Spam statistics of AS13977 CTELCO

CountryNumber of networksIP AddressesPurpose of use
United States347Hosting
DomainDetected IP addressesSpam active IPsSpam rate
-24 2904161.71%
Websites countIP addresses with websites
3 346983

Spam activity log

- spam active IP adresses

Overview of AS13977

Owner of AS13977

The Autonomous System (AS) number 13977 is owned and operated by CTELCO, which stands for the Central Telecom Co-operative. This organization typically serves as an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Main Operational Activity

As an ISP, CTELCO's main operational activity involves providing internet access and related services to its customers. The services may include broadband internet access, network connectivity, and potentially other telecommunication services.

Establishment of AS13977

The specific date of establishment for AS13977 is not commonly publicly disclosed information. However, Autonomous Systems are registered as needed when an organization like CTELCO expands or begins its networking operations. Normally, this would coincide with the company's growth in providing internet services.

Malicious Use of AS13977

Regarding the misuse of AS13977 by hackers or spammers, there is no inherent characteristic of any particular AS that makes it more or less likely to be used maliciously. Instead, the security measures and policies enforced by the AS owner play a crucial role in preventing such activities. According to, a service that tracks and reports on spam and hacking activities, they maintain a database that includes records of blacklisted IPs and can provide insights into whether a particular AS has been involved in sending spam or hosting malicious activities.

Details from

As of the last update from's database, you would need to visit their website directly to get the most recent data regarding any reports of spam or malicious activities originating from AS13977. Since we cannot use hyperlinking here, please go to and search for AS13977 in their blacklist check tool for up-to-date information.

WhoIs AS13977


SPAM active IP addresses in AS13977 CTELCO

#Sender IPDetectedLast seenReported as spam 19:25:492024-05-16 13:40:373 22:56:502024-05-15 23:10:393
364.222.104.202024-05-15 14:50:342024-05-15 17:30:4211
464.222.109.982024-05-02 11:01:282024-05-18 08:05:305
564.222.114.42024-04-22 02:21:282024-05-12 20:30:025
664.222.122.1532024-05-16 03:20:332024-05-16 03:25:273
764.222.132.342024-04-15 11:25:482024-05-05 18:30:014
864.222.155.332024-04-17 10:00:542024-05-07 18:30:053
964.222.170.1542023-03-29 09:35:192024-05-08 01:25:305
1064.222.210.542024-05-08 00:00:382024-05-08 04:45:3913
1164.222.212.1982023-04-05 01:06:422024-05-06 19:45:283
1264.222.214.1892024-01-04 18:50:542024-05-18 06:15:338
1364.222.216.442024-03-19 00:31:012024-05-18 06:10:363
1464.222.233.1892024-05-11 23:45:342024-05-16 20:55:346
1564.223.90.2022024-05-13 05:55:282024-05-13 11:40:374
1664.223.122.1892024-05-15 23:10:392024-05-16 05:35:283
1764.223.123.182024-04-21 08:20:572024-05-06 21:25:327
1864.223.123.702024-04-18 00:10:592024-05-08 02:30:083
1964.223.125.2542024-05-08 06:25:292024-05-08 06:25:293
2064.223.126.2462024-05-17 05:10:312024-05-17 22:15:433
2164.223.130.1962024-04-23 09:55:282024-05-13 12:30:064
2264.223.144.132024-05-13 07:45:302024-05-15 21:00:396
2364.223.154.922023-06-24 01:11:242024-05-10 13:10:376
2464.223.158.152024-05-15 22:10:342024-05-16 20:25:567
2564.223.171.772024-04-29 22:15:402024-05-07 04:00:387
2664.223.172.942024-05-17 16:30:372024-05-17 16:35:284
2764.223.208.242024-05-05 02:10:372024-05-05 02:35:323
2864.223.234.1142024-04-18 15:16:272024-05-08 00:00:385
2964.223.239.712024-04-10 08:57:342024-05-07 19:20:3712
3068.238.54.1142022-12-16 18:30:462024-05-09 00:41:183

Detected networks prefixes

#Network prefixCountryLengthDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate States327681649490.00% States16384813220.00%
371.241.128.0/17United States327682091210.00%
470.109.128.0/21United States2048369151.00%
571.168.64.0/18United States163841216150.00%
664.223.232.0/21United States2048301111.00%
772.73.112.0/21United States2048237100.00%
864.222.192.0/19United States819250190.00%
964.222.224.0/19United States819231780.00%
1070.109.136.0/23United States5129782.00%
1171.161.204.0/22United States102415881.00%
1270.105.224.0/21United States204819470.00%
1372.65.96.0/19United States819249970.00%
1464.223.80.0/20United States409619860.00%
1570.105.240.0/22United States102417761.00%
1670.109.152.0/23United States5129361.00%
1771.169.188.0/22United States102414861.00%
1871.181.16.0/21United States204826260.00%
1970.20.52.0/23United States5128951.00%
2071.169.128.0/19United States819244250.00%
2171.181.16.0/22United States102412350.00%
2272.73.112.0/22United States102411250.00%
2372.73.116.0/22United States102412550.00%
2472.87.56.0/21United States204817950.00%
2564.222.106.0/24United States2565042.00%
2664.222.233.0/24United States2563542.00%
2764.223.90.0/24United States2563142.00%
2868.238.56.0/21United States204812940.00%
2970.20.58.0/23United States5129241.00%
3070.105.224.0/22United States10248840.00%

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