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Overview of AS22806

Ownership of AS22806

The autonomous system (AS) number 22806 is owned by Laureate Education Inc., which is an international network of higher education institutions. The company focuses on providing higher education programs both online and at campus-based schools.

Main Operational Activity

As the owner of AS22806, Laureate Education Inc.'s main operational activity revolves around the provision of educational services and resources to its students across various countries. This includes the use of technology to facilitate online learning and other digital services for educational purposes.

Establishment of AS22806

The specific establishment date of AS22806 is not publicly available information. Autonomous systems are typically established as organizations grow and require the need to manage their own IP address ranges and routing policies.

Potential Malicious Use

Regarding the question of whether hackers or spammers use AS22806 with malicious intent, it is important to note that any network can potentially be exploited for such activities. However, there's no specific evidence provided here that indicates a widespread issue with AS22806 being used for these purposes. Details from external sources like CleanTalk may provide insights into any reported incidents.

CleanTalk Information on AS22806

As per the data available on CleanTalk, it appears that there might have been instances where IP addresses within AS22806 have been flagged for spamming or other malicious activities. CleanTalk provides a platform to check the reputation of different IP addresses and AS numbers, which can help in identifying potential risks associated with them. It is essential for the owner of an AS to monitor and mitigate any abuse to maintain the integrity and security of their network. For the most current information regarding AS22806's reputation, refer directly to the CleanTalk database.

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