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AS9381 HKBN Enterprise Solutions HK Limited

Spam statistics of AS9381 HKBN Enterprise Solutions HK Limited

Hong Kong SAR China
Number of networks
IP Addresses
6 063
Purpose of use
Public, Hosting
Detected IP addresses
4 310
Spam active IPs
Spam rate
Websites count
25 178
IP addresses with websites
6 258

Spam activity log

— spam active IP adresses

WhoIs AS: as9381


SPAM active IP addresses in AS9381 HKBN Enterprise Solutions HK Limited

#Sender IPDetectedLast seenReported as spam 20:15:232023-05-24 00:30:224 09:15:522023-05-30 17:30:5317
3101.78.200.1702018-09-18 14:10:502023-05-19 18:35:508
4218.255.149.342020-04-28 18:14:342023-05-25 20:35:5065

Detected networks prefixes

#Network prefixCountryLengthDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate
1101.78.224.0/19Hong Kong SAR China8192340370.00%
2218.255.64.0/19Hong Kong SAR China8192296230.00%
3218.253.128.0/18Hong Kong SAR China16384229190.00%
459.152.192.0/18Hong Kong SAR China16384455160.00%
5218.253.128.0/19Hong Kong SAR China8192207160.00%
6101.78.160.0/19Hong Kong SAR China8192284150.00%
7202.64.124.0/24Hong Kong SAR China25642145.00%
8202.64.124.0/22Hong Kong SAR China102443141.00%
9202.64.0.0/20Hong Kong SAR China409687130.00%
10202.64.0.0/18Hong Kong SAR China16384155130.00%
11202.64.0.0/22Hong Kong SAR China102455131.00%
12218.253.224.0/19Hong Kong SAR China819298130.00%
13101.78.192.0/19Hong Kong SAR China8192239120.00%
14115.160.128.0/19Hong Kong SAR China8192227120.00%
15218.255.64.0/22Hong Kong SAR China102470121.00%
16218.255.160.0/22Hong Kong SAR China102468111.00%
1759.152.192.0/19Hong Kong SAR China819222890.00%
18210.5.160.0/19Hong Kong SAR China819222290.00%
19218.255.128.0/19Hong Kong SAR China819224390.00%
2043.251.132.0/22Hong Kong SAR China10246781.00%
21175.45.0.0/19Hong Kong SAR China819226980.00%
2259.152.224.0/19Hong Kong SAR China819222670.00%
23202.130.96.0/19Hong Kong SAR China819223870.00%
24218.253.140.0/22Hong Kong SAR China10246271.00%
25218.255.96.0/19Hong Kong SAR China819217270.00%
26220.232.128.0/18Hong Kong SAR China163847870.00%
27223.255.160.0/19Hong Kong SAR China819225470.00%
2843.224.4.0/22Hong Kong SAR China10247161.00%
29115.160.136.0/22Hong Kong SAR China10242661.00%
30116.92.192.0/19Hong Kong SAR China819219060.00%