Spam statistics of AS8560 IONOS SE

CountryNumber of networksIP AddressesPurpose of use
United Kingdom126155 587Paid VPN, Hosting
DomainDetected IP addressesSpam active IPsSpam rate
-107 0132 8592.67%
Websites countIP addresses with websites
5 424 042146 021

Spam activity log

- spam active IP adresses

About AS8560

Owner of AS8560

The owner of Autonomous System (AS) 8560 is IONOS SE, which was previously known as 1&1 Internet SE. IONOS SE is a well-established web hosting and cloud services company that operates internationally.

Main Operational Activity of IONOS SE

The main operational activity of IONOS SE, the owner of AS8560, includes providing a wide range of internet services such as web hosting, domain registration, cloud services, and various other online presence solutions for both private individuals and businesses.

Establishment of AS8560

AS8560 has been operational for many years, serving as the backbone of IONOS SE's internet infrastructure. The exact date of establishment for AS8560 is not specified in this answer, but it correlates with the growth and development of IONOS SE as a major internet service provider.

Malicious Use of AS8560

Like many large networks, AS8560 may occasionally be exploited by hackers or spammers with malicious intent. However, these incidents do not necessarily reflect the intentions or practices of IONOS SE itself, as the company actively works to combat abuse and maintain network integrity.

According to data from, there have been instances of abuse detected coming from AS8560. CleanTalk maintains a database of IP addresses suspected of spamming or other malicious activities, and they report on incidents involving networks like AS8560. It should be noted that the presence of an AS in such a database does not imply that the network owner condones or supports these actions, but rather that they may face challenges in policing their network against misuse by third parties. Data on AS8560

As of the latest information available from, AS8560 has had reports of abuse, which could include spam or other forms of network exploitation. This reflects the ongoing battle that service providers face in securing their networks against unauthorized and harmful activities.

WhoIs AS8560


SPAM active IP addresses in AS8560 IONOS SE

#Sender IPDetectedLast seenReported as spam 17:30:212024-04-09 04:29:5721 00:35:332024-04-11 14:03:4916
350.21.188.112022-09-11 13:05:432024-04-10 19:33:293
450.21.188.252022-08-10 06:42:382024-04-11 02:16:503
550.21.188.302022-09-01 03:55:432024-04-08 08:31:093
650.21.188.352022-09-20 10:06:272024-04-09 09:03:503
750.21.188.402022-09-01 03:55:432024-04-08 08:31:093
850.21.188.452022-08-18 11:20:142024-04-09 09:03:273
950.21.188.592022-08-12 01:21:372024-04-13 16:29:564
1050.21.188.632022-09-10 08:46:102024-04-13 17:45:533
1150.21.188.832022-08-20 15:10:182024-04-16 12:10:593
1250.21.188.902022-08-16 17:52:172024-04-12 17:26:423
1350.21.188.932022-09-10 08:46:102024-04-16 12:10:594
1450.21.188.1022022-09-02 08:30:432024-04-11 23:50:553
1550.21.188.1032022-08-20 15:10:532024-04-16 12:10:593
1650.21.188.1082022-09-05 12:15:442024-04-16 15:10:563
1750.21.188.1212022-08-11 11:57:342024-04-17 08:45:423
1850.21.188.1222022-08-14 13:24:352024-04-09 02:52:523
1970.35.194.952020-01-08 03:07:262024-04-19 02:52:433
2070.35.198.1972024-03-28 05:21:312024-04-17 14:30:064
2170.35.204.242022-07-13 16:53:252024-04-13 00:17:334
2270.35.205.512024-03-11 12:33:282024-04-07 20:30:3239
2374.208.2.1332022-08-04 09:36:552024-04-11 10:15:553
2474.208.2.1342022-10-27 00:50:502024-04-11 17:17:003
2574.208.2.1432022-08-04 09:36:552024-04-11 10:15:553
2674.208.2.1532022-08-27 08:25:332024-04-07 14:55:213
2774.208.2.1542019-11-09 14:48:422024-04-11 06:51:303
2874.208.2.1562022-08-05 18:44:032024-04-10 00:52:293
2974.208.2.1622022-08-18 17:56:242024-04-18 12:30:084
3074.208.2.1642022-08-18 15:05:142024-04-11 17:17:003

Detected networks prefixes

#Network prefixCountryLengthDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate States65536223356351.00%
677.68.0.0/17United Kingdom32768105312771.00%
8109.228.0.0/18United Kingdom163845197901.00%
988.208.192.0/18United Kingdom163844652590.00%
1070.35.192.0/20United States40961822551.00%
11108.175.0.0/20United States40961419531.00%
1250.21.176.0/20United States40961348501.00%
13198.71.48.0/20United States40961496471.00%
1593.90.192.0/20United Kingdom40961313451.00%
16198.251.64.0/20United States40961337371.00%
17162.255.84.0/22United States1024474283.00%
18213.171.192.0/19United Kingdom81922179270.00%
2062.151.176.0/22United States1024482222.00%
21104.254.244.0/22United States1024660222.00%
22216.250.112.0/20United States40961510200.00%
23217.174.240.0/20United Kingdom40961085200.00%
2470.35.196.0/22United States1024510172.00%
25108.175.8.0/22United States1024393172.00%
26198.71.60.0/22United States1024502172.00%
2766.175.232.0/21United States2048490161.00%
28198.251.72.0/22United States1024355162.00%