AS10049 SK Co.

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CountryNumber of networksIP AddressesPurpose of use
South Korea143Hosting
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Overview of AS10049

Owner of AS10049

The owner of AS10049 is SK Broadband Co Ltd, which is a major internet service provider in South Korea.

Main Operational Activity of AS10049's Owner

SK Broadband Co Ltd primarily engages in providing a wide range of telecommunication services. These services include broadband Internet access, voice over IP (VoIP), and IPTV as their core offerings among other telecommunication-related services.

Establishment of AS10049

Information about the exact establishment date of AS10049 is not typically publicly disclosed; however, SK Broadband itself has been operational since it was originally founded as Hanaro Telecom Inc. in 1997 and later rebranded to its current name following acquisition by SK Telecom.

Usage of AS10049 by Hackers or Spammers

Like many large networks, AS10049 may occasionally be used by hackers or spammers with malicious intent. However, there is no specific evidence or detailed information readily available from public sources such as CleanTalk that suggests a widespread issue concerning malicious activities originating from AS10049. It should be noted that network owners like SK Broadband typically have policies and measures in place to prevent and mitigate such misuse of their services.

Additional Details

For real-time and detailed information regarding the potential misuse of AS10049 for malicious intent such as spamming or hacking, individuals should refer to dedicated cybersecurity platforms like CleanTalk. These platforms actively monitor various networks and provide up-to-date data on any reported activities.

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Detected networks prefixes

#Network prefixCountryLengthDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate
1124.66.176.0/20South Korea40962460.00%
2168.154.0.0/16South Korea6553611020.00%
3168.154.36.0/22South Korea1024110.00%
4168.154.172.0/22South Korea1024710.00%
549.50.32.0/22South Korea1024800.00%
649.50.32.0/19South Korea81922100.00%
749.50.36.0/22South Korea1024300.00%
849.50.48.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
949.50.52.0/22South Korea1024500.00%
1049.50.56.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
1149.50.60.0/22South Korea1024300.00%
1249.50.60.0/24South Korea256200.00%
1361.97.0.0/20South Korea40961600.00%
1461.97.8.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
1561.97.12.0/22South Korea10241500.00%
16168.154.8.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
17168.154.12.0/22South Korea10241700.00%
18168.154.20.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
19168.154.24.0/22South Korea10244300.00%
20168.154.28.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
21168.154.32.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
22168.154.60.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
23168.154.64.0/22South Korea1024200.00%
24168.154.64.0/18South Korea16384400.00%
25168.154.68.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
26168.154.104.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
27168.154.160.0/22South Korea1024600.00%
28168.154.184.0/22South Korea1024100.00%
29168.154.192.0/19South Korea8192300.00%
30168.154.208.0/22South Korea1024100.00%