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CleanTalk anti-spam setup on MODX

1. Download the archive.

2. Copy downloaded file to "/core/packages".

3. Go to your website manager panel. Find "Extras" section in the upper menu, choose "Installer".

MODX anti-spam plugin install

4. Choose "Search Locally for Packages" from drop-down list

MODX anti-spam plugin install

and click "Yes".

MODX anti-spam plugin install

5. Click "Install" antispambycleantalk.

MODX anti-spam plugin install


MODX anti-spam plugin install

"OK" after install

MODX anti-spam plugin install

6. Go to Configuration section –> "System Settings".

MODX anti-spam plugin configure

Fill with "cleantalk" in filter field and press Enter. Copy and paste the access key from your CleanTalk Control Panel and check plugin status (must be "Yes").

MODX anti-spam plugin options

7. For correct protection you need to add chunk [[$cleantalkFormParams]] on every form to protect (before ).

8. Do a test registration using the blacklisted e-mail The cleantalk message must be shown.

MODX spam block

Congratulations. Anti-spam is installed!

Please, go to Dashboard to see the anti-spam status, add new websites or manage existing ones!

Note: In case if protection is not working on your contact form.

Click here to open

Go to cleantalkCheck plugin code and add your field to the $sender_message condition.

MODX anti-spam check tune

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