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ASN List - ASN Lookup Blacklist | Cleantalk, Page 7

#ASN, Organization nameCountryDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate
1801AS55699 PT. Cemerlang MultimediaIndonesia1 33046835.19%
1802AS9341 PT INDONESIA COMNETS PLUSIndonesia1 32880660.69%
1803AS47541 VKontakte LtdRussia1 32820.15%
1804AS14340 SALESFORCEUnited Kingdom1 32700.00%
1805AS40993 MTS PJSCRussia1 32734225.77%
1806AS12418 Quantum CJSCRussia1 32721516.20%
1808AS49189 LLC RuWebCzechia1 324423.17%
1809AS28580 CILNET Comunicacao e Informatica LTDA.Brazil1 32420515.48%
1810AS55824 NKN Core NetworkIndia1 32233125.04%
1811AS47764 Mail.Ru LLCRussia1 32242532.15%
1812AS36943 GridhostSouth Africa1 321352.65%
1813AS5539 SpaceNet AGGermany1 321181.36%
1814AS6122 ICN-ASUnited States1 320251.89%
1815AS31246 SMART Comp. a.s.Czechia1 318624.70%
1816AS197308 Cygate ABSweden1 316302.28%
1817AS45232 Spacenet Internet Services Pvt. Ltd.India1 31567651.41%
1818AS35000 Prometey LLCRussia1 314745.63%
1819AS53589 PLANETHOSTER-8France1 31280.61%
1820AS52362 Servicios Innovadores de Comunicacion y Entretenimiento, S.A.Guatemala1 3121088.23%
1821AS2529 Now maintained by Cable & Wireless WorldwideUnited Kingdom1 312161.22%
1822AS57269 Digi Spain Telecom S.l.u.Spain1 311251.91%
1823AS197071 active 1 GmbHGermany1 309977.41%
1824AS3801 MISNETUnited States1 309181.38%
1825AS31725 ISP Shtorm LTDUkraine1 30931824.29%
1826AS264668 NEDETEL S.A.Ecuador1 30645734.99%
1827AS17924 SmarTone Mobile Communications LtdHong Kong SAR China1 305282.15%
1828AS200130 Digital Ocean, Inc.European Union1 30526420.23%
1829AS38616 Worldcall Telecom LimitedPakistan1 30531824.37%
1830AS34895 HOSTNET-DE-AS, DEGermany1 30010.08%
1831AS45960 YTL COMMUNICATIONS SDN BHDMalaysia1 3001108.46%
1832AS25374 ESCOM Ltd. - HaskovoBulgaria1 29826920.72%
1833AS45069 china tietong Shandong netChina1 29719515.04%
1834AS13367 COMCAST-13367United States1 297483.70%
1835AS21804 ACCESS-SKCanada1 296201.54%
1836AS15547 SASwitzerland1 2961279.80%
1837AS15085 IMMEDIONUnited States1 294786.03%
1838AS15311 Telefonica EmpresasChile1 29322717.56%
1839AS376 RISQ-ASCanada1 292453.48%
1840AS29456 RostelecomRussia1 28930023.27%
1841AS37009 Mobile Telecommunications, Ltd.Namibia1 288735.67%
1842AS11686 ENAUnited States1 288836.44%
1843AS45763 Fuzenet Pty LtdAustralia1 28717313.44%
1844AS24482 SG.GSSingapore1 28330223.54%
1845AS45411 APCS AustraliaAustralia1 282171.33%
1846AS54198 VIANETCanada1 282362.81%
1847AS23487 CONECELEcuador1 28217213.42%
1848AS6789 Crelcom LLCRussia1 28127221.23%
1849AS15516 Dansk Kabel Tv A/sDenmark1 281161.25%
1850AS11979 BLUENETUnited States1 281251.95%
1851AS47660 CONNECTIC-ASPoland1 28030.23%
1852AS30781 Jaguar Network SASFrance1 279211.64%
1853AS45015 Geny Communications SRLItaly1 27961548.08%
1854AS11051 Evocative, Inc.United States1 278513.99%
1855AS50512 JSC ER-Telecom HoldingRussia1 27832125.12%
1856AS43444 Blockchain Network Solutions LtdUnited Kingdom1 27886968.00%
1857AS12705 PJSC Rostelecom, BRAS usersRussia1 27668753.84%
1858AS15747 EWE-Tel GmbHGermany1 274433.38%
1859AS36923 SWIFTNG-ASNNigeria1 272695.42%
1860AS40028 1651884 Ontario Inc.Canada1 27116112.67%
1861AS25668 Cipherkey Exchange Corp.Canada1 270302.36%
1862AS11194 NUNETPAUnited States1 269151.18%
1863AS13056 RostelecomRussia1 26638930.73%
1864AS25394 MK Netzdienste GmbH & Co. KGGermany1 266342.69%
1865AS8308 Naukowa I Akademicka Siec Komputerowa Instytut BadawczyPoland1 265836.56%
1866AS40156 The Optimal Link CorporationUnited States1 26529423.24%
1867AS31721 Azercell Telecom Ltd Azerbaijan-Turkey Joint VentureAzerbaijan1 26540.32%
1868AS8697 Jordan Telecommunications CompanyJordan1 263947.44%
1869AS33661 CMCSUnited States1 262463.65%
1870AS23498 COGECODATACanada1 261181.43%
1871AS39647 Enreach Netherlands B.V.Netherlands1 261312.46%
1872AS1930 Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia, I.P.Portugal1 258463.66%
1873AS31323 United Networks Ltd.Russia1 257251.99%
1874AS37002 ReunicableRéunion1 257534.22%
1875AS8544 Primetel PLCCyprus1 256171.35%
1876AS196949 Natalia Sergeevna FilichevaRussia1 25526020.72%
1877AS24164 UNION BROADBAND NETWORKTaiwan1 25534627.57%
1878AS6752 Andorra Telecom SauAndorra1 25430324.16%
1879AS8315 Sentia Netherlands BVNetherlands1 254453.59%
1880AS24651 Jsc BalticomLatvia1 25115312.23%
1881AS38478 SunnyVision LimitedHong Kong SAR China1 249735.85%
1882AS13055 JSC Comstar-RegionsRussia1 24934627.70%
1883AS35362 Company with additional responsibility Company BESTUkraine1 24825920.75%
1884AS9070 Cooolbox ADBulgaria1 24713710.99%
1885AS8345 Irkutsk Business NetRussia1 24137830.46%
1886AS44217 IQ NetworksIraq1 23930024.21%
1887AS5396 Irideos S.p.A.Italy1 238856.87%
1888AS29933 OFF-CAMPUS-TELECOMMUNICATIONSUnited States1 23816213.09%
1889AS3900 TEXASNET-ASNUnited States1 237383.07%
1890AS50274 Alfanet LLCAzerbaijan1 237937.52%
1891AS31477 Duocast B.V.Netherlands1 237231.86%
1892AS9031 EDPNET NVBelgium1 236715.74%
1893AS49048 JSC ER-Telecom HoldingRussia1 23655244.66%
1894AS50939 Space Ro SRLRomania1 23650.40%
1895AS59729 ITL LLCBulgaria1 2351219.80%
1896AS29889 FSNET-1United States1 23533527.13%
1897AS43333 NEPHAX Spolka jawna Arkadiusz Kawalec Michal PodsiadlyPoland1 23419615.88%
1898AS204105 TFF-AS, BGBulgaria1 23400.00%
1899AS58965 ANJANI BROADBAND SOLUTIONS PVT.LTD.India1 23441833.87%
1900AS35598 Inetcom LLCRussia1 23323018.65%
1901AS36907 TVCaboAngolaAngola1 23321817.68%
1902AS12332 RostelecomRussia1 23324920.20%
1903AS44285 Sefroyek Pardaz Engineering Co. LTDIran1 23216413.31%
1904AS43317 Fishnet Communications LLCLatvia1 23134127.70%
1905AS23520 Columbus Networks USA, Inc.United States1 23115812.83%
1906AS35329 Host Europe GmbHGermany1 230191.54%
1907AS9617 Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd.1 230957.72%
1908AS21949 Beanfield Technologies Inc.Canada1 230171.38%
1909AS44775 Closed Joint Stock Company TransTeleComRussia1 2291078.71%
1910AS11090 Matanuska Telephone Association, Inc.United States1 228312.52%
1911AS25248 RADIOKOMUNIKACE a.s.Czechia1 22819115.55%
1912AS22698 AVANTEL SASColombia1 22560.49%
1913AS37061 SafaricomKenya1 22453343.55%
1914AS9848 Sejong TelecomSouth Korea1 223675.48%
1915AS48176 OOO SETRussia1 22118314.99%
1916AS46723 RESNETUnited States1 220806.56%
1917AS58519 Cloud Computing CorporationChina1 220756.15%
1918AS21413 Envia Tel GmbHGermany1 22025120.57%
1919AS132525 HeiLongJiang Mobile Communication Company LimitedChina1 22039732.54%
1920AS27695 EDATEL S.A. E.S.PColombia1 21929724.36%
1921AS25921 LUS-FIBER-LCGUnited States1 218312.54%
1922AS14280 NETNATIONUnited States1 21890.74%
1923AS16125 UAB Cherry ServersLithuania1 21829324.06%
1924AS4750 CS LOXINFO PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITEDThailand1 21715812.98%
1925AS4673 NTT DATA CORPORATION1 21600.00%
1926AS10834 Telefonica de ArgentinaArgentina1 21619716.20%
1927AS13101 ennit server GmbHGermany1 21560.49%
1928AS198066 Grupo Loading Systems, S.L.Spain1 21570.58%
1929AS5563 CJSC Ural WESRussia1 21518415.14%
1930AS34300 Internet-Cosmos LLCRussia1 2151048.56%
1931AS48359 Hesabgar Pardaz Gharb Company (Private Joint Stock)Iran1 21423219.11%
1932AS16116 Pelephone Communications Ltd.Israel1 214201.65%
1933AS40440 NRTCCanada1 2131 11391.76%
1934AS133380 Layerstack LimitedHong Kong SAR China1 210816.69%
1935AS29073 Quasi Networks LTD.Netherlands1 20929624.48%
1936AS56503 PJSC Badr Rayan JonoobIran1 20846438.41%
1937AS42925 Internet Rimon LTDIsrael1 207201.66%
1938AS28075 ARLINK S.A.Argentina1 206998.21%
1939AS16578 DATANOCUnited States1 20440.33%
1940AS33991 Igra-Service LLCRussia1 2041109.14%
1941AS6903 Rusonyx, Ltd.Russia1 204241.99%
1942AS53292 ManagedWayUnited States1 203685.65%
1943AS34224 Neterra Ltd.Bulgaria1 202957.90%
1944AS9919 New Century InfoComm Tech Co., Ltd.Taiwan1 2021209.98%
1945AS397731 ELITEWORK-01United States1 20189074.11%
1946AS6428 CDMUnited States1 200453.75%
1947AS24139 Huashu media&Network LimitedChina1 20024020.00%
1948AS25117 Euro-Information-Europeenne de Traitement de l'Information SASFrance1 19900.00%
1949AS34139 TSI Service JSCRussia1 19922318.60%
1950AS47262 Hamara System Tabriz Engineering CompanyIran1 198544.51%
1951AS16527 GVTCINTERNETUnited States1 197433.59%
1952AS31286 MTS PJSCRussia1 19535930.04%
1953AS9988 Myanma Posts and TelecommunicationsMyanmar (Burma)1 19420817.42%
1954AS22903 EDGE-HOSTINGUnited States1 19460.50%
1955AS8728 AS INFONETEstonia1 19318115.17%
1956AS20804 Exatel S.A.Poland1 19344537.30%
1957AS52685 Conectnet Telecomunicacoes Ltda.Brazil1 19364153.73%
1958AS394279 QuickPacket, LLCUnited States1 1911 04287.49%
1959AS14988 BTC-GATE1Botswana1 19151242.99%
1960AS34187 LLC Renome-ServiceUkraine1 18926922.62%
1961AS26914 SYNOPTEKUnited States1 188373.11%
1962AS7753 GREENCLOUDUnited States1 18810.08%
1963AS19262 MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business-1 186594.98%
1964AS201776 Miranda-Media LtdRussia1 18524921.01%
1965AS42038 Krivets Sergey SergeevichRussia1 18515913.42%
1966AS199883 ArubaCloud LimitedUnited Kingdom1 18534829.37%
1967AS35699 Adamo Telecom Iberia S.A.Spain1 18319116.14%
1968AS43513 Sia Nano ITLatvia1 18318515.64%
1969AS47395 PJSC MegaFonRussia1 18244337.48%
1970AS34549 meerfarbig GmbH & Co. KGGermany1 181544.57%
1971AS20519 RostelecomRussia1 180595.00%
1972AS35728 MTS PJSCRussia1 180958.05%
1973AS52260 Telecommunications de Haiti (Teleco)Haiti1 179867.29%
1974AS20853 eTOP sp. z o.o.Poland1 17920717.56%
1975AS9905 Linknet ASNIndonesia1 17955046.65%
1976AS133676 Precious netcom pvt ltdIndia1 17825621.73%
1977AS55002 DEFENSE-NET, USUnited States1 174171.45%
1978AS17754 ExcellmediaIndia1 17316013.64%
1979AS135161 GMO-Z com NetDesign Holdings Co., Ltd.Singapore1 173645.46%
1980AS52744 The Center Informática LtdaBrazil1 17233028.16%
1981AS32107 Wave BroadbandUnited States1 172494.18%
1982AS13791 INTERNAP-BLK3United States1 17240.34%
1983AS208710 MOFA, KWKuwait1 17015813.50%
1984AS3226 OOO NIRussia1 17013111.20%
1985AS55081 24SHELLSUnited States1 16931326.77%
1986AS9150 ML ConsultancyNetherlands1 169161.37%
1987AS3313 BT Italia S.p.A.Italy1 169191.62%
1988AS12843 TelemaxX Telekommunikation GmbHGermany1 168322.74%
1989AS49223 Everest Broadcasting Company LtdUkraine1 16815713.44%
1990AS51004 Sakhalin Cable Telesystems LtdRussia1 16734729.73%
1991AS25780 HugeServer Networks, LLCUnited States1 16541735.79%
1992AS25184 AfranetIran1 16419817.01%
1993AS46636 NATCOWEBUnited Kingdom1 16225622.03%
1994AS8685 Doruk Iletisim ve Otomasyon Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.Turkey1 162201.72%
1995AS394844 Root Level Technology, LLCUnited States1 16138433.07%
1996AS37228 Olleh-Rwanda-NetworksRwanda1 161574.91%
1997AS28015 MERCO COMUNICACIONESArgentina1 1601119.57%
1998AS62943 Bluebird NetworkUnited States1 159605.18%
1999AS12722 RECONN LLCUnited Kingdom1 15821318.39%
2000AS11831 ESECUREDATACanada1 15714912.88%
2001AS63294 Fevvo, IncUnited States1 15730.26%
2002AS12737 KrasPromStroy, LLCRussia1 15714612.62%
2003AS55045 TekTonicUnited States1 15614212.28%
2004AS49342 OOO MediaSetiRussia1 15612210.55%
2005AS52532 Speednet Telecomunicacoes Ltda MEBrazil1 15520217.49%
2006AS5430 freenet Datenkommunikations GmbHGermany1 155514.42%
2007AS41557 Trgovsko radiodifuzno drustvo kablovska televizija ROBI DOOEL StipNorth Macedonia1 15515813.68%
2008AS41897 Sat-Trakt D.O.O.Serbia1 15524421.13%
2009AS34814 Osnova-Internet LLCUkraine1 15218816.32%
2010AS44558 Netonline Bilisim Sirketi LTDTurkey1 1511049.04%
2011AS8595 OOO WestCall Ltd.Russia1 15017915.57%
2012AS41079 H88 S.A.Poland1 149716.18%
2013AS16245 Netgroup A/SDenmark1 146393.40%
2014AS133159 Mammoth Media Pty LtdAustralia1 145474.11%
2015AS3598 MICROSOFT-CORP-ASUnited States1 14470.61%
2016AS39442 JSC RDE UnicoRussia1 14335531.06%
2017AS31251 Falco Networks B.V.Netherlands1 14355448.47%
2018AS26801 ZITOMEDIA611United States1 143696.04%
2019AS24812 NPK Home-Net Ltd.Ukraine1 14323820.82%
2020AS43529 ViDaNet Cabletelevision Provider Ltd.Hungary1 14213912.17%
2021AS20928 Noor Data Networks ASNEgypt1 14218215.94%
2022AS6712 TVP Format LlcUkraine1 14119316.91%
2023AS19863 Guyana Telephone & Telegraph Co.Guyana1 14121018.40%
2024AS34240 manitu GmbHGermany1 141272.37%
2025AS30404 BSCL-11United States1 140252.19%
2026AS49635 Cloudi Nextgen SlSpain1 140423.68%
2027AS20847 Previder B.V.Netherlands1 138181.58%
2028AS43927 Hosterion SrlRomania1 138605.27%
2029AS4007 Subisu Cablenet (Pvt) Ltd, Baluwatar, Kathmandu, NepalNepal1 13830827.07%
2030AS29492 Eidsiva Bredband ASNorway1 134232.03%
2031AS5408 National Infrastructures for Research and Technology S.A.Greece1 13211410.07%
2032AS200019 Alexhost SrlMoldova1 13257250.53%
2033AS40029 NOVUS-3Canada1 132211.85%
2034AS9260 Multinet Pakistan Pvt. Ltd.Pakistan1 13127624.40%
2035AS45179 SiteHost New ZealandNew Zealand1 131393.45%
2036AS59567 Intellect Dnepr Telecom LLCUkraine1 13135331.21%
2037AS32421 BLCC, USUnited States1 129403.54%
2038AS16629 CTC. CORP S.A. (TELEFONICA EMPRESAS)Chile1 12916814.88%
2039AS18712 SureWest Kansas Operations, LLCUnited States1 128363.19%
2040AS44941 ZAO Astrakhan Digital TelevisionRussia1 12714713.04%
2041AS41435 UnderNet LLCUkraine1 12730827.33%
2042AS37154 ZAMTELZambia1 126706.22%
2043AS31798 DATACITYCanada1 12647041.74%
2044AS59447 Istanbuldc Veri Merkezi Ltd StiTurkey1 12640.36%
2045AS15510 Compuweb Communications Services LimitedUnited Kingdom1 126181.60%
2046AS52263 Telecable Economico S.A.Costa Rica1 123877.75%
2047AS393886 LEASEWEB-USA-MIA-11United States1 11889880.32%
2048AS17968 Daqing zhongji petroleum telecommunication construction limited cpmpanyChina1 116756.72%
2049AS62292 EZIT Kft.Hungary1 116686.09%
2050AS36874 CybersmartSouth Africa1 11116014.40%
2051AS37119 UNITEL SAAngola1 111575.13%
2052AS25697 UpCloud USA IncUnited States1 110938.38%
2053AS204472 A K Digital MediaGermany1 11014613.15%
2054AS44252 Exe Net d.o.o. NisSerbia1 11032229.01%
2055AS262928 DIRECTV COLOMBIA LTDA.Colombia1 10917816.05%
2056AS262184 Comunicaciones S.ACosta Rica1 10869662.82%
2057AS38457 Honesty Net Solution (I) Pvt LtdIndia1 10813712.37%
2058AS46687 BCI Mississippi Broadband,LLCUnited States1 108191.71%
2059AS25577 IDE Group Connect LimitedUnited Kingdom1 108272.44%
2060AS34087 Nte Marked AsNorway1 107443.98%
2061AS42695 City Network International ABSweden1 107494.43%
2062AS56330 JSC ER-Telecom HoldingRussia1 10618616.82%
2063AS1853 ACONETAustria1 106524.70%
2064AS5033 Key Information Systems, Inc.United States1 10690.81%
2065AS5006 VOYANTUnited States1 10567661.18%
2066AS6332 Telefonos del Noroeste, S.A. de C.V.Mexico1 105867.78%
2067AS35048 Biterika Group LLCRussia1 10544640.36%
2068AS41822 MTS PJSCRussia1 10435331.97%
2069AS47954 Alpha Net Telecom LtdRussia1 10343038.98%
2070AS11357 INFO-IQTINCUnited States1 10310.09%
2071AS27983 Red Intercable Digital S.A.Argentina1 10214112.80%
2072AS23100 Atlantic Broadband Finance, LLCUnited States1 101141.27%
2073AS48031 PE Ivanov Vitaliy SergeevichUkraine1 10161555.86%
2074AS9063 VSE NET GmbHGermany1 100262.36%
2075AS24989 Equinix (Germany) GmbHGermany1 09990.82%
2076AS41789 LLC Teledyne Systems LimitedRussia1 09822120.13%
2077AS25853 Ellijay Telephone CompanyUnited States1 097141.28%
2078AS15805 EPIC LTDCyprus1 096151.37%
2079AS28146 MHNET TELECOMBrazil1 09620118.34%
2080AS56694 LLC Smart ApeRussia1 093797.23%
2081AS23470 RELIABLESITEUnited States1 09253649.08%
2082AS8257 Slovanet a.s.Slovakia1 091131.19%
2083AS14813 BB-COLUMBUSBarbados1 09111010.08%
2084AS48159 Telecommunication Infrastructure CompanyIran1 090958.72%
2085AS21501 Host Europe GmbHUnited States1 090302.75%
2086AS51659 LLC BaxetRussia1 08924022.04%
2087AS133648 MNR Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd.India1 08819718.11%
2088AS38532 USONYX PTE LTDSingapore1 088474.32%
2089AS200960 Soluciones web on line s.l.Spain1 08711610.67%
2090AS23118 Skyline TelephoneUnited States1 087282.58%
2091AS49126 IHS Telekomunikasyon LtdTurkey1 087454.14%
2092AS22781 RBLHSTUnited States1 087787.18%
2093AS34718 LLC texnoprosistemUzbekistan1 08420018.45%
2094AS9658 Eastern Telecoms Phils., Inc.Philippines1 08422821.03%
2095AS21284 address space managed by the RIPE NCC.Netherlands1 08314813.67%
2096AS48281 Abr Tose'eh Darya Group Company PJSCIran1 08343139.80%
2097AS49984 Telecomunikatsiina Companiya LtdUkraine1 08227925.79%
2098AS134026 Ultranet services private limitedIndia1 082756.93%
2099AS132770 Gazon Communications India LimitedIndia1 08119317.85%
2100AS39102 SatTel Corporation, Ltd.Russia1 081938.60%