objedinennaja Setevaja KompanijaCzech Republic1 0291019.81%
2003AS55045 TEKTONICUnited States1 02813312.94%
2004AS29485 A1 Hrvatska d.o.o.Croatia1 02838337.26%
2005AS34187 LLC Renome-ServiceUkraine1 02826425.68%
2006AS43927 Hosterion SrlRomania1 028585.64%
2007AS44489 STARNET, s.r.o.Czech Republic1 02813112.74%
2008AS394474 WhiteLabelColoUnited States1 02849147.76%
2009AS50477 Svyaz-Energo Ltd.Russia1 02715314.90%
2010AS36666 GloboTech CommunicationsCanada1 02623522.90%
2011AS5742 CCINETUnited States1 025282.73%
2012AS51828 PJSC Fars Telecommunication CompanyIran1 02552150.83%
2013AS200960 Soluciones web on line s.l.Spain1 02411311.04%
2014AS23314 Summit BroadbandUnited States1 02417216.80%
2015AS2107 ARNESSlovenia1 024716.93%
2016AS23393 NuCDN LLCUnited States1 024323.12%
2017AS60007 IceTree Sp. z o.o.Poland1 02410.10%
2018AS5033 Key Information Systems, Inc.United States1 02490.88%
2019AS49585 SC Inet Solutions and Services SRLRomania1 02410.10%
2020AS61926 Lucas Vinicius Santos - MEIBrazil1 02420.19%
2021AS2907 Research Organization of Information and Systems, National Institute of Informatics1 023403.91%
2022AS21804 Access Communications Co-operative LimitedCanada1 021201.96%
2023AS134810 China Mobile Group JiLin communications corporationChina1 02056655.49%
2024AS134026 Ultranet services private limitedIndia1 019696.77%
2025AS41435 UnderNet LLCUkraine1 01930029.44%
2026AS48359 Hesabgar Pardaz Gharb Company (Private Joint Stock)Iran1 01917817.47%
2027AS22781 Strong Technology, LLC.United States1 019797.75%
2028AS9919 New Century InfoComm Tech Co., Ltd.Taiwan1 01811311.10%
2029AS28146 MHNET TELECOMBrazil1 01518017.73%
2030AS15974 Closed Joint Stock Company TransTeleComRussia1 01420119.82%
2031AS263829 HOST PARA TU VIDA S.A.Honduras1 0131 00098.72%
2032AS25521 PJSC Industrial Media NetworkUkraine1 01313813.62%
2033AS45062 Guangzhou NetEase Computer System Co., Ltd.China1 01229128.75%
2034AS38193 Transworld Associates (Pvt.) Ltd.Pakistan1 01129328.98%
2035AS10430 WA-K20United States1 011403.96%
2036AS73 University of WashingtonUnited States1 010201.98%
2037AS15617 Wind Hellas Telecommunications SAGreece1 00980.79%
2038AS3595 GNAXNET-AS, USUnited States1 009363.57%
2039AS28331 PaintWeb Internet LtdaBrazil1 00922622.40%
2040AS262928 DIRECTV COLOMBIA LTDA.Colombia1 00715415.29%
2041AS38478 EDIS GmbHHong Kong SAR China1 007757.45%
2042AS37204 TELONEZimbabwe1 00720720.56%
2043AS262488 Minasnet Serviços de Provedor de Internet LtdaBrazil1 00650650.30%
2044AS42387 Limited Company SvyazserviceRussia1 006898.85%
2045AS135377 UCloud (HK) Holdings Group LimitedHong Kong SAR China1 00610610.54%
2046AS31261 GARS Telecom - Telecommunications Management LLCRussia1 00411311.25%
2047AS39289 OOO MediaSetiRussia1 00420520.42%
2048AS23205 DIGIS-23205United States1 004111.10%
2049AS41897 Sat-Trakt D.O.O.Serbia1 00423823.71%
2050AS44265 Smoltelecom LtdRussia1 00411311.25%
2051AS20299 Newcom LimitedGuatemala1 00210810.78%
2052AS12129 123.Net, Inc.United States1 002302.99%
2053AS49126 IHS Telekomunikasyon LtdTurkey1 000414.10%
2054AS25697 UPCLOUDUSAUnited States998828.22%
2055AS20847 Previder B.V.Netherlands998151.50%
2056AS16058 Gabon-TelecomGabon997949.43%
2057AS42695 City Network Hosting ABSweden997474.71%
2058AS6903 Zenon N.S.P. LLCRussia997222.21%
2059AS15510 Compuweb Communications Services LimitedUnited Kingdom996181.81%
2060AS41822 MTS PJSCRussia99532832.97%
2061AS395965 CarrytelCanada99550.50%
2062AS10219 SKYMEDIA CORPORATION LLCMongolia99524124.22%
2063AS11816 SetarNetAruba994404.02%
2064AS56654 Infinity Telecom SRLRomania99474474.85%
2065AS87 Indiana UniversityUnited States994232.31%
2066AS18106 Viewqwest Pte LtdSingapore992666.65%
2067AS2381 WiscNetUnited States991414.14%
2068AS48309 Ariana Gostar Spadana (PJSC)Iran99121621.80%
2069AS43513 Sia Nano ITLatvia99111912.01%
2070AS41854 JSC ER-Telecom HoldingRussia99027227.47%
2071AS24989 Equinix (Germany) GmbHGermany98970.71%
2072AS57269 Digi Spain Telecom S.l.u.Spain989171.72%
2073AS24875 NovoServe B.V.Netherlands98828228.54%
2074AS30868 JSC ER-Telecom HoldingRussia98810911.03%
2075AS16245 Netgroup A/SDenmark987373.75%
2076AS24482 SG.GSSingapore98730330.70%
2077AS12764 AKNET Ltd.Kyrgyzstan98626126.47%
2078AS50596 Informatsionnye Tekhnologii LLCRussia98526026.40%
2079AS43966 It Region LtdRussia98539840.41%
2080AS6983 Earthlink, Inc.United States984545.49%
2081AS45960 YTL COMMUNICATIONS SDN BHDMalaysia984808.13%
2082AS20590 Donbass Electronic Communications Ltd.Ukraine98316616.89%
2083AS47002 Tiger Technologies LLCUnited States98300.00%
2084AS47914 OOO Creative Direct Marketing SolutionsRussia981676.83%
2085AS44217 IQ NetworksIraq98128829.36%
2086AS28669 America-NET Ltda.Brazil98113713.96%
2087AS26914 SYNOPTEKUnited States98090.92%
2088AS47232 ISP Alliance a.s.Czech Republic97913513.79%
2089AS27951 Media Commerce Partners S.AColombia97638439.34%
2090AS6429 Telmex Chile Internet S.A.Chile97510911.18%
2091AS9051 IncoNet Data Management salLebanon97522222.77%
2092AS600 OARnetUnited States97470.72%
2093AS25607 IBW CommunicationsNicaragua97320220.76%
2094AS40028 1651884 Ontario Inc.Canada97311011.30%
2095AS50528 OAO Vitebskiy Oblastnoy Techno-Torgoviy Center GarantBelarus97132733.68%
2096AS40749 CDELIGHTBANDUnited States96923424.15%
2097AS8681 JTGlobalJersey969596.09%
2098AS203320 ASNEXTSTRIDESRL, RORomania96700.00%
2099AS48239 Scientific-Production Enterprise Information Technologies LtdUkraine96613814.29%
2100AS132556 Blue Lotus Support Services Pvt LtdIndia96618619.25%