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ASN List - ASN Lookup Blacklist | Cleantalk, Page 7

#ASN, Organization nameCountryDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate
1801AS4800 Network Access Provider and Internet Service ProviderIndonesia1 20354445.22%
1802AS18812 New Wave CommunicationsUnited States1 20232026.62%
1803AS26407 CAROLINA-DIGITAL-PHONEUnited States1 2011179.74%
1804AS29894 SCRTCUnited States1 20114512.07%
1805AS34549 meerfarbig GmbH & Co. KGGermany1 2011179.74%
1806AS56347 Mediana LtdUkraine1 20012110.08%
1807AS53292 MWAYUnited States1 198655.43%
1808AS12969 Syn hfIceland1 198675.59%
1809AS15497 7heaven LLCUkraine1 19526622.26%
1810AS24554 Fivenetwork Solution India Pvt Ltd InternetIndia1 19423920.02%
1811AS16960 Cablevision Red, S.A de C.V.Mexico1 19322118.52%
1812AS4673 NTT DATA CORPORATION1 19320.17%
1813AS34224 Neterra Ltd.Bulgaria1 19313211.06%
1814AS42239 Ltd. CypherRussia1 19224920.89%
1815AS17547 M1 NET LTDSingapore1 1901119.33%
1816AS26914 SYNOPTEKUnited States1 189403.36%
1817AS2907 Research Organization of Information and Systems, National Institute of Informatics1 189242.02%
1818AS33654 CMCS, USUnited States1 188282.36%
1819AS49352 Domain names registrar REG.RU, LtdRussia1 188322.69%
1820AS12793 A1 Telekom Austria AGAustria1 188383.20%
1821AS198292 GO Internet S.p.AItaly1 18737631.68%
1822AS15805 EPIC LTDCyprus1 186151.26%
1823AS6903 Moscow, RussiaRussia1 186201.69%
1824AS45232 Spacenet Internet Services Pvt. Ltd.India1 18365155.03%
1825AS52685 Conectnet Telecomunicacoes Ltda.Brazil1 18367356.89%
1826AS16097 HL komm Telekommunikations GmbHGermany1 182322.71%
1827AS60117 Host Sailor LtdUnited Arab Emirates1 18030726.02%
1828AS6122 ICN-ASUnited States1 180252.12%
1829AS11562 Net Uno, C.A.Venezuela1 17845438.54%
1830AS131596 TBCTaiwan1 17739333.39%
1831AS36149 HAWAIIAN-TELCOMUnited States1 177756.37%
1832AS59713 JSC ER-Telecom HoldingRussia1 17756948.34%
1833AS1955 KIFU (Governmental Info Tech Development Agency)Hungary1 175716.04%
1834AS7753 GREENCLOUDUnited States1 17410.08%
1835AS20853 eTOP sp. z o.o.Poland1 17218515.78%
1836AS7843 TWC-7843-BBUnited States1 172897.59%
1837AS48096 Enterprise Cloud Ltd.Russia1 170665.64%
1838AS30922 MTS PJSCRussia1 16929325.06%
1839AS38478 SunnyVision LimitedHong Kong SAR China1 168393.34%
1840AS6661 POST LuxembourgLuxembourg1 1671139.68%
1841AS25086 MTS PJSCRussia1 16625321.70%
1842AS15510 Compuweb Communications Services LimitedUnited Kingdom1 164221.89%
1843AS133275 Gigantic Infotel Pvt LtdIndia1 16455747.85%
1844AS2529 Vodafone LtdUnited Kingdom1 161151.29%
1845AS52744 The Center Informatica LtdaBrazil1 16033128.53%
1846AS41822 MTS PJSCRussia1 16036131.12%
1847AS7349 AS-TIERP-7349United States1 160161.38%
1848AS51659 LLC BaxetRussia1 16026322.67%
1849AS200960 Soluciones web on line s.l.Spain1 15912010.35%
1850AS38616 Worldcall Telecom LimitedPakistan1 15931126.83%
1851AS8685 Doruk Iletisim ve Otomasyon Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.Turkey1 158211.81%
1852AS56209 R. K. INFRATEL LIMITEDIndia1 15626422.84%
1853AS198414 H88 S.A.Poland1 15323920.73%
1854AS15673 Teleseti Plus Ltd.Russia1 15112110.51%
1855AS10091 StarHub LtdSingapore1 150726.26%
1856AS16245 Sentia Denmark A/SDenmark1 150393.39%
1857AS1916 Associacao Rede Nacional de Ensino e PesquisaBrazil1 14713211.51%
1858AS34240 manitu GmbHGermany1 145302.62%
1859AS58678 Intech Online Private LimitedUnited States1 144837.26%
1860AS39047 Multiservice Networks Ltd.Ukraine1 14422719.84%
1861AS10835 VISIONARYUnited States1 1431089.45%
1862AS41079 H88 S.A.Poland1 143746.47%
1863AS45458 SBN-ISP/AWN-ISP and SBN-NIX/AWN-NIXThailand1 14216214.19%
1864AS30764 PODA a.s.Czechia1 14118716.39%
1865AS205952 Rusonyx, Ltd.Russia1 141837.27%
1866AS201942 Soltia Consulting SLSpain1 139897.81%
1867AS9919 New Century InfoComm Tech Co., Ltd.Taiwan1 13812010.54%
1868AS9260 Multinet Pakistan Pvt. Ltd.Pakistan1 13624521.57%
1869AS37284 Aljeel-netLibya1 13528625.20%
1870AS32421 BLCCUnited States1 135393.44%
1871AS8462 Tarr Kft.Hungary1 13415513.67%
1872AS22652 FIBRENOIRE-INTERNETCanada1 134403.53%
1873AS57010 IT House, LtdRussia1 133363.18%
1874AS42695 City Network International ABSweden1 132413.62%
1875AS133661 Netplus Broadband Services Private LimitedIndia1 13018716.55%
1876AS62292 EZIT Kft.Hungary1 127665.86%
1877AS20847 Previder B.V.Netherlands1 127221.95%
1878AS55002 DEFENSE-NETUnited States1 126232.04%
1879AS21413 Envia Tel GmbHGermany1 12422520.02%
1880AS5378 Vodafone LimitedUnited Kingdom1 123847.48%
1881AS40993 MTS PJSCRussia1 12334931.08%
1882AS13368 VYVE-BROADBANDUnited States1 122524.63%
1883AS43966 It Region LtdRussia1 12244439.57%
1884AS18712 SUREWEST-KANSASUnited States1 121282.50%
1885AS14744 INTERNAP-BLOCK-4United States1 119151.34%
1886AS59037 Hangzhou ZhiYu Network Technology Co.,Ltd.China1 11940.36%
1887AS27695 EDATEL S.A. E.S.PColombia1 11629726.61%
1888AS20519 RostelecomRussia1 115635.65%
1889AS12635 Hutchison Drei Austria GmbHAustria1 11511610.40%
1890AS9905 Linknet ASNIndonesia1 11556750.85%
1891AS33529 PWC-136-33529United States1 115121.08%
1892AS27884 CABLECOLOR S.A.Honduras1 11426423.70%
1893AS34164 Akamai International B.V.United Kingdom1 11300.00%
1894AS56534 Comfortel Ltd.Russia1 11317515.72%
1895AS38532 USONYX PTE LTDSingapore1 112403.60%
1896AS29357 National Mobile Telecommunications CompanyKuwait1 11019517.57%
1897AS39647 Enreach Netherlands B.V.Netherlands1 110605.41%
1898AS62943 AS62943-BLUEBIRD-NETWORKUnited States1 110665.95%
1899AS262184 IBW Comunicaciones S.ACosta Rica1 10969662.76%
1900AS50581 Ukrainian Telecommunication Group LLCUkraine1 10826423.83%
1901AS25512 CD-Telematika a.s.Czechia1 10730927.91%
1902AS5742 CCINETUnited States1 106302.71%
1903AS48031 PE Ivanov Vitaliy SergeevichUkraine1 10662256.24%
1904AS11550 SDL-20-ASUnited States1 105201.81%
1905AS8345 Irkutsk Business NetRussia1 10438935.24%
1906AS25577 IDE Group Connect LimitedUnited Kingdom1 104272.45%
1907AS44676 Perviy TSOD LLCRussia1 10372665.82%
1908AS25436 RostelecomRussia1 10218216.52%
1909AS20559 Fundaments B.V.Netherlands1 10190.82%
1910AS135161 com NetDesign Holdings Co., Ltd.Singapore1 101312.82%
1911AS8517 National Academic Network and Information CenterTurkey1 100726.54%
1912AS5033 AS5033United States1 10090.82%
1913AS131267 PO box T511 Phonexay road - Xaysettha districtLaos1 10015514.09%
1914AS197155 Artnet Sp. z o.o.Poland1 09720018.23%
1915AS24499 Telenor PakistanPakistan1 09718416.77%
1916AS8749 JSC Redcom-lnternetRussia1 09633530.57%
1917AS34718 LLC texnoprosistemUzbekistan1 09621019.16%
1918AS9150 ML ConsultancyNetherlands1 095171.55%
1919AS134768 CHINANET SHAANXI province Cloud Base networkChina1 09429526.96%
1920AS45143 SINGTEL MOBILE INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER SingaporeSingapore1 093121.10%
1921AS33647 YADTELNETUnited States1 09330.27%
1922AS13055 JSC Comstar-RegionsRussia1 09336032.94%
1923AS4250 Alentus CorporationUnited States1 09136733.64%
1924AS25394 MK Netzdienste GmbH & Co. KGGermany1 090423.85%
1925AS56694 LLC Smart ApeRussia1 089908.26%
1926AS24989 Equinix (Germany) GmbHGermany1 087100.92%
1927AS49126 IHS Telekomunikasyon LtdTurkey1 087454.14%
1928AS15964 CamtelCameroon1 08632229.65%
1929AS37637 Smile-Nigeria-ASNigeria1 085928.48%
1930AS10910 INTERNAP-BLKUnited States1 08512711.71%
1931AS48950 Global Colocation LimitedUnited Kingdom1 08345942.38%
1932AS59447 Istanbuldc Veri Merkezi Ltd StiTurkey1 08350.46%
1933AS47954 Alpha Net Telecom LtdRussia1 08343840.44%
1934AS22689 Sercomtel Participacoes S.A.Brazil1 08318917.45%
1935AS36522 BELLMOBILITY-1Canada1 08370.65%
1936AS52532 Speednet Telecomunicacoes Ltda MEBrazil1 08220518.95%
1937AS136255 Telecom International Myanmar Co., LtdMyanmar (Burma)1 082191.76%
1938AS16160 SWAN, a.s.Slovakia1 080837.69%
1939AS49189 LLC RuWebRussia1 080433.98%
1941AS6306 TELEFONICA VENEZOLANA, C.A.Venezuela1 08017716.39%
1942AS22781 RBLHSTUnited States1 080746.85%
1943AS31798 DATACITYCanada1 07924822.98%
1944AS41854 JSC ER-Telecom HoldingRussia1 07937935.12%
1945AS262210 VIETTEL PERU S.A.C.Peru1 07713712.72%
1946AS48416 Information Network, LLCRussia1 074635.87%
1947AS201341 Teso LT UABLithuania1 07239536.85%
1948AS24400 Shanghai Mobile Communications Co.,Ltd.China1 07021720.28%
1949AS26228 SERVEPATHUnited States1 070242.24%
1950AS39493 CJSC Kolomna-Sviaz TVRussia1 06910910.20%
1951AS40029 NOVUS-3Canada1 069211.96%
1952AS263880 WANTEL TECNOLOGIA LTDA. EPPBrazil1 06938936.39%
1953AS25697 UPCLOUDUSAUnited States1 068958.89%
1954AS45454 Web24 Virtual & Dedicated hosting service provider, Melb, AustraliaAustralia1 067121.12%
1955AS5006 VOYANTUnited States1 06667663.41%
1956AS3333 Reseaux IP Europeens Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC)Netherlands1 06351648.54%
1957AS57844 SPDNet Telekomunikasyon Hizmetleri Bilgi Teknolojileri Taahhut Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S.Turkey1 063958.94%
1958AS3595 ZCOLO-ATL01United States1 062464.33%
1959AS262287 Maxihost LTDABrazil1 06223722.32%
1960AS50939 Space Ro SRLRomania1 06250.47%
1961AS26210 AXS Bolivia S. A.Bolivia1 06127826.20%
1962AS45179 SiteHost New ZealandNew Zealand1 060252.36%
1963AS13101 ennit server GmbHGermany1 05350.47%
1964AS59674 Aysima Bilisim Teknolojileri Erhan MahmutTurkey1 052161.52%
1965AS39001 MTS PJSCRussia1 05249847.34%
1966AS25234 GLOBE-AS, CZCzechia1 05250.47%
1967AS10834 Telefonica de ArgentinaArgentina1 05120119.12%
1968AS49984 Telecomunikatsiina Companiya LtdUkraine1 05028126.76%
1969AS14813 BB-COLUMBUSBarbados1 050938.86%
1970AS47626 Timer, LLCRussia1 04914814.11%
1971AS394727 NODISTOUnited States1 04820419.47%
1972AS52219 Router Networks LLCUnited States1 04876873.28%
1973AS29180 Telefonica O2 UKUnited Kingdom1 04770.67%
1974AS60485 Inter Connects IncEstonia1 04690786.71%
1975AS1930 Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia, I.P.Portugal1 046474.49%
1976AS22169 OMNIS-ANYCAST-1, USUnited States1 04610.10%
1977AS13194 UAB Bite LietuvaLithuania1 04522121.15%
1978AS22423 ALTIMA-TELECOMCanada1 045262.49%
1979AS59567 Intellect Dnepr Telecom LLCUkraine1 04535533.97%
1980AS11979 BLUENETUnited States1 045282.68%
1981AS31725 ISP Shtorm LTDUkraine1 04332030.68%
1982AS25780 HUGESERVER-NETWORKSUnited States1 04242440.69%
1983AS24739 JSC Severen-TelecomRussia1 04111210.76%
1984AS204287 HostRoyale Technologies Pvt LtdPortugal1 04096392.60%
1985AS30886 PP KOM i TEXUkraine1 03945343.60%
1986AS43571 Nova hfIceland1 035161.55%
1987AS41202 UNITEL LLCUzbekistan1 035111.06%
1988AS9811 srit corp.,beijing.China1 034313.00%
1989AS50599 Data Space Sp. z o.o.Poland1 034161.55%
1990AS23005 SWITCH-LTDUnited States1 033151.45%
1991AS31499 Ekaterinburg-2000 LLCRussia1 03112011.64%
1992AS6315 XMISSIONUnited States1 031545.24%
1993AS133159 Mammoth Media Pty LtdAustralia1 029302.92%
1994AS12177 ETS-TELEPHONE-COMPANYUnited States1 029232.23%
1995AS60397 Sat Tv Plus SluSpain1 02741540.41%
1996AS6789 Crelcom LLCRussia1 02629128.36%
1997AS12513 Kcom Group LimitedUnited Kingdom1 026434.19%
1998AS13333 CCI-PA-AS-1United States1 025181.76%
1999AS13030 Init7 (Switzerland) Ltd.Switzerland1 025716.93%
2000AS29014 ScaleUp Technologies GmbH & Co. KGGermany1 02490.88%
2001AS60007 IceTree Sp. z o.o.Poland1 02410.10%
2002AS27773 MILLICOM CABLE EL SALVADOR S.A. DE C.V.El Salvador1 02416616.21%
2003AS61926 Lucas Vinicius Santos - MEIBrazil1 02420.19%
2004AS26277 PREMIANETUnited States1 023979.48%
2005AS41937 Moja Supernova Doo BeogradSerbia1 02322421.90%
2006AS62214 RackForest Kft.Hungary1 020232.25%
2007AS48348 Cloud Builders SASpain1 019201.96%
2008AS47692 Nessus GmbHAustria1 017353.44%
2009AS29804 VALU-NETUnited States1 01775173.84%
2010AS133380 Layerstack LimitedHong Kong SAR China1 016515.02%
2011AS55470 Cyfuture India Pvt. Ltd.India1 016545.32%
2012AS34977 Procono S.A.Spain1 014747.30%
2013AS25227 JSC AvantelRussia1 01321421.12%
2014AS28580 CILNET Comunicacao e Informatica LTDA.Brazil1 01220620.36%
2015AS35362 Company with additional responsibility Company BESTUkraine1 01126326.01%
2016AS56485 Sedinkin Olexandr ValeriyovuchUkraine1 0101009.90%
2017AS12764 AKNET Ltd.Kyrgyzstan1 01027527.23%
2018AS12337 noris network AGGermany1 009111.09%
2019AS34569 Networx-Bulgaria Ltd.Bulgaria1 00822822.62%
2020AS17494 Telecom Operator & Internet Service Provider as wellBangladesh1 00731030.79%
2021AS224 UNINETT ASNorway1 007454.47%
2022AS8443 RostelecomRussia1 00719319.17%
2023AS50274 Alfanet LLCAzerbaijan1 005939.25%
2024AS47002 TIGERTECHUnited States1 00510.10%
2025AS48327 Ray-Svyaz Ltd.Russia1 004595.88%
2026AS21050 Fast Telecommunications Company W.L.L.Kuwait1 003797.88%
2027AS36974 AF NET Internet ServicesCôte d’Ivoire1 00213613.57%
2028AS9644 SK TelecomSouth Korea1 002313.09%
2029AS5408 National Infrastructures for Research and Technology S.A.Greece1 00111611.59%
2030AS12418 Quantum CJSCRussia1 00123123.08%
2031AS34187 LLC Renome-ServiceUkraine1 00127127.07%
2032AS61272 Informacines sistemos ir technologijos, UABLithuania1 00026726.70%
2033AS19331 TWIN-LAKESUnited States1 000333.30%
2034AS3313 BT Italia S.p.A.Italy999131.30%
2035AS46664 VDI-NETWORKUnited States99823523.55%
2036AS47381 DoclerWeb Informatikai Kft.Hungary997535.32%
2037AS42277 Limited liability company KursktelecomRussia997434.31%
2038AS12360 KEVAG Telekom GmbHGermany99760.60%
2039AS262488 Minasnet Telecomunicacoes LtdaBrazil99755055.16%
2040AS56654 Infinity Telecom SRLRomania99674474.70%
2041AS12683 RostelecomRussia99617517.57%
2042AS43927 Hosterion SrlRomania996313.11%
2043AS33843 Dr.-Ing. Nepustil & Co. GmbH Internet Service Center Ingenieurgesellschaft fuer SystemsoftwaGermany995606.03%
2045AS27839 Comteco LtdaBolivia99218118.25%
2046AS56067 453 Ladplacout JorakhaebuaThailand991727.27%
2047AS393552 COL-LPCUnited States99150.51%
2048AS3801 MISNETUnited States991161.62%
2049AS39704 CJ2 Hosting B.V.Netherlands990616.16%
2050AS60187 London Grid for Learning TrustUnited Kingdom99040.40%
2051AS204161 Alexey GeinerRussia990797.98%
2052AS12180 INTERNAP-2BLKUnited States98913513.65%
2053AS264731 Corporacion Digitel C.A.Venezuela988131.32%
2054AS328543 sun-asnSeychelles98700.00%
2055AS14955 N-V-CUnited States98616216.43%
2056AS33665 CMCS - Comcast Cable Communications, Inc.,USUnited States986101.01%
2057AS59253 Leaseweb Asia Pacific pte. ltd.Singapore98529429.85%
2058AS23465 NUTELECOMUnited States985323.25%
2059AS376 RISQ-ASCanada984464.67%
2060AS17252 AS2-COLOAMUnited States983838.44%
2061AS22489 ZCOLO-SAN01United States98160.61%
2062AS29209 MTS PJSCRussia98039039.80%
2063AS3456 TWC-3456-ITEuropean Union978787.98%
2064AS30612 EAGLE-9-ASUnited States977545.53%
2065AS30900 Sternforth Ltd.Ireland97745746.78%
2066AS398079 EMINENT, USUnited States97797099.28%
2067AS43478 JSC ER-Telecom HoldingRussia97523424.00%
2068AS134756 CHINANET Nanjing Jishan IDC networkChina97410010.27%
2069AS13693 NTS-ONLINEUnited States974868.83%
2070AS16397 EQUINIX BRASILBrazil97312412.74%
2071AS46687 MAXXSOUTH-BROADBANDUnited States973202.05%
2072AS43936 PE Zinstein Hariton VladimirovichUkraine97312012.33%
2073AS12488 Krystal Hosting LtdUnited Kingdom973474.83%
2074AS8416 Infoline Ltd.Russia97213113.48%
2075AS16116 Pelephone Communications Ltd.Israel972394.01%
2076AS12361 Vodafone-panafon Hellenic Telecommunications Company SAGreece971313.19%
2077AS26794 DCN-ASUnited States971383.91%
2078AS133296 Web Werks India Pvt. Ltd.India97025426.19%
2079AS200831 Mihos B.VNetherlands969111.14%
2080AS33779 wataniya-telecom-asAlgeria96915415.89%
2081AS15958 CETIN Ltd. BelgradeSerbia96723624.40%
2082AS31242 3S S.A.Poland96414014.52%
2084AS57367 ATM S.A.Poland962525.41%
2085AS32277 TBAYTELCanada96050.52%
2086AS38193 Transworld Associates (Pvt.) Ltd.Pakistan96033835.21%
2087AS29791 VOXEL-DOT-NETUnited States959697.20%
2088AS40975 CHML Web Services SRLRomania958111.15%
2089AS12332 RostelecomRussia95721322.26%
2090AS40545 EMPIRE-40545United States95750.52%
2091AS12946 R Cable y Telecable Telecomunicaciones, S.A.U.Spain957959.93%
2093AS15399 WANANCHIKenya95514114.76%
2094AS9002 RETN LimitedRussia955838.69%
2095AS56466 Pars Fonoun Ofogh Information Technology and Communications Company LTDIran95536838.53%
2096AS204213 Netmihan Communication Company LtdIran95524425.55%
2097AS15311 Telefonica EmpresasChile95523124.19%
2098AS12282 GMAUnited States95500.00%
2099AS53041 Uau Telecom Ltda MEBrazil95483787.74%
2100AS20746 Telecom ItaliaItaly953454.72%