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AS4609 Companhia de Telecomunicacoes de Macau SARL

Spam statistics of AS4609 Companhia de Telecomunicacoes de Macau SARL

Macao SAR China
Number of networks
IP Addresses
3 886
Purpose of use
Public, Hosting
Detected IP addresses
3 441
Spam active IPs
Spam rate
Websites count
1 220
IP addresses with websites

Spam activity log

— spam active IP adresses

WhoIs AS: as4609


SPAM active IP addresses in AS4609 Companhia de Telecomunicacoes de Macau SARL

#Sender IPDetectedLast seenReported as spam 07:51:432022-06-30 17:34:518 21:06:472022-07-04 10:57:187
3122.100.197.1462021-10-13 10:50:512022-06-26 03:13:019
4202.86.129.1062019-09-23 03:50:482022-06-26 09:21:2115
5202.86.149.1862021-06-30 23:35:532022-07-04 05:33:518
6202.175.47.742022-06-29 14:47:092022-06-29 14:47:096
7202.175.76.2422020-07-03 13:35:482022-06-24 03:35:345
8202.175.92.2422021-05-21 12:00:542022-06-21 03:30:2825
9202.175.178.2262022-01-26 06:12:392022-06-29 02:03:036

Detected networks prefixes

#Network prefixCountryLengthDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate SAR China1638411191671.00% SAR China81924501502.00%
3122.100.128.0/19Macao SAR China8192258250.00%
427.109.160.0/19Macao SAR China8192174180.00%
560.246.96.0/19Macao SAR China8192205180.00%
660.246.160.0/19Macao SAR China8192179180.00%
760.246.192.0/19Macao SAR China8192210170.00%
860.246.128.0/19Macao SAR China8192188150.00%
9205.215.0.0/19United States8192182140.00%
10205.215.0.0/18United States16384187140.00%
11180.94.128.0/19Macao SAR China8192214130.00%
1260.246.64.0/19Macao SAR China8192226120.00%
13113.52.64.0/18Macao SAR China16384497120.00%
14202.171.252.0/22Macao SAR China102424121.00%
1527.109.128.0/19Macao SAR China8192211110.00%
16122.100.160.0/19Macao SAR China8192215110.00%
17125.31.0.0/19Macao SAR China819213680.00%
1860.246.224.0/19Macao SAR China819221070.00%
19113.52.64.0/19Macao SAR China819232170.00%
20122.100.132.0/22Macao SAR China10243161.00%
21202.175.160.0/19Macao SAR China81929060.00%
2227.109.184.0/22Macao SAR China10242650.00%
2327.109.244.0/22Macao SAR China10242650.00%
24113.52.96.0/19Macao SAR China819217650.00%
25122.100.128.0/22Macao SAR China10243550.00%
26182.93.32.0/19Macao SAR China819210550.00%
2727.109.200.0/22Macao SAR China10241740.00%
28122.100.172.0/22Macao SAR China10242640.00%
29122.100.176.0/22Macao SAR China10243540.00%
30122.100.232.0/22Macao SAR China10242540.00%