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About AS9730

Owner of AS9730

The owner of Autonomous System (AS) 9730 is Bharti Telesonic Ltd, which is part of the larger Bharti Airtel group. Bharti Airtel is a leading global telecommunications company with operations in multiple countries.

Main Operational Activity

The main operational activity of AS9730's owner, Bharti Telesonic Ltd, involves providing integrated telecom services. This includes cellular mobile, telemedia, and enterprise services such as national & international long distance communication services.

Establishment of AS9730

The exact date of establishment for AS9730 is not publicly disclosed in standard AS information repositories. However, given that Bharti Airtel has been operational since 1995, AS9730 would have been established sometime after this date as the internet and related technologies evolved and expanded within their service offerings.

Usage of AS9730 by Hackers or Spammers

According to data from CleanTalk, it appears that there have been instances of abuse originating from AS9730. This includes activities commonly associated with hackers or spammers such as spamming forums, blogs, and wikis. CleanTalk provides a platform for users to check and report such malicious activities. It's important to note that while these activities may be associated with certain IP addresses within AS9730, it does not necessarily implicate the owner of the system in malicious intent, as they could be the result of compromised systems within their network.

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Detected networks prefixes

#Network prefixCountryLengthDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate
2192.100.1.0/24South Africa256500.00%

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