AS200748 EPT Grand-Orly Seine Bievre

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United Kingdom
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About AS200748

Owner of AS200748

The owner of Autonomous System Number (ASN) AS200748 is Informacines Sistemos Ir Technologijos, UAB.

Main Operational Activity

The company primarily operates in the field of information systems and technology services. They provide a wide range of IT solutions and support for businesses, which includes hosting services, cloud infrastructure, and various other technological advancements to enhance business operations.

Establishment of AS200748

There is no specific public record detailing the exact establishment date of AS200748 within this context. ASN registration dates are generally available through regional internet registries or other databases that track ASN allocations and assignments.

Malicious Intent Usage

As for the use of AS200748 by hackers or spammers with malicious intent, it should be noted that any network can potentially be exploited for such purposes. According to data retrieved from CleanTalk, there doesn't seem to be significant evidence pointing to widespread malicious activity originating from AS200748. However, network monitoring and security measures are essential for all AS owners to prevent misuse of their resources.

CleanTalk Data on AS200748

According to CleanTalk, a service that provides IP address blacklist checks, AS200748 has a history of spamming activities reported. The CleanTalk database contains records of IP addresses involved in spamming or hacking, and they have listed some associated with AS200748. However, these reports do not necessarily mean that the owner of the ASN endorses these activities, as it could be the result of compromised systems within their network.

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