AS5384 Emirates Telecommunications Group Company (etisalat Group) Pjsc

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United Arab Emirates118Hosting
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-149 1022 7821.87%
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8 4073 614

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About AS5384

Owner of AS5384

The owner of Autonomous System Number (ASN) AS5384 is Emirates Telecommunications Corporation, commonly known as Etisalat. Etisalat is a multinational Emirati-based telecommunications services provider, currently operating in around 16 countries across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Main Operational Activity of AS5384's Owner

Etisalat provides a variety of telecommunications services including mobile and fixed-line voice and data services, digital television, and Internet services to individuals, businesses, and international telecommunications companies, ISPs, content providers, and mobile operators.

Establishment of AS5384

The exact establishment date of AS5384 is not publicly disclosed, but Etisalat itself was founded in 1976 and has been expanding its operations across various countries ever since. The ASN for Etisalat would have been established as the company developed its internet infrastructure.

AS5384 and Malicious Activities

Like any large network, AS5384 may experience instances of misuse by individuals or groups with malicious intent, such as hackers or spammers. However, there is no specific evidence provided here that suggests AS5384 is predominantly used for harmful activities. Organizations like CleanTalk provide databases and reports on blacklisted IPs and can be referenced for current data related to AS5384 and associated malicious activities.

Note: For up-to-date details about any reported abuse coming from AS5384, please refer to reputable blacklist reporting services, as this assistant does not have real-time querying capabilities and cannot embed links to external websites.

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#Sender IPDetectedLast seenReported as spam 16:45:542024-07-16 05:05:2917 20:05:342024-07-25 06:00:4244 09:55:512024-07-22 02:41:417 02:20:222024-07-21 21:35:2910 03:22:142024-07-21 11:30:424 19:00:372024-07-20 11:15:356 06:35:322024-07-14 01:20:574 03:30:392024-07-23 20:51:373 10:31:462024-07-15 17:05:316 11:40:442024-07-21 20:10:42310 17:40:562024-07-23 13:09:048
1231.215.71.722023-05-27 06:05:222024-07-13 12:29:0038
1337.245.60.1062022-07-14 11:09:152024-07-15 16:00:4411
1483.110.3.2112024-07-15 17:51:152024-07-16 19:55:294
1583.110.59.1862023-01-15 02:55:412024-07-23 01:55:276
1683.110.84.2322021-10-10 00:16:032024-07-14 20:28:5026
1783.110.101.702024-01-02 13:45:242024-07-24 08:40:357
1883.110.116.382024-06-18 18:05:272024-07-19 08:25:256
1983.110.196.1262014-07-15 21:26:282024-07-14 12:29:065
2086.97.209.262024-01-20 21:22:172024-07-19 18:28:486
2186.98.33.1092018-06-06 18:50:082024-07-16 12:10:386
2286.98.59.2262023-10-22 20:15:572024-07-16 14:28:515
2386.98.65.1252024-06-08 03:55:292024-07-25 11:10:3929
2486.98.87.782023-11-10 21:21:082024-07-20 23:10:367
2586.98.88.1332024-06-18 17:40:372024-07-16 18:28:4914
2686.98.89.822024-03-04 07:23:312024-07-13 01:41:566
2786.98.149.1142024-01-09 11:20:522024-07-22 00:33:0126
2886.98.179.1572024-07-14 11:41:042024-07-14 18:00:443
2992.96.252.2322013-04-06 00:11:152024-07-24 02:05:326
30195.229.238.1892014-04-02 13:10:132024-07-16 15:15:365

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#Network prefixCountryLengthDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate
1217.165.64.0/18United Arab Emirates1638435321281.00% Arab Emirates1638442411111.00% Arab Emirates3276833131110.00% Arab Emirates1638438361021.00% Arab Emirates1638412961001.00%
683.110.192.0/18United Arab Emirates163842372991.00%
786.98.0.0/18United Arab Emirates163844668971.00%
831.215.0.0/17United Arab Emirates327683919910.00% Arab Emirates163841514800.00%
1086.98.64.0/18United Arab Emirates163843312770.00%
11217.165.192.0/18United Arab Emirates163842288740.00%
1231.215.128.0/17United Arab Emirates327683744690.00% Arab Emirates163841717670.00%
1483.110.64.0/18United Arab Emirates163842869640.00%
15217.165.0.0/18United Arab Emirates163843665640.00%
1683.110.128.0/18United Arab Emirates163842770580.00% Arab Emirates163842009570.00%
1892.96.224.0/19United Arab Emirates81922069571.00%
19217.165.192.0/19United Arab Emirates8192602521.00%
2086.98.128.0/18United Arab Emirates163842414500.00%
21217.165.128.0/18United Arab Emirates163842817480.00%
2237.245.0.0/18United Arab Emirates163841360470.00%
2392.96.128.0/18United Arab Emirates163842562470.00%
2483.110.0.0/18United Arab Emirates163841861440.00%
2594.59.128.0/18United Arab Emirates163842470440.00%
2631.215.0.0/18United Arab Emirates163841688420.00%
2792.99.128.0/18United Arab Emirates163844210420.00%
28109.177.0.0/18United Arab Emirates163842533420.00%
2931.215.128.0/18United Arab Emirates163841737400.00%
3094.59.192.0/18United Arab Emirates163842624390.00%