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About AS1730

Owner of AS1730

The owner of Autonomous System Number (ASN) 1730 is Tinet Spa, which is an organization involved in providing network services and solutions.

Main Operational Activity

Tinet Spa primarily operates as a carrier's carrier, meaning they provide backbone services to other telecom operators. They focus on delivering high-quality IP Transit and Ethernet connectivity worldwide.

Establishment of AS1730

There is no specific public information readily available regarding the exact establishment date of AS1730. ASN establishment dates are generally not publicly disclosed except by the owning entity itself or through historical records held by internet registry organizations.

Malicious Use of AS1730

Like many Autonomous Systems, AS1730 could potentially be misused by hackers or spammers. However, according to the data provided by CleanTalk, there are currently no significant reports or evidence suggesting that AS1730 is being used with malicious intent. This implies that Tinet Spa maintains appropriate measures to prevent misuse of its network infrastructure.

Please note that the situation may change, and it's important for network administrators to monitor for any suspicious activities continually.

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