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About AS10525

Ownership of AS10525

The Autonomous System (AS) number 10525 is registered to and owned by The RAND Corporation. The RAND Corporation is a non-profit organization that offers research and analysis services to the United States Armed Forces.

Main Operational Activity of AS10525's Owner

The RAND Corporation primarily engages in policy research and analysis across various fields, including defense, health, education, international affairs, and technology. Its main operational activities include providing objective research services and public policy analysis to improve policy and decision-making.

Establishment of AS10525

There is no specific public information available regarding the exact establishment date of AS10525. Autonomous Systems are generally established when an organization requires a unique presence on the internet, often coinciding with or following the organization's growth and need for robust network infrastructure.

Malicious Use of AS10525

Like many networks, AS10525 could potentially be used by hackers or spammers with malicious intent. However, any such activity would not represent the interests or operations of The RAND Corporation itself. According to data from CleanTalk, there may have been instances where AS10525 was associated with spam or malicious activities. It is important for network administrators to monitor their systems and address any unauthorized use promptly to maintain security and integrity.

As of the last check, CleanTalk does not provide specific details concerning the dates and nature of the potential abuses attributed to AS10525. For the most current and detailed information, visiting the CleanTalk website directly and performing a search for AS10525 would provide the latest data available.

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