CleanTalk keeps track of the IP addresses in spam messages, to help Hosting and ISP companies to know about suspicious activity in the address space of a company. The presence of IP addresses in this list, it is an occasion to start audit server security that uses a particular address.
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Spam statistics of AS3064 AFFINITY-FTL

United States
Number of networks
2 477
IP Addresses
747 691
Purpose of use
Detected IP addresses
4 804
Spam active IPs
Spam rate
Websites count
247 407
IP addresses with websites
15 357

Spam activity log

— spam active IP adresses

WhoIs AS: as3064


SPAM active IP addresses in AS3064 AFFINITY-FTL

#Sender IPDetectedLast seenReported as spam 19:19:582021-05-01 01:45:449 21:42:422021-05-09 11:05:388
366.113.208.1842021-01-14 07:53:332021-04-30 23:51:106
466.113.212.222020-09-04 15:48:112021-05-10 01:45:5313
566.230.230.2302012-01-24 12:25:032021-05-11 19:40:351145

Detected networks prefixes

#Network prefixCountryLengthDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate States327684746190.00% States102449491.00%
364.71.32.0/21United States204888690.00%
464.71.32.0/19United States819291390.00%
572.4.128.0/19United States819236650.00%
6216.87.160.0/19United States819279240.00%
764.41.84.0/22United States102411630.00%
872.4.144.0/22United States102421730.00%
964.23.0.0/17United States3276813720.00%
1066.230.192.0/19United States819237520.00%
1172.4.140.0/22United States10241620.00%
12207.36.0.0/16United States6553628720.00%
1364.41.82.0/23United States51215210.00%
1464.70.128.0/17United States327686710.00%
1564.156.24.0/22United States10245810.00%
1664.156.24.0/21United States204812210.00%
1764.158.28.0/22United States1024610.00%
1866.230.224.0/20United States40968110.00%
1984.40.16.0/20United States409610010.00% States10242700.00%
2163.208.1.0/24United States256300.00%
2264.26.0.0/18United States1638423900.00%
2364.26.28.0/24United States256300.00%
2464.26.29.0/24United States2561700.00%
2564.26.30.0/23United States51211700.00%
2664.26.59.0/24United States256400.00%
2764.26.60.0/24United States2561000.00%
2864.41.88.0/22United States10248600.00%
2964.41.92.0/24United States256100.00%
3064.41.94.0/23United States51230600.00%