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About AS1429

Owner of AS1429

The owner of Autonomous System Number (ASN) AS1429 is WINTEK Corporation. It is an internet service provider (ISP) that operates mainly in the Greater Lafayette area in Indiana, USA.

Main Operational Activity

WINTEK Corporation's main operational activity encompasses providing broadband connectivity services, including fiber internet, to residential and business customers. They offer a range of services from high-speed internet access to data center solutions and are committed to enhancing digital infrastructure in their service areas.

Establishment of AS1429

There is no specific public record of the exact establishment date of AS1429 available openly on the internet. However, ASN records have been maintained since the early days of the internet, with many being registered several decades ago as institutions recognized the need for autonomous network management.

Malicious Use of AS1429

Regarding the malicious use of AS1429 by hackers or spammers, there is no direct evidence provided in the query source. For up-to-date information on whether AS1429 has been implicated in such activities, one would typically refer to security databases and blacklists that track this kind of behavior. As per the latest information retrieved from CleanTalk, a service that monitors and reports on spam and hacking activities, specific details about AS1429 can be found by visiting their website directly.

Note: The absence of reported malicious activity associated with AS1429 does not guarantee that it has not been used for such purposes, only that there are no recent or recorded incidents on the specified platform.

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