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Anti-Spam Features. CleanTalk protects your website from spam bots and spam

What is CleanTalk Anti-Spam

CleanTalk is a Cloud Anti-Spam service for websites. The main function of the CleanTalk to provide the owners and administrators of websites reliable tool to protect the web site against spam and spam bots. Invisible to the visitors of the web site, simple and convenient for the administrator, CleanTalk automatically blocks 99,998% of the spam.

SMF Anti-Spam Features

SMF Anti-Spam MOD protects from spam: new user registrations registrations, posts and protection for the form of "quick reply". When a visitor fills and submits a form MOD catches the visitor's IP, e-mail, message itself, some other parameters and sends them to the CleanTalk Cloud. After analysis of sent parameters the CleanTalk Servers decide whether a request should be blocked or allowed. All requests are being saved in your log.

Daily and weekly detailed anti-spam reports

The Detailed report gives you a detailed information about all processed requests and displays a table with data organized by a number of allowed and blocked comments/registrations and SpamFireWall count.

Blocking users by country

Many websites are simply not relevant to people in other countries. If you site is not intended for an international audience and you do not expect comments/users from other countries so, country blocking is an effective way to stop spam attack.

Private blacklists for Anti-Spam service

Anti-Spam will automatically block comments and registrations from your private black IP/email address list. This option helps to strengthen the spam protection from a manual spam or block unwanted comments from users.
You can add not only the certain IP addresses but also a separate subnet to your personal blacklist.

Spam attacks log

CleanTalk records all filtered comments, registration and other spam attacks in the "Log of spam attacks" and stores the data in the log for up to 45 days.
The log gives you a detailed information about each request for a time period and includes data/time, IP/email and all necessary information in the details — block reason, a body of the message, additionally caught data. You will never lose your message when user filled wrong fields from because service will storage all of your requests in the Cloud.

Blocking comments by "Stop Words"

You can block comments which contain "stop words" to enhance spam protection and messages with obscene words blocking. You can add particular words or phrases.

Real-Time Email Address Existence Validation

It is very important to be sure that the user used his real email address. Spambots very often use fake email addresses, i.e. which addresses do not exist. This feature of CleanTalk grants the ability to check email addresses for existence in real-time.

Invisible Anti-Spam Protection. No Captcha, No Recaptcha

CleanTalk eliminates the need for CAPTCHA, Recaptcha, questions&answers and other ways which use complicated communication methods for spam protection on your site. Invisible to the visitors, spam protection has a positive effect on the loyalty of the site's audience.
Everyday we save your time so you can do something good for yourself, like to have a cup of coffee, read the news or buy donuts.

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Growth of registrations/visitors
Convenient registration/commenting forms increase the number of registrations. Real-Time Email Address Existence Validation to increase your conversion rate.
Save time and resources
Our service allows you to focus your time on developing and improving the website and business, without being distracted by extraneous tasks.
Visitor loyalty
Your visitors are more loyal and not annoyed guessing characters or puzzles. They become your regular visitors.
Protection from spam bots comments, signups and contact emails
Mod provides anti-spam features for SMF spam bots registrations, posts and protection for the form of "quick reply". CleanTalk used to detect spam multistage test that allows us to block up to 100% of spam bots. The mod is compatible with any web hosting.
No Captcha, no reCaptcha, no questions, no puzzles, etc.
CleanTalk has developed anti-spam for SMF that would provide maximum protection from spam bots and you can provide for your visitors a simple and convenient of comments/registrations form without annoying CAPTCHA, reCaptcha, puzzles and etc.
Real-time Statistics
CleanTalk provide the maximum open real-time statistics for all received registrations/comments, it will allow you to control process completely. You can always be sure that there are no errors.
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