Spam statistics of AS23308 UTILITY-AS

CountryNumber of networksIP AddressesPurpose of use
United States711Paid VPN, Hosting
DomainDetected IP addressesSpam active IPsSpam rate
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About AS23308

Ownership of AS23308

The autonomous system (AS) number 23308 is owned by UTOPIA Fiber, which stands for Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency.

Main Operational Activity

UTOPIA Fiber's main operational activity is to provide a fiber-optic network infrastructure for local communities. They are focused on delivering high-speed internet access through their state-of-the-art fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) network, which serves participating member municipalities in the state of Utah, USA.

Establishment of AS23308

There is no specific public data about the exact date when AS23308 was established. Autonomous Systems are typically assigned and managed by regional internet registries, with changes in ownership or operational status being updated on an ongoing basis. However, UTOPIA Fiber has been developing its fiber infrastructure since the early 2000s, indicating that AS23308 would have been operational since at least this period.

Malicious Usage of AS23308

According to data available from CleanTalk, there may have been instances where AS23308 has been used by hackers or spammers with malicious intent. However, it is essential to note that such activities can occur on any network and do not necessarily reflect the intentions or practices of the network owner. Network administrators actively work to mitigate such threats and maintain the security and integrity of their systems.

For more detailed information and statistics regarding the reputation of AS23308, one should refer to specialized cybersecurity resources and databases that track the behavior of IP addresses associated with different autonomous systems.

WhoIs AS23308


Detected networks prefixes

#Network prefixCountryLengthDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate
1173.255.96.0/20United States409611110.00%
2173.255.104.0/23United States5121610.00%
3204.16.140.0/22United States10241110.00%
4208.85.200.0/21United States20481110.00%
566.113.64.0/19United States81924500.00%
666.113.72.0/24United States256600.00%
766.113.79.0/24United States256300.00%
866.113.83.0/24United States256100.00%
966.113.90.0/24United States256200.00%
10139.60.40.0/21United States2048300.00%
11139.60.40.0/22United States1024100.00%
12139.60.44.0/22United States1024200.00%
13173.255.96.0/22United States10241800.00%
14173.255.100.0/23United States5122200.00%
15173.255.102.0/23United States5121100.00%
16173.255.106.0/23United States5122000.00%
17173.255.107.0/24United States256600.00%
18173.255.108.0/22United States10242400.00%
19173.255.108.0/24United States256100.00%
20204.11.112.0/22United States1024200.00%
21204.11.112.0/24United States256100.00%
22204.14.136.0/21United States20482200.00%
23204.86.252.0/22United States10242400.00%
24206.128.120.0/21United States20482000.00%
25206.128.120.0/23United States512400.00%
26206.128.122.0/23United States5121000.00%
27206.128.124.0/23United States512500.00%
28206.128.126.0/23United States512100.00%
29206.211.208.0/22United States1024300.00%
30206.211.208.0/21United States2048400.00%

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