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Overview of AS23347

Ownership and Primary Operation

AS23347, also known as City of Seattle, Department of Information Technology, is owned by the municipal government of Seattle. The main operational activity of AS23347 involves providing IT services and infrastructure for the various departments within the city government of Seattle.


The exact date of establishment for AS23347 is not publicly disclosed in general AS information repositories. However, autonomous systems are typically established alongside the development of an organization's network infrastructure, which would be aligned with the growth and digital expansion of the city's IT department.

Security Concerns: Malicious Use by Hackers or Spammers

There have been no widespread reports suggesting that AS23347 is extensively used by hackers or spammers with malicious intent. Autonomous Systems like AS23347 are monitored and managed by their respective owners, and any abuse such as hacking or spamming is generally addressed by the managing entity's security protocols. To get real-time information on whether AS23347 has been associated with any malicious activity, one could refer to security databases and blacklists.

As of my knowledge cutoff date, I cannot access external databases such as CleanTalk to provide current details on the blacklist status of AS23347. It is advisable to check directly on the CleanTalk website or similar platforms for up-to-date information regarding any potential misuse of this autonomous system.

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