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Distribution of spam activity per Autonomous systems (AS), Page 5

#ASN, Organization nameCountryDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate
1201AS25512 CD-Telematika a.s.Czech Republic1 50929519.55%
1202AS29194 MTS PJSCRussia1 50828819.10%
1203AS26658 HTUnited States1 5081 13675.33%
1204AS16333 Company for communications services ONE.VIP DOO SkopjeMacedonia1 50836524.20%
1205AS4657 StarHub Internet ExchangeSingapore1 5061278.43%
1206AS210278 SKYIT-BB, ITItaly1 506714.71%
1207AS11562 Net Uno, C.A.Venezuela1 50543628.97%
1208AS45245 banglalink an Orascom Telecom Company, providing GSM Telecom service in BangladeshBangladesh1 504674.46%
1209AS22709 North State Telephone Co.United States1 501271.80%
1210AS12097 Massillon Cable CommunicationsUnited States1 500130.87%
1211AS8331 Cronyx Plus Ltd.Russia1 4971409.35%
1212AS48281 Abr Tose'eh Darya Group Company PJSCIran1 49661240.91%
1213AS13576 SOUTH DAKOTA NETWORKUnited States1 494362.41%
1214AS20910 SIA BaltcomLatvia1 49428318.94%
1215AS8416 Infoline Ltd.Russia1 4891208.06%
1216AS38511 PT Remala AbadiIndonesia1 48872748.86%
1217AS24631 Tose'h Fanavari Ertebabat Pasargad Arian Co. PJSIran1 48568446.06%
1218AS41798 JSC TranstelecomKazakhstan1 48354136.48%
1219AS40244 Turnkey Internet Inc.United States1 47636624.80%
1220AS42038 Vladivostokskaya Set LTDRussia1 4761439.69%
1221AS50528 OAO Vitebskiy Oblastnoy Techno-Torgoviy Center GarantBelarus1 47632622.09%
1222AS39706 Telefonica GermanyGermany1 47420.14%
1223AS263880 WANTEL TECNOLOGIA LTDA. ? EPPBrazil1 46946231.45%
1224AS25086 MTS PJSCRussia1 46918012.25%
1225AS50473 Altagen CJSCRussia1 4681147.77%
1226AS38793 Two Degrees Mobile LimitedNew Zealand1 46810.07%
1227AS29073 Quasi Networks LTD.Netherlands1 46793463.67%
1228AS3598 Microsoft CorporationUnited States1 46470.48%
1229AS8445 SALZBURG AG fur Energie, Verkehr und TelekommunikationAustria1 4641298.81%
1230AS42313 Albtelecom Sh.a.Albania1 46064344.04%
1231AS43478 JSC ER-Telecom HoldingRussia1 45521614.85%
1232AS27984 Ver Tv S.A.Argentina1 454835.71%
1233AS28877 AZURIA-AS, FRFrance1 45437926.07%
1234AS12975 Palestine Telecommunications Company (PALTEL)Palestinian Territories1 45335624.50%
1235AS10010 TOKAI Communications Corporation1 4521087.44%
1236AS34145 LLC TOMTELRussia1 4521218.33%
1237AS197226 SPRINT-SDC, PLPoland1 4511 17681.05%
1238AS55915 Classic Tech Pvt. Ltd.Nepal1 44822315.40%
1239AS22689 Sercomtel Participa??es S.A.Brazil1 44817612.16%
1240AS8661 Posta dhe telekomi i KosovesSerbia1 44728819.90%
1241AS27866 CO.PA.CO.Paraguay1 44627118.74%
1242AS44812 IT Expert LLCRussia1 44472250.00%
1243AS25310 Cable & Wireless Access LimitedUnited Kingdom1 443281.94%
1244AS12605 LIWEST Kabelmedien GmbHAustria1 442624.30%
1246AS39047 Multiservice Networks Ltd.Russia1 44118913.12%
1247AS25374 ESCOM Ltd. - HaskovoBulgaria1 43624416.99%
1248AS201011 AS33891 Netzbetrieb GmbHGermany1 43675452.51%
1249AS39232 UninetAzerbaijan1 4271419.88%
1250AS21859 Zenlayer IncUnited States1 42747833.50%
1251AS22724 PUNTONET S.A.Ecuador1 42745631.95%
1252AS27983 Red Intercable Digital S.A.Argentina1 4251168.14%
1253AS32244 Liquid Web, L.L.CUnited States1 42547833.54%
1254AS20875 HT d.o.o. MostarBosnia and Herzegovina1 42323516.51%
1255AS131596 TBCTaiwan1 42247333.26%
1256AS132203 Tencent Building, Kejizhongyi AvenueChina1 42276153.52%
1257AS29300 ASNorway1 42146232.51%
1258AS7575 Australian Academic and Reasearch Network (AARNet)Australia1 421120.84%
1259AS21183 ABCOM ShpkAlbania1 42153037.30%
1260AS64050 Global ASNSingapore1 4201168.17%
1261AS22400 SimpleLink LLCUnited States1 41849835.12%
1262AS2914 NTT America, Inc.United States1 41714510.23%
1263AS4802 iiNet LimitedAustralia1 415513.60%
1264AS48176 OOO SETRussia1 41217312.25%
1266AS27695 EDATEL S.A. E.S.PColombia1 41027719.65%
1267AS37133 airtel-tz-asTanzania1 405402.85%
1268AS13370 LocalTel CommunicationsUnited States1 40520514.59%
1269AS196949 Kozitskiy A.M. PIRussia1 40522516.01%
1270AS22368 TELEBUCARAMANGA S.A. E.S.P.Colombia1 40123616.84%
1271AS39939 JAB Wireless, INC.United States1 393352.51%
1272AS27884 CABLECOLOR S.A.Honduras1 39324517.59%
1273AS6789 LLC crelcomRussia1 39125518.33%
1274AS39811 MTS PJSCRussia1 38624117.39%
1275AS24812 NPK Home-Net Ltd.Ukraine1 37721715.76%
1276AS29066 Internetdienste GmbHGermany1 37564747.05%
1277AS27839 Comteco LtdaBolivia1 3731289.32%
1278AS13055 CSVLG-AS, RURussia1 37318913.76%
1279AS9341 PT Indonesia Comnets PlusIndonesia1 36580859.19%
1280AS766 Entidad Publica Empresarial Red.esSpain1 3641057.70%
1281AS20294 MTN-Uganda1 363282.05%
1282AS12969 Fjarskipti ehfIceland1 363644.70%
1283AS11081 United Telecommunication Services (UTS)Curaçao1 361654.78%
1284AS55699 PT. Cemerlang MultimediaIndonesia1 36141930.79%
1285AS44775 Closed Joint Stock Company TransTeleComRussia1 3601218.90%
1286AS31725 ISP Shtorm LTDUkraine1 36030322.28%
1287AS8462 Tarr Kft.Hungary1 35914410.60%
1288AS12644 Telemach d.o.o.Slovenia1 3581087.95%
1289AS19165 Webpass Inc.United States1 358483.54%
1290AS34602 Megasvyaz LLCRussia1 35714210.46%
1291AS47447 23media GmbHGermany1 35742931.61%
1292AS38322 WEBE DIGITAL SDN. BHD.Malaysia1 3571269.29%
1293AS4007 Subisu Cablenet (Pvt) Ltd, Baluwatar, Kathmandu, NepalNepal1 35632924.26%
1294AS28075 ARLINK S.A.Argentina1 356654.79%
1295AS3 Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUnited States1 35420715.29%
1296AS29049 Delta Telecom LtdAzerbaijan1 35218013.31%
1297AS49816 MTS PJSCRussia1 35117012.58%
1298AS42368 Kompaniya Telemir LLCRussia1 34761245.43%
1299AS12946 Telecable de Asturias,SASpain1 347836.16%
1300AS13156 Nowo Communications, S.A.Portugal1 3431098.12%
1301AS4800 Network Access Provider and Internet Service ProviderIndonesia1 34370052.12%
1302AS29854 WestHost, Inc.United States1 34164247.88%
1303AS51375 VIVA Bahrain BSC ClosedBahrain1 3411118.28%
1304AS7497 Computer Network Information CenterChina1 3401329.85%
1305AS23100 Atlantic Broadband Finance, LLCUnited States1 339120.90%
1306AS17964 Beijing Dian-Xin-Tong Network Technologies Co., Ltd.China1 33736727.45%
1307AS7795 LUMOS Networks, Inc.United States1 33619914.89%
1308AS24961 myLoc managed IT AGGermany1 33664748.43%
1309AS39001 MTS PJSCRussia1 33443132.31%
1310AS20960 TK Telekom sp. z o.o.Poland1 33337928.43%
1311AS20248 Take 2 Hosting, Inc.United States1 33185764.39%
1312AS24499 Telenor PakistanPakistan1 32919614.75%
1313AS49724 CJSC Vainah TelecomRussia1 32258344.10%
1314AS5006 OnvoyUnited States1 32092570.08%
1315AS37353 MacroLANSouth Africa1 31541731.71%
1316AS34139 CJSC TSI ServiceRussia1 31321716.53%
1317AS31036 New Telesystems - TV, Ltd.Russia1 3121249.45%
1318AS8001 Net Access CorporationUnited States1 31270253.51%
1319AS55352 Microscan Computers Private LimitedIndia1 31115912.13%
1320AS58965 ANJANI BROADBAND SOLUTIONS PVT.LTD.India1 30943833.46%
1321AS28343 TPA TELECOMUNICACOES LTDABrazil1 30634626.49%
1322AS134762 CHINANET Sichuan province Chengdu MAN networkChina1 30559545.59%
1323AS29208 Dial Telecom, a.s.Slovakia1 30422817.48%
1324AS9387 AUGERE-PakistanPakistan1 30322417.19%
1325AS8580 MTS PJSCRussia1 29924518.86%
1326AS9260 Multinet Pakistan Pvt. Ltd.Pakistan1 29832925.35%
1327AS63473 HostHatch, IncGermany1 2981 12986.98%
1328AS33788 KANARTELSudan1 29760046.26%
1329AS45356 IS Group, No:108, W A D Ramanayake MawathaSri Lanka1 296665.09%
1330AS3308 Telia Company ABDenmark1 296241.85%
1331AS36866 JTLKenya1 29522917.68%
1332AS15525 Servicos De Comunicacoes E Multimedia S.A.Portugal1 292997.66%
1333AS51351 LTD Objedinennaja Setevaja KompanijaCzech Republic1 2871017.85%
1334AS136907 HUAWEI CLOUDSHong Kong SAR China1 284362.80%
1335AS47660 CONNECTIC-ASPoland1 28030.23%
1336AS131267 PO box T511 Phonexay road - Xaysettha districtLaos1 2771138.85%
1337AS39642 Telia Stofa A/SDenmark1 277453.52%
1338AS49342 OOO MediaSetiRussia1 2761169.09%
1339AS23243 COMCEL GUATEMALA S.A.Guatemala1 276715.56%
1340AS10036 DLIVESouth Korea1 27516913.26%
1341AS50274 Alfanet LLCAzerbaijan1 274907.06%
1342AS52362 Servicios Innovadores de Comunicaci?n y Entretenimiento, S.A.Guatemala1 274745.81%
1343AS6712 TVP Format LlcUkraine1 27318114.22%
1344AS51407 Mada ALArab LTDPalestinian Territories1 27218714.70%
1345AS50304 Blix Solutions ASNorway1 2701 07584.65%
1346AS6724 AGGermany1 26670755.84%
1347AS7794 Execulink Telecom Inc.Canada1 265372.93%
1348AS49984 Telecomunikatsiina Companiya LtdUkraine1 26326220.74%
1349AS29889 Fast Serv Networks, LLCUnited States1 26238830.75%
1350AS41268 LANTA LtdRussia1 26119315.30%
1351AS34700 Maxnet Telecom, LtdUkraine1 26119215.23%
1352AS17853 LGTELECOMEuropean Union1 260171.35%
1353AS23205 JAB Wireless, INC.United States1 258110.87%
1354AS19817 DSL ExtremeUnited States1 25741633.09%
1355AS16160 SWAN, a.s.Slovakia1 2561219.63%
1356AS14291 Antietam BroadbandUnited States1 256120.95%
1357AS17754 ExcellmediaIndia1 25518714.90%
1358AS39442 JSC UNICORussia1 25027021.60%
1359AS12418 Quantum CJSCRussia1 25020016.00%
1360AS28580 CILNET Comunicacao e Informatica LTDA.Brazil1 25019615.68%
1361AS20519 RostelecomRussia1 239483.87%
1362AS14988 BTC-GATE1Botswana1 23847338.21%
1363AS9617 Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd.1 238836.70%
1364AS2586 Elisa Eesti ASFinland1 236403.24%
1365AS33666 CMCS - Comcast Cable Communications, Inc.,USUnited States1 233191.54%
1366AS24400 Shanghai Mobile Communications Co.,Ltd.China1 23141833.96%
1367AS48666 MAROSNET Telecommunication Company LLCRussia1 22967454.84%
1368AS37154 ZAMTELZambia1 224463.76%
1369AS559 SWITCHSwitzerland1 223403.27%
1370AS18566 MegaPath CorporationUnited States1 22312810.47%
1371AS35725 Telekom Romania Mobile Communications S.A.Romania1 223322.62%
1372AS2686 AT&T Global Network Services, LLCUnited States1 220141.15%
1373AS11215 LogixUnited States1 218856.98%
1374AS15311 Telefonica EmpresasChile1 21820116.50%
1375AS14677 City of TacomaUnited States1 21512710.45%
1376AS41881 Fanava GroupIran1 21451542.42%
1377AS13045 htp GmbHGermany1 208191.57%
1378AS16116 Pelephone Communications Ltd.Israel1 207120.99%
1379AS10013 FreeBit Co.,Ltd.1 20633928.11%
1380AS18712 SureWest Kansas Operations, LLCUnited States1 204362.99%
1381AS56503 PJSC Badr Rayan JonoobIran1 20144837.30%
1382AS25653 FortressITXUnited States1 20019516.25%
1383AS42110 PVimpelComRussia1 19931926.61%
1384AS21688 Atlantic Broadband Finance, LLCUnited States1 195252.09%
1385AS8426 Claranet LtdPortugal1 19417514.66%
1386AS50113 MediaServicePlus LLCRussia1 19173761.88%
1387AS3266 Joao Carlos de Almeida Silveira trading as BitcanalGermany1 19141935.18%
1388AS35032 LLC Sip nisRussia1 186857.17%
1389AS17968 Daqing zhongji petroleum telecommunication construction limited cpmpanyChina1 1841119.38%
1390AS35911 TelebecCanada1 184453.80%
1391AS15924 Vodafone Net Iletisim Hizmetleri Anonim SirketiTurkey1 18218615.74%
1392AS9905 Linknet ASNIndonesia1 18056948.22%
1393AS54198 ViaNetTV IncCanada1 180352.97%
1394AS24164 YEONG JIA LEH CABLE TV CO., LTD.Taiwan1 17833528.44%
1395AS35540 OVH SASFrance1 178413.48%
1396AS47602 S.C. Profisol Telecom S.R.L.Romania1 1771 05089.21%
1397AS29209 Malaya Monetnaya Street 2-ARussia1 17640634.52%
1398AS45960 YTL COMMUNICATIONS SDN BHDMalaysia1 1761099.27%
1399AS30083 HEG US Inc.United States1 17544337.70%
1400AS35244 Kabelfernsehen Muenchen ServiCenter GmbH & Co.KGGermany1 171352.99%
1401AS24033 Australian Private Networks Pty LtdAustralia1 170121.03%
1402AS24158 Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd.Taiwan1 168625.31%
1403AS37342 MOVITELMozambique1 166494.20%
1404AS27901 Pacifico Cable SPA.Chile1 164453.87%
1405AS2852 CESNET z.s.p.o.Czech Republic1 163766.54%
1406AS16629 CTC. CORP S.A. (TELEFONICA EMPRESAS)Chile1 16316814.45%
1407AS135478 PT. Cyberindo AditamaIndonesia1 16235230.29%
1408AS52744 The Center Inform?tica LtdaBrazil1 16132928.34%
1409AS8517 National Academic Network and Information CenterTurkey1 159706.04%
1410AS38001 NewMedia Express Pte LtdSingapore1 15956548.75%
1411AS206206 Kurdistan Net Company for Computer and Internet Ltd.Iraq1 15932928.39%
1412AS10299 EMPRESAS MUNICIPALES DE CALI E.I.C.E. E.S.P.Colombia1 1541099.45%
1413AS27715 Locaweb Serviços de Internet S/A, BRBrazil1 15465256.50%
1414AS33991 Igra-Service LLCRussia1 1541038.92%
1415AS34814 Osnova-Internet LLCUkraine1 15219016.49%
1416AS38457 Honesty Net Solution (I) Pvt LtdIndia1 15113111.38%
1417AS32780 Hosting Services, Inc.United States1 14838133.19%
1418AS24139 Huashu media&Network LimitedChina1 14826322.91%
1419AS36907 TVCaboAngolaAngola1 14621318.59%
1420AS11090 Matanuska Telephone Association, Inc.United States1 146292.53%
1421AS8345 Irkutsk Business NetRussia1 14633829.49%
1422AS35728 MTS PJSCRussia1 145897.77%
1423AS21191 Closed Joint Stock Company TransTeleComRussia1 14515413.45%
1424AS44283 SE Dvoynin Andrey ViktorovichRussia1 14532428.30%
1425AS3226 OOO NIRussia1 14213011.38%
1426AS37009 Mobile Telecommunications, Ltd.Namibia1 140645.61%
1427AS15974 JSC VolgatranstelecomRussia1 13819517.14%
1428AS2386 AT&T Data Communications ServicesUnited States1 137786.86%
1429AS35598 Inetcom LLCRussia1 13620317.87%
1430AS7377 University of California, San DiegoUnited States1 136373.26%
1431AS40440 CommunicationsCanada1 1331 07294.62%
1432AS49223 Everest Broadcasting Company LtdUkraine1 12914412.75%
1433AS3842 RamNode LLCUnited States1 12873164.81%
1434AS33665 CMCS - Comcast Cable Communications, Inc.,USUnited States1 124100.89%
1435AS52685 Conectnet Telecomunica??es Ltda.Brazil1 12456450.18%
1436AS44252 Exe Net d.o.o. NisSerbia1 12430427.05%
1437AS33749 Atlantic Telephone Membership Corp.United States1 12360.53%
1438AS42239 Ltd. CypherRussia1 12320818.52%
1439AS50581 Ukraine telecommunication group Ltd.Ukraine1 12120218.02%
1440AS28917 LLC trc FiordRussia1 12024121.52%
1441AS17184 CBEYOND COMMUNICATIONS, LLCUnited States1 11912310.99%
1442AS35362 Company with additional responsibility Company BESTUkraine1 11622319.98%
1443AS24651 Jsc BalticomLatvia1 11513712.29%
1444AS262184 IBW Comunicaciones S.ACosta Rica1 11369662.53%
1445AS52075 Wifirst S.A.S.France1 112181.62%
1446AS43939 Internetia Sp.z o.o.Poland1 1121109.89%
1447AS35539 Information and Communication Technologies LLCRussia1 111988.82%
1448AS12406 Business Network LtdBelarus1 11024622.16%
1449AS59567 Intellect Dnepr Telecom LLCUkraine1 11032929.64%
1450AS201776 Miranda-Media LtdRussia1 10921719.57%
1451AS11172 Alestra, S. de R.L. de C.V.Mexico1 10916614.97%
1452AS31251 Falco Networks B.V.Netherlands1 10751646.61%
1453AS13368 James Cable, LLCUnited States1 105746.70%
1454AS136334 Vortex Netsol Private LimitedIndia1 10521219.19%
1455AS9988 Myanma Posts and TelecommunicationsMyanmar [Burma]1 10421019.02%
1456AS47954 Alpha Net Telecom LtdRussia1 10442038.04%
1457AS12414 Solcon Internetdiensten B.V.Netherlands1 104181.63%
1458AS197595 Obenetwork ABSweden1 10348043.52%
1459AS6828 OJSC Uralsvyazinform, Ekaterinburg subsidiaryRussia1 10223120.96%
1460AS31122 Digiweb ltdIreland1 10120218.35%
1461AS18002 AS Number for Interdomain RoutingIndia1 10039936.27%
1462AS553 Universitaet StuttgartGermany1 099847.64%
1463AS8339 kabelplus GmbHAustria1 098625.65%
1464AS327885 Viettel-TanzaniaTanzania1 098534.83%
1465AS25405 PJSC RostelecomRussia1 097504.56%
1466AS14813 Columbus Telecommunications (Barbados) LimitedBarbados1 09711810.76%
1467AS31286 MTS PJSCRussia1 09220819.05%
1468AS9674 Far EastTone Telecommunication Co., Ltd.Taiwan1 090817.43%
1469AS16202 PrimaCom Berlin GmbHGermany1 089222.02%
1470AS15617 Wind Hellas Telecommunications SAGreece1 08880.73%
1471AS23772 M/s Ortel Communications LtdIndia1 08527725.53%
1472AS25921 Lafayette Consolidated GovernmentUnited States1 084312.86%
1473AS7482 Asia Pacific On-line Service Inc.Taiwan1 08117015.73%
1474AS52219 Router Networks LLCUnited States1 08184778.35%
1475AS50477 Svyaz-Energo Ltd.Russia1 079989.08%
1476AS43274 Teleradiocompany Teleos-1 LtdRussia1 07828426.35%
1477AS8728 AS INFONETEstonia1 07613012.08%
1478AS2018 Tertiary Education and Research Network of South AfricaSouth Africa1 074322.98%
1479AS41557 Trgovsko radiodifuzno drustvo kablovska televizija ROBI DOOEL StipMacedonia1 07215013.99%
1480AS47526 Private Enterprise Belous Sergey GennadievichUkraine1 07219818.47%
1481AS39028 JSC ER-Telecom HoldingRussia1 07118417.18%
1482AS15108 Allo Communications LLCUnited States1 069151.40%
1483AS45117 Ishan's NetworkIndia1 06929527.60%
1484AS49363 Orange Armenia CJSCArmenia1 069635.89%
1485AS21351 Canal + Telecom SASFrance1 063837.81%
1486AS197023 MTS PJSCRussia1 06325924.37%
1487AS12670 CompletelFrance1 061898.39%
1488AS38197 Sun Network (Hong Kong) Limited - HongKong BackboneHong Kong SAR China1 06041038.68%
1489AS42925 Internet Rimon LTDIsrael1 058171.61%
1490AS13739 Datacenter IP, LLCUnited States1 05742540.21%
1491AS25853 Ellijay Telephone CompanyUnited States1 057141.32%
1492AS40156 The Optimal Link CorporationUnited States1 05529127.58%
1493AS60458 ASN-XTUDIONET, ESSpain1 05481477.23%
1494AS8680 Sure Guernsey LimitedUnited Kingdom1 054555.22%
1495AS43529 ViDaNet Cabletelevision Provider Ltd.Hungary1 05312611.97%
1496AS52263 Telecable Economico S.A.Costa Rica1 051625.90%
1497AS18747 IFX CorporationColombia1 05128827.40%
1498AS41789 LLC Teledyne Systems LimitedRussia1 05121720.65%
1499AS23679 Media Antar Nusa PT.Indonesia1 04854051.53%
1500AS19863 Guyana Telephone & Telegraph Co.Guyana1 04713713.08%