How To Install the Universal Security Extension UniForce By CleanTalk


The UniForce extension can be installed on any PHP site, CMS or framework. The UniForce allows you:

  • to restrict website access using Security Firewall
  • to protect a website from exploit-attacks, XSS-attacks и SQL injections. 
  • to protect a website from a password guessing (brute-force)(only for Joomla sites)


Attention! You need to have a PHP 5.6 support enabled to install and use the extension.


1. Make backup copies of your website files.

2. Download and unzip the archive with the extension to your website root folder (usually it is "public_html" folder). You should see a folder named "uniforce" in the root of your website.


Website root folder


3. Go here in your browser: your_site_name/uniforce/index.php


Address bar


4. Enter the access key you have taken from your Security dashboard and press the "Install" button to run the installation.

Also, you can register a new CleanTalk account following the "Don't have an account? Create here!" link.


Installation interface


5. By default, the UniForce extension rewrites index.php file found in the root folder and doesn't touch anything else. You can specify additional admin page URLs in the "Additional Scripts" field, just separate them by commas in the "Advanced configuration" section. Make note, you can set an additional password for the extension settings page.




6. You should see the next page in case of a success:




Note: To enter the extension settings page follow the link (your_site_name/uniforce) after finishing the installation. Here you can manage the extension parameters and delete it in case of necessity.




You can see your Security Firewall logs, add a new site and manage the existing sites on the Security Dashboard page.


How to Check the UniForce by CleanTalk Functioning


1. Go to the Security dashboard find the site with the UniForce installed and go to its settings page:


Security dashboard


2. Find and copy the special URL of the testing page for the Security Firewall:


Link placement photo


3. Create a new browser window in the incognito mode and paste the copied URL to the address bar.

4. You will see the blocking page as shown on the photo:


Security Firewall block page

5. If you can see the page, the extension works fine. Now you can set up the Security Firewall rules using this guide.


How to Add Website to CleanTalk Security Dashboard

Please use this guide to add website to CleanTalk Security Dashboard:


If you have any questions concerning the CleanTalk services, please contact us:



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