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Overview of AS11138

Ownership and Operational Activity

AS11138, also known as Autonomous System 11138, is owned by BHN-33363 - Charter Communications Inc. The main operational activity of AS11138's owner, Charter Communications, is to provide a variety of services including cable television, high-speed internet, telephone service, and wireless networks to both residential and commercial customers.

Establishment of AS11138

The specific establishment date of AS11138 is not publicly disclosed. However, the history of Charter Communications dates back to 1993, and over the years, it has grown significantly through various acquisitions and expansions of its network infrastructure.

Security Concerns Related to AS11138

While any large network may be susceptible to abuse by hackers or spammers, there are measures that organizations like Charter Communications implement to mitigate these risks. According to data provided by CleanTalk, there is no explicit evidence suggesting that AS11138 is frequently used with malicious intent. It is important for network operators to monitor their systems continuously and address any security issues promptly to maintain the integrity and trustworthiness of their services.

As per CleanTalk, specific details about recent activities or incidents involving AS11138 are not provided without further context or a direct query into their database, which would yield more timely and accurate information regarding any potential misuse of the network.

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Detected networks prefixes

#Network prefixCountryLengthDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate States409625550.00% States409626140.00%
3104.152.76.0/22United States10248940.00%
464.202.36.0/22United States10246420.00%
569.84.68.0/24United States2561721.00%
6208.85.88.0/22United States10248620.00%
764.31.242.0/24United States2561610.00%
864.202.44.0/23United States5124610.00%
966.97.255.0/24United States2561610.00%
1069.84.64.0/24United States2562110.00%
1169.84.67.0/24United States2561410.00%
1269.84.77.0/24United States2561210.00%
1364.31.240.0/24United States256400.00%
1464.31.241.0/24United States2561900.00%
1564.31.243.0/24United States2561500.00%
1664.31.244.0/24United States2561200.00%
1764.31.245.0/24United States2562800.00%
1864.31.246.0/24United States2561600.00%
1964.31.247.0/24United States2561100.00%
2064.31.248.0/24United States2561500.00%
2164.31.249.0/24United States2561800.00%
2264.31.250.0/24United States2561800.00%
2364.31.251.0/24United States2561900.00%
2464.31.252.0/24United States2563700.00%
2564.31.253.0/24United States2562100.00%
2664.31.254.0/24United States2562900.00%
2764.31.255.0/24United States2561900.00%
2864.202.32.0/24United States2562800.00%
2964.202.33.0/24United States2561500.00%
3064.202.36.0/24United States2561900.00%