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Overview of AS1339

Owner Information

The autonomous system AS1339 is owned by ANS Communications Inc, which was previously known as Advanced Network & Services. This organization has a historical significance in the development of early network infrastructure and services.

Main Operational Activity

The main operational activity of ANS Communications Inc and thereby AS1339 was providing advanced networking services. They played a role in the evolution of the internet by contributing to the backbone infrastructure that supports it.

Establishment Background

AS1339 was one of the earlier autonomous systems established for the purpose of internet networking. The exact date of establishment might not be publicly documented, but it can be inferred that it was created during the formative years of the internet's infrastructure development.

Malicious Use of AS1339

There have been instances where AS1339 may have been used for malicious intents such as hacking or spamming activities. However, it should be noted that any large network can potentially be exploited for such purposes despite the original intentions of its owners.

According to data from CleanTalk, which monitors IP addresses for spam and other abusive behaviors, there may have been reports or occurrences associated with AS1339. For detailed information and statistics on these incidents, please refer to their website directly, as embedding links is outside the scope of this response format.

It is important to understand that the presence of such activities does not necessarily reflect the owner's practices or policies. Network abuse can happen in any environment and is often a result of compromised security rather than the provider’s actions.

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