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Overview of AS23221

Ownership of AS23221

The autonomous system (AS) number 23221 is owned by Wikia, Inc. This company is widely known for its hosting service of wikis under the brand Fandom.

Main Operational Activity

AS23221's main operational activity involves providing a platform for creating and maintaining user-generated wikis in various fields such as entertainment, gaming, and more.

Establishment of AS23221

The specific establishment date of AS23221 is not readily available in public AS databases. Typically, the inception date of an AS is tied to the operational start date of the owning entity's network infrastructure or when they began peering on the internet. However, Wikia, Inc., which operates AS23221, was founded in October 2004.

Malicious Use of AS23221

Regarding the security aspect and potential misuse of AS23221, there are no definitive public records indicating that it is used with malicious intent by hackers or spammers. However, as with any large hosting provider, there may be instances of abuse which the company needs to manage.

According to, a site that provides information on IP addresses and AS numbers associated with spamming activities, there is currently no data or reports suggesting that AS23221 has been involved in such activities. It's important to note that the absence of reports does not necessarily guarantee that an AS is entirely free from misuse, but it does indicate that there are no significant incidents publicly documented at present.

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