AS6400 Compania Dominicana de Telefonos S. A.

Spam statistics of AS6400 Compania Dominicana de Telefonos S. A.

CountryNumber of networksIP AddressesPurpose of use
Dominican Republic1681Public
DomainDetected IP addressesSpam active IPsSpam rate
-16 5733 59021.66%
Websites countIP addresses with websites
50 4157 234

Spam activity log

- spam active IP adresses

Overview of AS6400

Owner Information

The owner of Autonomous System Number (ASN) AS6400 is CANTV Servicios, Venezuela, which is a state-owned telecommunications provider in Venezuela. CANTV stands for Compañía Anónima Nacional de Teléfonos de Venezuela.

Main Operational Activity

The main operational activity of AS6400's owner, CANTV, encompasses providing comprehensive telecommunications services. These services include local, domestic, and international telephony, as well as Internet service provision for both residential and corporate customers throughout Venezuela.

Establishment and Background

While the specific date of establishment for AS6400 is not publicly detailed, its parent company CANTV has been operational since its founding on June 20, 1930. Over the years, it has evolved to become the largest telecommunications provider in Venezuela and was re-nationalized in 2007.

Malicious Use of AS6400

Regarding the malicious use of AS6400, like any large network, there may be instances of abuse or unwanted traffic such as spam or hacking originating from its IPs. However, public data from sources like CleanTalk can provide insights into the current status of any reported abusive behavior associated with the ASN. You mentioned obtaining details from CleanTalk; however, as per your instructions, I cannot access external websites directly or provide URLs. Therefore, for the most recent and detailed information regarding the potential misuse of AS6400, one should refer to the latest data available on the CleanTalk website or other reputable cybersecurity databases.

WhoIs AS6400


SPAM active IP addresses in AS6400 Compania Dominicana de Telefonos S. A.

#Sender IPDetectedLast seenReported as spam 04:00:302024-04-09 22:51:413 19:15:142024-04-10 19:12:1814
366.98.57.1772023-01-17 08:15:482024-04-11 00:32:0912
4148.0.21.522018-11-11 03:42:372024-04-03 00:16:406
5148.0.54.772016-12-12 04:06:222024-04-04 12:30:0821
6148.0.70.1552018-04-27 11:15:052024-04-11 07:06:395
7148.0.164.282016-10-20 04:56:202024-04-10 23:53:377
8148.0.183.1502017-05-07 08:15:202024-04-10 07:27:5739
9148.0.192.142016-10-23 15:45:512024-04-11 00:55:454
10148.101.47.1902018-11-07 20:50:342024-04-08 16:37:5031
11148.255.47.2212021-12-17 14:12:202024-04-13 02:01:249
12190.166.7.2442019-01-03 06:55:102024-04-05 08:05:507
13190.166.89.2012021-11-15 02:01:202024-04-06 20:03:464
14190.166.236.1882016-11-21 07:45:252024-04-11 02:52:013
15190.167.198.1562014-02-17 20:36:032024-04-10 15:54:3736
16200.88.117.682019-07-14 02:28:442024-04-10 18:54:5311

Detected networks prefixes

#Network prefixCountryLengthDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate
1148.0.0.0/13Dominican Republic5242881174024900.00%
2148.0.0.0/16Dominican Republic655361020124634.00%
3152.0.0.0/10Dominican Republic419430414923421480.00%
4148.0.128.0/17Dominican Republic32768519115255.00%
5148.0.128.0/19Dominican Republic819219737039.00%
6179.52.0.0/15Dominican Republic13107294815910.00%
7152.0.0.0/16Dominican Republic6553651365281.00%
8186.6.0.0/15Dominican Republic13107283425180.00%
9148.255.0.0/16Dominican Republic6553651414821.00%
10148.0.0.0/18Dominican Republic1638428944703.00%
11148.101.0.0/16Dominican Republic6553650563891.00%
12179.52.0.0/16Dominican Republic6553650983150.00%
13186.6.0.0/16Dominican Republic6553644563000.00%
14179.53.0.0/16Dominican Republic6553643822760.00%
15186.7.0.0/16Dominican Republic6553638862180.00%
16148.101.0.0/17Dominican Republic3276826632151.00%
17190.167.0.0/16Dominican Republic6553647831980.00%
18186.6.128.0/17Dominican Republic3276824131931.00%
19148.101.128.0/17Dominican Republic3276823911741.00%
20190.166.0.0/16Dominican Republic6553629901290.00%
21186.6.192.0/19Dominican Republic81927181201.00%
22186.6.0.0/17Dominican Republic3276820431070.00%
23148.0.136.0/22Dominican Republic102426410210.00%
24148.0.156.0/22Dominican Republic1024258959.00%
25186.7.0.0/17Dominican Republic327681819950.00%
26148.0.140.0/22Dominican Republic1024236878.00%
27148.0.148.0/22Dominican Republic1024241868.00%
28148.0.128.0/22Dominican Republic1024241858.00%
29148.0.144.0/22Dominican Republic1024252858.00%
30148.0.132.0/22Dominican Republic1024252848.00%

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